Rodan + Fields Hydration Serum

Rodan + Fields newest product, Hydration Serum launches today but it is already on Elle’s Beauty Must Haves for April!



Hydration Serum instantly boosts skin’s hydration by 200% using R+F’s proprietary 3D3P Molecular Matrix. This results in plumper looking skin and diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Q: How does it help?

• REDEFINE™ users will experience added radiance & tone.
• REVERSE™ users will see luminous skin with even fewer fine lines.
• UNBLEMISH™ users will experience balance in oily & dry patches.
• SOOTHE™ users will experience not just calm but visibly firmer skin.

Q: How is Active Hydration Serum different from other hydrating skincare products?

🔘Active Hydration Serum is not like any other product. The 3D3P Molecular Matrix is a patent-pending, one-of-a-kind structure, invented in our Rodan +Field laboratory. We created a new molecule that addresseshydration in a different way, by drawing moisture from the atmosphere, locking it in & releasing it slowly throughout the day!

Hydration vs. Moisture:

🔘HYDRATERS- designed to increase water content in the skin
🔘MOISTURIZER- help skin retain water by creating a barrier over the skin

So, to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and soft (and not oily!) you need to increase your skin’s hydration….and then seal it in with a good moisturizer!

It’s only available to consultants right now so message me and I will place an order for you!

’twas the night before….


I’m exhausted.  Simply put and we are just getting started.  It doesn’t help that I suddenly came down with a massively stuffy nose, head cold, cough in the last few days.  I’m mouth breathing as I type this and I have broke the neti pot out way more in the last 2 days than I have in 5 years.  It works for like 5 minutes and then I’m back to mouth breathing.

It’s 10:45p and our internet is turning off in less than 2 hours so I figured while I wait for Brian to get home, I’ll write all about how I’m feeling tonight.

The movers have been here the last two days.  Packing things up, moving them out to the truck, and I’ve been purging things.  If I haven’t worn it, opened it, or used in the last year, it’s gone.  But there are those maternity clothes that I just can’t seem to part with just yet.  But that’s a blog for a different day…

My house is quiet.  The kids are sleeping.  They are exhausted too.  We got back a little bit ago from a fiesta party our friends threw for us.  These same friends also live right next door and are our neighbors so it’s a pretty easy walk over even despite the windy and rainy Chicago weather.  Enchiladas and beers for the adults, mac n cheese and chicken nuggets for the littles.  We have a mutual friend and she and her family came over as well.  They have a 4.5 year old girl so her and Kenzie have always loved playing together and they also have a 2.5 year old little boy.  We ate, talked, laughed, watched the kids play together, and they even put on a fashion show.  We ended the night with sprinkle brownies and a Trolls dance party.  Saying we are going to miss all of them would be a huge understatement.  When you have nice neighbors that’s one thing but your blessed with neighbors who also turn into friends and people that you feel like you’ve known for a very long time is a whole other story.  We will miss both families so much.

Why.  Why has it not set in that we are leaving tomorrow? Is that strange? I mean, it comes in waves here and there.  Yesterday, I was walking through the house looking at it half packed up when I found myself in the basement getting teary eyed looking at the adorable little play house that is built in underneath the stairs.  I’ve pictured Makenzie and Brady playing there as they got older.  Whether it’s school or house or anywhere their imaginations take them.  And out of our entire house it was that little door with the small windows and chalkboard wall that made me shed some tears.

Don’t get me even started on daycare and the teachers there.  I have grown very close to many of the teachers at the daycare that Makenzie and Brady go to.  The great thing about this generation is that we can stay in touch via Facebook.  But it won’t be the same.  Watching Makenzie say goodbye to her teachers and her friends tomorrow will be tough.  One of her little friend’s came up to me yesterday and said, “Makenzie’s mommy? Do you think Makenzie and I could have a play date when you come back from your vacation?” Bless her heart, I didn’t even know what to say to her.  Her question so innocent which made me wonder if Makenzie is really grasping what is about to go down in her little world?  And then I think about Brady.  He is talking up a storm.  New words every day, sometimes multiple words.  I am worried that he will regress or stop talking from all the change.  Am I being ridiculous? I know at the end of the day, they will adjust although it will take time and it will not happen over night.  I will watch him as he turns to his friends and says, “bye bye guys” as he waves his little hands.  Unbeknownst to him that this will be the last time he will be in that classroom with his Ms. Katie and Ms. Kim and all his little friends, include Grant and Will.  Grant, Brady and Will have all been together since they were infants just starting out.  I remember feeling this way with Makenzie when we left the Quad Cities for Chicago as well.

