Stop the scroll.

Are you guilty of it? You know how it goes, you’re scrolling through Facebook and what do you normally see, political post, pictures of babies and puppies, someone cooked a bomb meal and wanted to show it off, and oh, there is Stacy raving and posting about her business, Rodan + Fields.  Insert eye roll, mumble something about a pyramid scheme, and keep scrolling.  Is that you?

STOP the eye roll and STOP the Scroll.  If you can see my posts then there is a really good chance we are friends.  FRIENDS! I’m not some random person at the mall trying to sell you a hair straightener or spray you with perfume, or ask if you want a massage.  I am your friend.  You know that I am not trying to trick you or set you up into buying something that is junk that you’ll just end up returning for a refund anyway.  The products WORK.  I’m not asking you to join me and my team because I need you.  The truth is, I believe that there are a number of you out there that would succeed in this business and make money at the same time.  I do it because I’m part of an incredible team, I see how great this opportunity is, and how the sky is the limit for people.

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My favorite: I could never do that, it’s basically a pyramid scheme.  Just a heads up, a pyramid scheme is defined as a person selling promises, but no product, not to mention it’s illegal.  Plus, I’m sure two Stanford trained doctors aren’t into illegal activities and putting their billion dollar brand in jeopardy.

How about this, does it sound familiar? You work for a boss, who is under a boss who is under a boss, who is under the owner.  Most times you are overworked, under paid, and it can be hard to get time off.  You’re not ever “safe” as you can get laid off at anytime, without warning, and getting a significant pay raise or bonus can basically be impossible.  Do you know of anyone that works for one of these pyramids? Truth be told, it is just about all of us in corporate America!

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Being in business is not easy, it takes hard work, but it can be so incredibly worth it if you’re willing to put in the time, consistency, and effort. There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding MLM’s (Multi Level Marketing) but that doesn’t mean that any of these are factual.  I knew before getting into this business that this was going to be something I’d eventually encounter.  Throughout this journey, I’ve learned to focus on the business and look beyond my original fear of annoying people.  I post on Facebook and send personal messages because I know the products work and the business is your opportunity to be your own boss with additional financial independence.  I use the majority of these products and each has provided me the results that are advertised.  My family and friends use these products and share pictures with me showing the same.  When I reach out to people, I truly want you to experience the products and/or business on the level that I do.

Even though I don’t do them as often as I should, today I committed to following up with people that haven’t responded to my previous reach-outs.  While doing so, I found that 8 of my Facebook friends blocked me on messenger and I was no longer able to reach out to them to even say hi.  Instead of responding to me and saying, “Thanks, but no thanks” they decided that blocking all communication from me was the best solution.

If you purchase a brand that a celebrity endorses, why not try R&F instead of paying for those royalties?  This is the #1 Premium Skin Care brand in North America.

You probably have a large handful of friends that are using Facebook as their platform for whatever it is they are passionate about whether it be R+F, Lipsense, Young Living, LulaRoe, Plexus, Usborne, the list goes on and on.  If your FRIENDS reach out to you, respond by telling her what you are thinking in regards to her message.   We won’t be mad, or upset, or hold a grudge, at least I won’t.  To me, no response means that you were too busy to respond at the moment so I’m going to keep checking back in.

To all the hard working, boss babe ladies (and gents) out there working their business for their WHY, go for it.  Don’t let anyone stop you.  I can tell you tonight that I’m more motivated than ever to work hard for my WHY.  My WHY is my family, our mortgage, a dream vacation, and so much more.  What is YOUR WHY?!?  They make me want to work harder.  Better. Be more efficient and share this opportunity with everyone with skin.  Because it’s just that good.


Two Year Rodaniversary

June is my “Rodaniversary” month!!