Tomorrow will be crazy and emotional.  Our cars will be picked up at 9a and put on a flatbed and driven to CO for us.  The movers will be finishing up the packing and then start moving stuff into the truck.  And in the meantime I need to start disconnecting from this house.  This is the house we bought Makenzie to as an almost 2 year old.  We painted her room and applied gold polka dots to one of her walls and made it her own space.  This was the house Brian and I went through two miscarriages while wondering if we would ever give Makenzie a sibling.  Questioning why and when and then a year later walking through the door with her little baby brother, Brady.  This is the place where Makenzie first learned to ride her bike with training wheels and where Brady took his first steps.  Where we had Christmas with our families and where Makenzie really started to understand Santa Claus and the Easter bunny.

I know that a house isn’t a home until you make it one.  And right now, the house in Colorado is just that, a house.  Next week, Brian and I will get there and start unpacking our things and turning the house into a home for us and the kids.  We are going to miss our friends and family and the midwest like crazy but like my girl Keeley said to me tonight, it isn’t goodbye, it’s we’ll see you later.


18 Months Old- Brady

Height: 31.75 inches (27%)
Weight: 24 lbs 4 oz (52%)
Head: 19 cm (89%)

I blinked and he turned 18 months old… He went from this itty bitty little squish with dark hair and blue eyes to a beach blonde haired, brown eyed toddler. This toddler who falls on his sister when she is laying on the floor and proceeds to bounce up and down on her while she giggles at him. He’s got spunk, he’s got sass, he’s a little feisty and such a lover. He likes to cuddle, and climb, and run, and (attempts to) jump. He climbs our stairs both up and down like a pro and is quick as lightening if you take your eyes off of him for a second. He loves basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, and baseballs and if he’s holding one of these, he’s probably throwing it and shouting, “GO” while then running after it only to repeat multiple times.  He knows all about Bucky and the Packers and shouts Go, GOOOOO at the tv.  It’s instinctual! #getsitfromhismama

He’s obsessed with being outside and shouts with glee when he sees a bird or the neighbor’s black lab, Toby (Woby as he calls him). He will stand for minutes upon minutes waiting at the window just to see just a quick glimpse of that dog. And really lets face it, in the toddler world keeping their attention for multiple minutes can be tricky at times.  He loves bubbles, drawing with chalk on the driveway, dancing to music while it plays on the outdoor speakers, and being outside even if it’s 20 degrees and freezing.  He will say, “cold, cold” but still not want to go back inside.

He takes his shoes and socks off every single morning on the way to daycare and every single night on the way home.  He eats like he hasn’t been fed in ages and somehow found a way to make ketchup and marinara sauce a finger food.  He loves to dip! And don’t forget about chips and queso sauce.  Even though it has some spice to it, he eats it right up.


He refuses to stop for pictures and if the unlikely moment comes where he does actually stop I’m fairly sure he purposely doesn’t look at me just to be a stinker.

He always seems to find the remote, daddy’s iPad, my iPod, or the video monitor.  He knows he isn’t supposed to play with any of the above but does that stop him.  Naaaaaaah.

He loves his sister and is finally at the age when he will willingly go to her to give her a hug or kiss and just want to lay with her.


His speech has exploded in the last few months, I wish I could tell you how many words he knows but I really have no idea. Well beyond the 20 words his pediatrician asked me today if he knew. The latest phrases he says-

“I did it, mama!” (After sliding down the slide by himself).
“Bye bye guys!” (Or take away guys and substitute in mama, dada, papa, gaga (Grandma/Grammy) in its place.

Temper tantrums are all the rage in our house with this little guy but they typically only last for a minute or two.  This is because he realizes no one is watching him, running to him, or giving him attention while he does it.  Brian and I like to joke that he gets “sniped” which basically means something happens that gets him frustrated, he stops in his tracks, falls to the ground like someone just hit him with a sniper, and proceeds to have his meltdown.  Whether it’s kicking his legs or dramatically throwing his head back while letting us know just how unhappy he is.  Quite honestly, most of the time I find it comical when he does it.  Makenzie wasn’t much for temper tantrums which most people found odd but Brian and I counted our blessings.  So now that Brady does it, I can’t help but laugh most of the times.  Because he’s just so dramatic!

When he falls down, stubs his toe, or trips he immediately gets up, shakes his little finger at whatever he “thinks” made him fall down (i.e. the floor) and will say, “no, no!” It’s adorable.

He has most of his teeth, molars included.  Two of his eye teeth have started breaking the gum line and once these teeth are through, all he will have left will be his 2 year molars.  I swear, he got his teeth so much quicker than Makenzie ever did.

He’s allergic to penicillin, just like his mama, and it seems like if he even gets the hint of a cough it usually turns into wheezing and us breaking out the nebulizer.  Thank you RSV… um, NO.