Two years ago, I took the leap of faith after having ONE conversation with my friend, Barb Berezowitz. I took the 10 minutes to listen to what she had to tell me about the opportunity and she had me hooked by the time I hung up the phone. I was able to see the opportunity this business had to offer with some commitment and persistency. When I started my business, I heard rumblings of how we were going to take over the #1 Premium Skincare brand in the U.S. and we were pushing to do so. 14 months later we not only jumped to the #1 spot but we surpassed over $1.5 BILLION dollars in sales too. Proactive was also a billion dollar brand except the difference is that it is sold in over 187 countries. We are in two. TWO! Think of the opportunity here, friends! If you want it, you can achieve it, and I would love to help you do so. #TeamGive is hands down the BEST team in R+F and I’m so proud to be part of it.

These products work. The before and afters are the real deal. You’ve seen my results and the results of my friends and family. I’ve truly enjoyed helping people find their renewed confidence with great skin and bomb lashes. If you haven’t tried R+F yet, let’s not put it off any longer.

Let’s kick off June with my first incentive targeted for all new Preferred Customers. This incentive is good until June 30th. No exceptions.

Current Preferred Customers: NO worries ladies and gents, as always, I’ve got you covered. More to come….

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Rodan + Fields Hydration Serum

Rodan + Fields newest product, Hydration Serum launches today but it is already on Elle’s Beauty Must Haves for April!



Hydration Serum instantly boosts skin’s hydration by 200% using R+F’s proprietary 3D3P Molecular Matrix. This results in plumper looking skin and diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Q: How does it help?

• REDEFINE™ users will experience added radiance & tone.
• REVERSE™ users will see luminous skin with even fewer fine lines.
• UNBLEMISH™ users will experience balance in oily & dry patches.
• SOOTHE™ users will experience not just calm but visibly firmer skin.

Q: How is Active Hydration Serum different from other hydrating skincare products?

🔘Active Hydration Serum is not like any other product. The 3D3P Molecular Matrix is a patent-pending, one-of-a-kind structure, invented in our Rodan +Field laboratory. We created a new molecule that addresseshydration in a different way, by drawing moisture from the atmosphere, locking it in & releasing it slowly throughout the day!

Hydration vs. Moisture:

🔘HYDRATERS- designed to increase water content in the skin
🔘MOISTURIZER- help skin retain water by creating a barrier over the skin

So, to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and soft (and not oily!) you need to increase your skin’s hydration….and then seal it in with a good moisturizer!

It’s only available to consultants right now so message me and I will place an order for you!

The Twelve Days of Christmas Rodan + Fields Style


Twelve days of Christmas will be starting today!! I will be offering one product at my consultant pricing each day. Be the first person to comment on my Facebook post and it’s yours for my price! Be on the lookout each day for some great deals!

On the first day of Christmas my R+F girl offered me…. One eye cream at the consultant price of $45! (Retails at $60). This will last you 4+ months and a little bit goes a long way even when used twice per day as directed.

First person to comment sold is the lucky lady! (or man!) Ready, set, go!

Click HERE to participate!!



Introducing Rodan + Fields Lash Boost

Last Boost

Now you can, with Rodan + Fields latest breakthrough innovation: ENHANCEMENTS Lash Boost.  Drs Rodan and Fields have been working for years to develop a lash product that delivers real results, without a prescription and without safety concerns.  Now you can have longer-, fuller-, and darker-looking lashes and brows that are 100% real, 100% YOURS!

What is ENHANCEMENTS Lash Boost?
Lash Boost is a nightly eyelash conditioning serum to enhance the natural appearance of your lashes in just 4 weeks, for lashes that are fuller-looking, longer-looking, and darker-looking so that you can feel beautiful anytime, anywhere.  And so you can say buy bye to hard-to-apply falsies and stop wasting all that time and money on lash extensions.  We like to say it’s 4 weeks to WOW and 8 weeks to WHOA!

Based on the Multi-Med therapy system our Doctors are famous for, it provides moisture through sodium hyaluronate, nutrition through 3 peptides, and protection from brittleness and breakage with biotin and keratin.