He goes to sleep easy.  He’s not a “long” napper by any means but generally any where from 1 hr 40 minutes to 2 hours is normal for him.  He’s always been an early to bed baby and that hasn’t really changed.  He is usually sleeping by 7:15p and wakes up around 6:30a/6:45a the next morning.  He took a 2+ hour nap at daycare today and at 6:30 he kept saying, “nigh, nigh”.  So he took a bath, got lotion, brushed his teeth, and put his PJ’s and he was most definitely ready for bed at that point.  I took him in his room, he pointed at his blanket, I wrapped it around him, and then we sat in the rocker and began to rock.  We do this every night.  Sometimes he wants Brian, sometimes he wants me.  Tonight, he asked for me.  I start to rock him and then in the dark room his little voice says, “Row, Row”? And he’s asking for Row, Row, Row Your Boat.  I usually sing the song about 57 times (now who is being dramatic) and he’s sleeping.  We lay him on his belly, he readjusts in his crib, cover him up, and goes back to sleep.  He has however been dealing with a lot of sleep crying or maybe even night terrors.  They always seem to happen about 2-2.5 hours after he goes to bed.  Sometimes he sits up and looks like he is awake but obviously is not and other times he is laying down and crying.  We try to give him a few minutes to see if he can put himself back to sleep and USUALLY he does.  Sometimes we go in there, rub his back, cover him back up and that typically does the trick.

Favorite Foods
Waffles, pancakes, chicken nuggets, buttered noodles, spaghetti, lasagna, applesauce, oranges, bananas, strawberry/banana/yogurt smoothie, fish sticks, rice, tator tots, broccoli, steak, homemade mac n cheese, pizza, garlic bread, chips and salsa, french fries, Portillos, apple slices…. and the list could go on.

His laugh could be mistaken for that of an old man and he’s our happy little BK.  Can’t wait to see what sort of changes he goes through in the next 6 months until he reaches his next big milestone, the big T-W-O!!

T-minus two weeks…

It’s been a while since I dropped the Denver bomb.  We’ve been busy and since that time we have put our house up for sale, made a 24 hour trip to Denver to find a house, bought a house, sold our Chicago house, and are one week away from closing on our home in Denver.

We found a beautiful, brand new build in the Denver suburb area with a view of the mountains as Makenzie had requested.  The house is about the same size as our house here in Chicago, however, it does not have a finished basement like our current home does.  Our home is being built in a newer subdivision and is only .5 mile away from the school Makenzie will be going to in the fall.  The subdivision also has a community pool that is in walking distance which I know will be used a lot during the summer months.  We found a daycare for the kids, which they will start pretty much immediately once we get settled in.  The daycare is the exact same as the daycare they go to now and that was really important to us.  The curriculum is the same and the day to day activities should be what they are used to currently.  The daycare was just built last year and recently opened in January ’17 so it sounds like the class sizes are a bit smaller than what either of the kids are both currently used to.  I think that is probably a good thing for them, especially Brady, as there will be so much sudden change for both of them.

This week Brian is traveling but he is making a pit stop in Denver to go through our new house orientation.  He is basically going to be walking around the entire house and pointing out things he wants to be fixed (i.e. paint touch ups, nail holes in the floor, etc) and I will be on FaceTime during it too.

Fast forward a week from tomorrow.  Brian and I are catching an early afternoon flight out to Denver and closing on our house early Thursday morning.  Once the paperwork is signed, we are getting back on a plane and hopefully getting back into Chicago around dinner and in time to give our two littles a bath and kisses and hugs before bedtime.

Then… the following week, it will all be happening.  Tuesday, April 4th, the movers will be arriving at our house here in Chicago and starting to pack us up.  Brian has meetings from Monday-Wednesday in Denver so he will not be home at all while the movers are packing our things and putting them on the truck.  They told us to give them three full days to pack and load so we are anticipating they will be done on Thursday.  Also on Thursday, our vehicles are being picked up and loaded onto a truck and taken to Denver arriving sometime between April 13th and 19th.

Brian’s parents will be coming down from WI on Thursday the 6th and picking us up since we will be without a car.  Thursday night we will be staying with Brian’s sister and her family and then leaving for Wisconsin the next morning and driving to my parents house.  On Sunday, the 9th, Brian will fly out to Denver and be there to meet the movers who are expected to arrive on the 10th.  The afternoon of the 10th, I will be flying out of Milwaukee to Denver to be there Tuesday – Thursday and just start unpacking and getting both kids’ rooms set up so they will have some sort of familiarity once we get to our new.  Brian has meetings Tuesday and Wednesday so I will have a lot of unpacking to do while he is gone.  Both he and I are catching a flight Thursday late morning and arriving back in Milwaukee in the early afternoon.  We will get back just in time to celebrate my nephew’s 8th birthday and have a sleepover with the cousins and the kids together.  Friday we will be spending the last day with my parents before we leave the next day.  We are catching a late afternoon flight out of Milwaukee, with the kids, and heading to our new home in Denver.  Also, big shout out to my Dad who volunteered to watch the kids on his vacation as well as my mom who is going to take some time off too.

The next few weeks are going to be filled with a lot of emotions.  Leaving the Midwest, leaving our family and friends and all the people that we have grown close to not only here in Chicago but also in the Quad Cities.  We will no longer be a car ride away.  Visiting will require a plane ticket and we know that isn’t nearly as easy as getting into a car and just driving for a few hours.

My biggest concern is the kids and their transition.  There will be so much change for them in the weeks and months to come.  We appreciate all good thoughts and prayers sent our way.









Rodan & Fields Lash Boost: Yay or Nay?

Lash Boost
Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 9.50.35 AM

If you have Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen the hype on this product.  You probably can’t scroll through your newsfeed without seeing the words Rodan + Fields and Lash Boost.  Am I right?

Is it weird that I am writing this post about a product that I promote on whether or not it is something you should consider investing in? Maybe.  But I like to be completely transparent about this biz and IT, the product AND the biz, are definitely good things.  I also wanted to share my before and after picture as I have been using this product since October as well as my big sister, Jen, and her before and after.

Some of the questions I’ve received on this product- Are they fibers? Nope.  Is it a mascara? Nope.  Does it change the pigmentation of your eye like some other similar products on the market do? Nope.  Do I need a prescription to get it like others out there? Nope.

What is it you ask and how does it work?

One swipe of this biotin, keratin, and peptide filled serum every night on the upper lash line before bed for the first 10 weeks until I reached the desired length was all it took.  Now I am on the maintenance schedule which means that I use every other to every two days to maintain my growth.

Did you know as we age our eyelashes can lose pigmentation, become dry, brittle, thin and even begin to fall out. The result is smaller looking, tired eyes which makes you look older.

Biotin and Keratin infuse protein into the lashes which conditions and moisturizers the lash while peptides increase the durability of the lash so you get fuller looking lashes. The result? Longer looking, fuller looking, and darker looking lashes.

If you would like to hear more about how you can save 10% and get free shipping, I’d love to chat.  I will also give all new PC’s a FREE mini multifunction eye cream OR reimburse you the $20 PC fee if you purchase this bundle TODAY! Existing PC’s that order this bundle in March, I have a gift for you too. Watch your mailboxes!

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I’ll let you be the judge.

Interested in this product? Check out my Homepage where there is a link directly to my website or click here.

Handmade Valentine’s- Heart Shaped Crayons

Who doesn’t love a handmade heart shaped crayon for Valentine’s Day?

Normally, I’m a go to Target, pick out some cute Valentine’s day cards and send Makenzie off to daycare with them.  But I had been eyeing up this Pinterest project I had pinned a while ago and I had my heart (get it) set on making these for the kids.  So last weekend, Brady and I were at the grocery store which just so happened to be next to Michael’s and we quickly ran over to see what we could find and how much it would cost us.  I walked out of the store with 2 packages of heart shaped silicone molds and 6 boxes of crayons which were buy one get one half off.  I spent less than $15.00 on the whole thing and had enough supplies for both Makenzie and Brady’s classes.

Heart Shaped Crayons with Printable Valentines
Below is what you need to make Heart Shaped Crayons

• 120 Crayola Crayons (6 boxes)
• sharp knife
• heart shaped silicone mold

That night after Brady was in bed, Makenzie, Brian, and I all gathered at the kitchen table and started cutting and peeling.  We peeled a lot of crayons.  A lot. Once the crayons were peeled Makenzie and I sorted the crayons into like colors, blues with purples, greens with yellows, and pinks with reds.

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 8.39.24 PM.png

Using a very sharp knife, cut through the wrapper on each crayon length wise and remove it.  If the crayons are not already broken, cut into small pieces and keep with like colors.

Fill each silicone heart with the crayon pieces.  These aren’t the exact ones that I used but I think they would work just fine.

Bake at 250 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until all crayons are melted.  Remove from oven and allow time to cool and harden.

When the crayons were completely cool I went ahead and hot glued the crayon hearts to the valentine printable card.  I think they turned out so adorable!

If you want to use the free printable valentine’s from then click here.


This isn’t our first rodeo with the nasty bug, nor is it Brady’s.  He had it last year as a 4 month old.  It was brutal then and it was just as brutal this time around.  Unfortunately, it was even more so aggressive this time around and it landed him in the hospital Thursday night.

It started last week Saturday as a normal winter time cold.  When you live in the Midwest a cold and cough is pretty much par for the course and one of those inevitably will happen to a child in daycare or school.  Sunday-Tuesday were about the same.  Dry, hacking cough, runny nose, and irritability but no fever.  Wednesday, I got a phone call from daycare  late afternoon letting me know that he was running a low grade fever, 99.8, and that he hadn’t had a wet diaper since that morning.  So I picked him and Makenzie up and brought them home.  While I made dinner, he fell asleep on Brian which NEVER HAPPENS.  This 16 month old is go, go, go once we get home.  Mostly he is go, go, go right into the pantry because he acts like he doesn’t eat all day.  Not the case.  Daycare feeds him and he eats.

For dinner he ate applesauce and then said he was, “all done”.  We gave him Motrin, a quick nebulizer treatment, followed it up with a bath, and he was sleeping by 6:30.   The next morning he woke up happy, with an appetite and without a fever so we went ahead and sent him to daycare.