What You Need to Know
– Easy application — no dropper or cumbersome brushes! You apply just like liquid eyeliner.
– You get 5 ml of the product at a better price than prescription formulas that only provide 3 ml of product.  Remember, a little bit goes a long way!
– Lash Boost (like all of our product) comes with a 60-day guarantee!
– Ophthalmolgy tested and safe for everyday use! Safe for contact wearers and no risk of discoloring light eyes or skin.
– Works on brows too.  (YAY!)

More Lash Boost Results
Some of our friends and mentors were able to use Lash Boost before the Doctors unveiled their latest innovation.  See what your lashes could look like.  I’m working on my Real Results pics now!

Here’s what Romi has to say:
“As I’ve gotten older, my full, lush lashes had turned into short, blah stubbs that had me reaching for falsies with every big event.  I tried so many lash products that I’ve lost count.  The prescription one burned my eyes like crazy, the OTC ones did absolutely nothing.  Lash extensions weren’t an option because of the horror stories I heard and, frankly, I didn’t want to spend that kind of time having someone attach stuff to my eyes. So I would gaze at our daughter Bebe’s gorgeous eye fringe and long for the lashes of my youth.  Until now. And, as you can see, it works on brows, too.  I purposely didn’t trim mine before I snapped the pics so I could show you how the ends are filling in, requiring less of that time-consuming brow pencil!”

How To Get Your Hands on Lash Boost?

You can get Lash Boost beginning November 2! And while supplies last, you’ll also get a free adorable make up bag and a mini-eye cream containing a 2-week supply of our triple threat against lines, puffiness and dark circles. And if you’re already a devoted R+F Eye Cream user, this is a perfect travel size! Imagine what your eyes will look like by the holiday parties (WOW!) and by New Year’s Eve (WHOA!).

▪ If you’re already our Preferred Customer, make sure to tell me that you want Lash Boost. Even if you don’t have a replenishment order in November, you’ll enjoy your usual 10% off and free shipping when you order. Don’t wait because supplies of this lash-boosting bundle are limited!
▪ If you’re not one of our Preferred Customers yet, tell me to put you on my Lash List so you’ll get started on your boosted lashes asap. A quick 10-minute call will get your order ready to process!
▪ And if you want to get Lash Boost at Consultant-only wholesale pricing and be the source for all your friends who are going to want their own lashes to look longer, fuller and darker, then we should talk!


You can earn money (and our products for free) by simply sharing our results with others! We have a lot of fun building our flexible, portable part-time businesses. I’d love to find out if joining our community of social entrepreneurs is the right fit for you. We’re changing the world of business, alongside two world-renowned dermatologists who are changing the face of skincare. To learn more about how you can grab your own piece of the global skincare market and be a part of this exciting product launch, contact me so we can set aside time to talk.

Lash BOOST!!

What if YOU could have the lashes you’ve longed for? NOW YOU CAN! You can throw away the false eyelashes, and show off YOUR natural, gorgeous lashes.

Introducing… R+F Enhancements LASH BOOST! Lash Boost is a nightly conditioning treatment serum, with the ability to help your lashes appear longer looking, fuller looking, and darker looking! Just one swipe a night! Long term, continued use helps you maintain these visible results.  Did I mention this works on brows too? You’re welcome.

Last Boost


What does Lash Boost do? 

• Enhances the appearance of lashes
• Helps you achieve longer-looking lashes
• Helps you achieve darker-looking lashes
• Helps you achieve younger-looking lashes
• Improves the appearance of brittle and thin lashes
• Boosts softness, elasticity, and shine
• Fortifies the lashes against further damage
• Moisturizes lashes
• Enhances flexibility and resilience

In 4 weeks of use:
90% had fuller lashes
85% had longer lashes
63% had darker lashes



Lash Boost is ophthalmology tested. Proven to be gentle and safe for every day use and is suitable for contact wearers.

Lash Boost features Multi-Med Therapy. Panthenol conditions. Peptides protect. Biotin hydrates.