3:15p- I got a call from daycare but on the other end was Makenzie’s teacher letting me know that although she wasn’t running a fever she wasn’t feeling well.  Brady had a doctor appointment at 4:15 so I told her I would be there soon to pick her up.  I finished a couple things up for work and then headed out the door.  On my way to picking up the kids I got another call from daycare but this time from Brady’s teacher saying that he was running a low grade fever, irritable, and not having a lot of wet diapers.

4p- Makenzie, Brady, and I got to the doctor’s office for our 4:15 appointment.  While waiting, Makenzie watched one of the movies playing in the office and Brady slept on me leaving a gigantic drool pile on my shoulder.  It was so massive that one of the dad’s looked over and said, “Oh wow, is that drool?!” I just laughed and said, “Probably!” It did seem a little wet.

5p- We FINALLY got called back.
He was weighed and the nurse took his vitals.  Long story short, he now had a fever of 101, he was wheezing, rapidly breathing,  retracting badly, and making a grunting noise with every single breath.  It was visible under his rib cage, up by his collar bone, and under his trachea.

5:10p- The doctor came in, listened to him, checked his ears, nose, mouth, and then ordered a nebulizer treatment.

5:20p- First nebulizer treatment began.  He fought it at first but then gave in and just sat there and was such a good boy.  Makenzie on the other hand was so patient.  She never once asked when we were leaving as she was very concerned for her brother.  She rubbed his back, sang him songs, and held his hand while he slept.

5:35p- After the first treatment his doc came back in, listened to his lungs, counted his breaths/minute and ordered a dose of Motrin to help with the fever and ordered another neb treatment.  He said Brady was moving air BETTER than before but his breathing still hadn’t changed.  He was breathing well into the 50’s per minute. The “normal” for a toddler is between 30 – 40.

5:45p-During this chaos I managed to text Brian and he came to pick Makenzie up.  Thankfully, the pediatrician’s office is less than 5 minutes from our house.  Brian came picked Makenzie up and fed her mac n cheese from Noodles that I had strategically bought before I got to daycare earlier.

6p- Second neb treatment which he slept through the entire thing.

6:15p- Doc came back in, checked him out once again.  His breathing still hadn’t changed so the pediatrician ordered us to go to the ER in Naperville for a chest X-Ray.  He also said we may be admitted based on what he was seeing.


6:30p- I got Brady into the car and we drove home quick to pick up a few little things.  Mostly diapers, wipes, a change of clothes for Brady, and a snack too since I hadn’t eaten anything since well before 11:30a.

6:55p- Pulled back out of the driveway and Brady and I were on our way to Edwards Hospital in Naperville.

7:20p- We walked into the ER and were taken back right away as his pediatrician called and told them we were coming. Brady was hooked up to an O2 monitor and given 30 minutes of nebulizer treatments right off the bat.  His o2 sats were 89% and he was breathing between 52 breathes per minute.

8p- Chest x-ray was done (he hated).  They swabbed his nose (he equally hated).  Took his blood pressure (annoyed the shit out of him having something on his leg), took his temperature (didn’t mind), and lastly put him on oxygen to help him breath.  At this point, he was too tired to care so he didn’t fight it.

8:15p- The on call pediatrician came in to talk with me and said the neb treatments were not helping him and his 02 sats were too low for me to take him home.  They wanted to monitor his vitals overnight so we were going to be admitted and they were working on getting us a room.  They also gave him a dose of Azithromycin for his pneumonia.

8:30p-  The pediatrician from the Pediatric Care Unit/PICU came down to talk with me.  She said the radiologist confirmed pneumonia but she wasn’t convinced just yet (waiting for the nasal swab for extra confirmation).  She also said we could skip an IV for now but if Brady didn’t start having some output or drinking fluids, they wouldn’t hesitate to put one in.  So I pushed water as much as I possibly could with him but he’s a stubborn little guy.  She said they were going to give him a breathing treatment every 4 hours and chest therapy every 4 hour which sounds scarier than it is.  It’s a little rubber devices that they “pound” on his chest, avoiding the cardiac area, to help loosen up all the mucous in the lungs.

9:30p- We got wheeled to the PCU/PICU.  Brady was exhausted and confused.  I was exhausted and hungry.  The night before this all happened, both Brian and I went to bed at 9p as we both were struck with a little tummy bug.  I felt awful all night long and I woke up that Thursday morning to Brian dry heaving in the bathroom.  So I ate a very small lunch at 11a and that was it for the entire day.  When we finally got to the PCU/PICU I was so happy to see a small bag of Goldfish and snack items in his room.

9:45p-  Took his measurements (weight, height, head circumference).  Got him dressed in his hospital gown.  Hooked him up to the monitors. I was told to save all diapers so they could weigh them. I tried to push water, milk, apple juice.  He said no, no, no. The nurses got Brady settled in his crib and he actually did really well.  The rest of the night was a blur but here is what I remember.

10p- Brady was dozing on and off in between me trying to shove water down his throat which he did not appreciate.

10:30p- Texting with Brian and called my mom.

11:30p- First nebulizer treatment in his room.  He didn’t fight it.  He just laid there, very tired.  After the neb treatment, she did his first chest therapy treatment.  2 minutes of pounding on the left side, 2 minutes of pounding on the right side.  Again, he didn’t seem bothered by this at all.  He actually seemed to like it.

12-3a: He was really restless during this time.  I imagine part of the blame was on the albuterol.  He had gotten 6 treatments in a matter of 5 hours.  He was tired but his little legs and arms kept twitching.  I remember when I was younger and had to take my inhaler, I hated how it made me feel.  Very jittery and shaky.  I can imagine that was how he felt x10.

1a- o2 monitor would beep every time it would drop under 93%.

2a- Night nurse came in to take vitals. Fever was up to 102.5.  I had JUST fallen asleep when I heard, “HI!”  He was greeting his nurse and boy she fell hard for him! She also asked if he had drank much of anything and he didn’t.

2:15a- No better time than force feeding my child a cherry popsicle.  I had a better time in college trying to kick drunk, feisty people out of the bar than the struggle this little guy put up over a popsicle.  That is, until he gave in and took a lick.  Then he turned into a ravenous bear, eating and biting it.


Post cherry popsicle.

3a- I knew it was only a matter of time before respiratory would be back in so I didn’t even attempt to fall back asleep.

3:15a- Second nebulizer and chest therapy.  He slept through this entire session which was so sweet.

3:20a- I decided to ask for some Normal Saline solution and take my ever so dry, crusted to my eyes, contacts out and try to get some sleep.

6:55a- I woke up to another, “HI!” I rolled over only to see Brady staring at me through the crib bars apparently waiting for me to get my lazy ass up.  I rolled out of bed and changed his diaper.  Good sign.  Pee and poop is good. His poor nose was crusted which meant we got to try the wall suction.  Can I just say, I want one of these in my house.  I have the Nose Frida which I get a very gross satisfaction from all the boogers I suck from his nose when he is sick but this hospital grade wall suction was AMAZING.  At least I thought so.  Brady, not so much.

7:15-8:45a- He and I watched Frozen, ate snacks, drank more water, and snuggled during this time.  The pediatrician also came in and said he did really well over night.  He was able to sleep most of the night without oxygen and his 02 sats started off at 89% but climbed up to between 94-97% throughout the night and were maintaining 97/98% in the morning.  She said his nose swab came back positive for RSV but the micros that they tested for pneumonia came back negative.  She said the soft tissues in his lungs were inflamed but she still wasn’t convinced and therefore not going to treat him for it but was sure we would be able to go home that afternoon. She also said that days 4 and 5 are the worst for RSV which was very apparent for Brady’s case.


8:45a- Brian came to give me a little relief and I headed out back for home to take a shower, get a quick bite of food, some Starbucks, and head back to the hospital.

9a- I left and Brian took over Daddy duty.

9:15-11:45a- Brady got some much needed cuddles on daddy taking a 2.5 hour nap.

11:45a- I got back to the hospital with food, Starbucks, a change of clothes for Brady, and a few toys and books.

12p- The pediatrician came in and said we were free to go home! We were told to continue with the nebulizer treatments at home as needed and give Motrin if he seemed uncomfortable or for fever.  She said he “should” be fever free by Monday and if he wasn’t to call and let them know.  We were told to watch for the things that brought us in, in the first place.

The rest of the weekend was spent snuggling, sleeping, and just relaxing.  He had been fever free since early Friday morning and the fever did not return at all over the weekend.  His breathing was much better and the only lingering symptoms right now are the horrendous, hacking cough and constant runny nose and mucous/snot.  So – Much – Snot. His appetite is ok, though not what it normally is, but he is definitely on the mend.

Makenzie on the other hand….

I just said to Brian the other day, “Makenzie hasn’t been sick in a really long time.  Not since she got scarlet fever last year.” I never should have said that.  Its like I was just taunting the universe.

I got a call today from daycare that Makenzie had a fever and wasn’t feeling well.

Sigh.  It’s definitely cold and flu season in the Midwest.  I’m just hoping hers is short lived and she will be feeling better in no time, right along with her little brother.


Saying goodbye to Ronald McDonald and the Ronald McDonald house in the PCU/PICU at Edwards Hospital in Naperville.


Mile High … City.

It’s finally out there and official. From the Windy City to the Mile High City, we are moving to Denver.  Brian had gotten a call in early December about a job within his company that would be opening up.  He was told, if he wanted it, it was his.  So we talked it over that weekend and decided there was no time like the present.  Our kids are getting older and Makenzie will potentially be starting kindergarten the following fall so we were ready to embark on a new adventure as a family.  This will also keep Brian on the same career path that he has wanted to stay on so from a career standpoint it was an easy choice for us.  Leaving the Midwest on the other hand and all of our family and friends will be anything but easy.