Lash Boost can be recommended for everyone, regardless of skin type, or skin concern.


These improved lashes are 100% natural and 100% YOURS! Lash Boostprovides moisture, nutrients and protection. Fuller, longer and darker lashes open the eyes and make them appear YOUNGER.

Now we all know what young eyes look like… big, vibrant, alive… with those visible lashes. That’s why we subconsciously perceive large eyes as a sign of youth, health, and vitality.

Eyelashes, as well as protecting the eyes, open them up and draw attention to them. However, lashes age, breakages increase, they become shorter and more brittle due to loss of hydration, and get damaged through daily beauty routines that tug and pull at them.

WHAT IF we gave those lashes moisture, nutrients, and protection? WHAT IF that made those lashes look younger?

WHAT IF we visibly opened up those baby blues and drew attention to those eyes… to YOUR eyes?

Multi-Med Therapy is not just for the skin. It also works for lashes. In Lash Boost we use pathenol, biotin, keratin, and peptides to moisturize, nourish, and protect your lashes.

The results? Younger-looking, fuller-looking, darker-looking lashes that are 100% natural and 100% yours.


Any questions? The 2016 Holiday Lash Boost offer will be available beginning 11/2/2016, until supplies last.  Holiday Lash Boost will include: one LASH BOOST, one Mini REDEFINE eye cream all packaged in this adorable “wink” zipper pouch.


Want to use LASH BOOST to boost the growth of your own business? Join me on this journey by becoming a Consultant and the product will come in your business kit.  Message me or email me and we can chat.  No pressure or commitment.  Just conversation.


The possibilities are endless with this amazing company.  If you are even remotely interested, you owe it to yourself to find out if this is a good fit for you.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Pajamas & Peptides…. and feel free to have a glass of wine or even two!


Say hello to this beautiful blonde, my mentor and coach, Barb Berezowitz. She started with Rodan+Fields in the spring of 2014. She is the mom of four, a middle school teacher, softball coach, President of a traveling softball summer team and extremely active in all of her kid’s sporting events (between the four of them they play 12 traveling sports).  To say she is busy is a slight understatement. But she still has time to run a very successful R+F business. In a little over year she has hit Level V, part of the 2% of consultants in the company, her business has blown up in a short amount of time.  Up until June 2015, Barb had been talking to me about the R+F business for nearly 11 months.  FINALLY, I said yes, my only regret was that it took me as long as it did.

Along side Barb in the picture below is another R+F leader, Michelle Holmes.  Michelle works full-time for Jak and Pepper and Mustard Pie (If you haven’t heard of either of these children stores, you need to check them out ASAP)! She too is also a busy mom of three active boys who between the 3 of them participate in 9 sports total.  In two short years, built up her business from ground level and is also a Level V achiever.  Between the two of these ladies, they are working Wisconsin and introducing R+F to anyone and everyone and doing so extremely successfully.


Meet another woman that is an inspiration to me, Megan Celba Thomas. “Mrs. Big Hurt” is the wife of the recent MLB Hall of Famer, Frank Thomas. She is beyond busy. She travels all over the country, has five children, sits on several charities and still finds time to successfully and passionately run her R+F business. Between these three women, I am so incredibly proud to be a part of their team.  #TEAMGiVe

Meg Thomas

Yes, life is hectic and we are all busy. But if these three women can run their R+F business and do so as successfully as they have in a short period of time, what is stopping you? All it takes is that first step. It can be scary and out of your comfort zone but so worth it. Is it time for you to take that first step?  Do you have a network of friends and family that all have skin? That is all you need. We are having another Pajamas & Peptides virtual event tonight. Has the thought crossed your mind for even just one second? If you’re curious and want to check it out send me a message… I’ll give you the details, add you to the event, and then you can grab your beverage of choice, log onto Facebook and join us from the comfort of your couch.  If after you listen, you decide you’ve heard enough and know it’s not for you, that’s cool with me, I will not pressure you.

Click here to read more about joining my business.

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