The week of Christmas we had been patiently, me not so patiently, waiting on the offer letter to come and the announcement to go out at BK’s work before we could really start telling the world, i.e. Facebook.  Funny how Facebook announcements automatically mean things are “official”.  However, he got the offer letter on a Thursday and the announcement didn’t go out until the following Tuesday because of the holidays.

So even though Brian and I knew it was official, we held off on telling Makenzie about our big move until after Christmas.  We weren’t exactly sure how she was going to react and we wanted her to just enjoy being with her cousins, grandparents, hanging with us, and being a 4 year old enjoying Christmas and all the excitement that comes with it, i.e. Santa and presents.

Fast forward two weekends ago.  We put Brady down for a nap after lunch and told Makenzie she didn’t have to nap that day.  She started playing with her dolls when Brian and I both sat on the couch and asked her to come over by us so we could talk.  She came over, sat down, looked up at us and asked, “What do you guys want to talk about?”

I let Brian take the lead on this one and he did fantastic.  He began by saying, “Daddy got a new job!”  And she immediately asked, “Does that mean we have to move to a new state?” I would like to take this moment and tell you that in those next 30 minutes, I sat on the couch, staring in awe at this little four year old.  My four year old.  She suddenly was so big. So mature.  So wise beyond her years.  My heart was pretty much exploding with pride and love and a mixture of happy and sad emotions.

He went on to tell her that yes, we would be moving to a new state.  She asked what state and we told her, Colorado.  She continued on asking how far away it was? Do we have to get a new house? New daycare? New friends? And if that meant we weren’t going to see Grandma and Papa and Grammy and Grandpa as much anymore.  Or in her words, “Will we ever see them again?” We assured her that although we wouldn’t be able to see them as much as we do now, we would still see them again during holidays and any special trips we make back to Wisconsin or they make to see us.  She asked about both sets of cousins and when she was going to see them.  It was starting to click.

We explained we would be finding a new house, new daycare, new babysitter, and that she would get a brand new bedroom.  We told her about the mountains and how beautiful they are.  She asked if we were going to drive there and we explained although we could drive, we were going to take a plane because otherwise we would be in the car for close to 15 hours and she replied with, “Oh, I could not handle that.” You and me both, sister.  You and me both.

It was going to be an adventure, we told her.  It may be scary and new and different but we would all be together as a family.  Her next major concern was the animals in Colorado.  So we broke out the iPad and searched animals native to Colorado.  We began flipping through the pictures when she got a very alarmed look on her face.  “They have TIGERS in Colorado?” We laughed and told her no, not tigers.  Swipe to the left.  “What?! The have rhinos there too?!” At this point we looked at the iPad and realized she had stumbled into the Denver Zoo and was looking at the animals there.  So after we assured her that tigers and rhinos were not randomly walking around the city of Denver, she was better.

When we made the move from Iowa to Chicago, Makenzie was 20 months old.  So Brady will be just a little younger than what Makenzie was.  And thinking about it and how she transitioned, she did great.  The new house, new bedroom was not even a factor for her.  I think she loved all the space she got in comparison to our old house in Iowa.  Daycare on the other hand was a different story.  It took her a few weeks to not cry every morning that we would drop her off.  If you are a parent and your children go to daycare you know one of the worst feelings is leaving your child, who is desperately trying to cling onto you, in the hands of strangers. You hope and you pray that these new strangers take to your children, love your children, and comfort your children just as good if not better than the last ones did.

After about 30 minutes she was over the conversation so she walked away and went into her playroom.  I, on the other hand, remained on the couch with a few different emotions going through my mind and heart.  The same emotions that both Brian and I have been working through for the last month.

We are leaving the Midwest.  The place we call home.  The place that we have called home for 34 and 35 years, respectively.  Although, I haven’t lived in Wisconsin for close to 8 years now we’ve always been in drivable distance to “home” and that is all about to change.  We are entering a new time zone even! Even though it’s only an hour behind what we are used to, that is something that we will have to adjust to not to mention that mountain, mile high air.  I know, the time zone, the air, these are all little things and small in the scheme of things but they are changes.  And I feel like both Makenzie and Brady are about to have their little worlds turned upside down.  And the mama bear in me is coming out and it is fierce and I want nothing more but for them to transition well and be happy and comfortable with their new surroundings.

Everything is unknown right now.  We have already started the house selling process here as we have a couple real estate agents asking for our business.  We are also set up with an agent out in Denver and he’s been sending us homes in the specific area we asked for.  Last weekend we went through 86 homes and filtered out what we liked and what we didn’t.  Right now we have 56 that we aren’t interested and 30 that may be worth taking a look at.  Brian is flying out next week Monday for work and then staying an extra day to do some house hunting with our agent.  So on my to do list is go back through those 30 that I have marked as potentials and filtering them even more.

It’s stressful.  I am nervous.  Excited.  Sad. A mix of emotions.  This will be a big change for us as a family but we most definitely will be making the best of this new adventure.

Change is good, right?

At almost 15 months old, Brady has experience quite the shake up in his normal day to day routine.  In the last month alone he has switched from the baby room to the toddler room at daycare.  First and foremost, that means he isn’t running with open arms to his DCP, Ms. Carey, every single morning.  It would make my morning drop off SO much easier when I saw him do this.  Literally, we would open the door and he would push me to get down.  I would set him down and he would run, arms out, very Frankstein-ish towards her and she would scoop him up and give him a big hug! He would put his head on her shoulder and he could basically care less that I was walking out the door.  So that transition in general has been a little tougher on him.  It also means he no longer sleeps in a crib or eats from a high chair.  Instead, he sleeps on a cot with a cozy blanket and eats at a big boy table with big boy chairs.  I tried bringing a toddler pillow Makenzie used but according to his new DCP, Ms. Lauren, he pushed the pillow off his cot and wanted zero to do with it.  Maybe we’ll try again next spring.

He’s also officially done nursing.  I went away last weekend for the first time, well, let’s just say in a really, really long time.  And so Brian had to put Brady to sleep on Saturday night without me nursing him.  He did great and hardly blinked.  I got home on Sunday night and was ready to put him to bed but instead Brian did it again without much of a fuss from Brady.  So we repeated that again on Monday and Tuesday night and then Wednesday I decided to try it myself.  After bath, I carried him into his nursery, grabbed his blanket, turned the light off and he laid his sweet little head on my shoulder and that was that.  He had been showing some signs of weaning so we thought it was a good time, even if emotionally I wasn’t completely ready for it.  Leading up to this, some nights he nursed great before bed while other nights he would nurse from one side and then refused the other.  So basically he eats dinner at 5:30 and he’s good until he wakes up the next morning around 7.  But let me tell you, when we ask him if he wants to eat in the morning, he practically runs downstairs to get some breakfast and his sippy of milk.

Now that it has been almost a week of not nursing, I am good with things.  I have my body back and I don’t feel guilty having just one extra glass of wine.  I’m very thankful I was able to nurse as long as I did with both kids (14 months with Makenzie). I was extremely lucky that with both kids breastfeeding came very easy for me and them.  They latched well from the beginning and I was just comfortable with it.  Plus, I really enjoyed that snuggle time with them.  We worked through issues of colic, lip ties, acid reflux, and bottle refusal but at the end of the day, they were fed, they were happy, and that was just what worked best for my family.  In total, I nursed for 29 months between to the two kids.  Have you seen the Tree of Life pictures on FB for breastfeeding? I made a few for fun tonight, check them out below!  #normalizebreastfeeding

He’s also been working on his molars since what seems like early October.  They are taking their sweet time though, that’s for sure.  One is all the way through, the top two are making there way down and the other bottom one is just cutting the gum line.  Molars are tough.  They take forever and there is a period of time when all you feel like you are doing is giving your kid medicine before bed.  I hate it.  But I’m also not going to make him suffer in pain and refuse any sort of meds.  Any of you had to experience your wisdom teeth coming in? Teething stinks! Pretty sure I couldn’t do it without something to take the edge off.  Brian and I usually put him to sleep without medicine on days that he is overall in a good mood and happy but on the days he is fussy and in obvious pain there is no point in waiting it out.

He’s also battling a cough and head cold just like his mama. So between no longer nursing, getting his molars, not being 100% comfortable in his new environment during the day at school, nightmares, and being sick, sleep has been hit or miss.  Some nights he sleeps 7p-7:15a while other nights he wakes up about 2 hours in and needs some extra cuddles.  There was a stretch there for a while were he would be up for a couple hours at night and Brian and I took turns each night, sleeping on his floor calming him.  Sometimes all it took was us shushing him and he would lay back down and sleep… Other times, he needed extra snuggles rocking him back to sleep.

We’ve learned that he despises taking pictures with Santa.  So strange,  I wonder who he gets that from…  He loves looking out the window at the Christmas lights when it’s dark and just stands there and says, “WOW!!!” or “WOAH!!!”

He randomly sat down backwards on his potty seat a couple weeks ago and peed before bath time and then finished it up by splashing his hands in it because… well, he’s a boy. The peeing thing was pure luck though and had I waited like 10 more seconds I’m pretty sure he would have peed all over the wall instead of in the potty chair.  I tell him almost daily in the bath that he “needs to be gentle” when he’s exploring down there.  Seriously, what is it with boys and playing and touching all the time?  I’ve been assured it’s normal and to “just wait” from my sister and other fellow boy moms so… that sounds like a blast.  Can’t wait for that….

So overall, this little guy has gone through some big changes within the last month or so.  But change is a good thing, right?  Change makes a person more flexible, fluid, and to learn to just go with the flow… at least that’s what I am telling myself.

The Land Down Under

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