Introducing Rodan + Fields Lash Boost

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Now you can, with Rodan + Fields latest breakthrough innovation: ENHANCEMENTS Lash Boost.  Drs Rodan and Fields have been working for years to develop a lash product that delivers real results, without a prescription and without safety concerns.  Now you can have longer-, fuller-, and darker-looking lashes and brows that are 100% real, 100% YOURS!

What is ENHANCEMENTS Lash Boost?
Lash Boost is a nightly eyelash conditioning serum to enhance the natural appearance of your lashes in just 4 weeks, for lashes that are fuller-looking, longer-looking, and darker-looking so that you can feel beautiful anytime, anywhere.  And so you can say buy bye to hard-to-apply falsies and stop wasting all that time and money on lash extensions.  We like to say it’s 4 weeks to WOW and 8 weeks to WHOA!

Based on the Multi-Med therapy system our Doctors are famous for, it provides moisture through sodium hyaluronate, nutrition through 3 peptides, and protection from brittleness and breakage with biotin and keratin.

What You Need to Know
– Easy application — no dropper or cumbersome brushes! You apply just like liquid eyeliner.
– You get 5 ml of the product at a better price than prescription formulas that only provide 3 ml of product.  Remember, a little bit goes a long way!
– Lash Boost (like all of our product) comes with a 60-day guarantee!
– Ophthalmolgy tested and safe for everyday use! Safe for contact wearers and no risk of discoloring light eyes or skin.
– Works on brows too.  (YAY!)

More Lash Boost Results
Some of our friends and mentors were able to use Lash Boost before the Doctors unveiled their latest innovation.  See what your lashes could look like.  I’m working on my Real Results pics now!

Here’s what Romi has to say:
“As I’ve gotten older, my full, lush lashes had turned into short, blah stubbs that had me reaching for falsies with every big event.  I tried so many lash products that I’ve lost count.  The prescription one burned my eyes like crazy, the OTC ones did absolutely nothing.  Lash extensions weren’t an option because of the horror stories I heard and, frankly, I didn’t want to spend that kind of time having someone attach stuff to my eyes. So I would gaze at our daughter Bebe’s gorgeous eye fringe and long for the lashes of my youth.  Until now. And, as you can see, it works on brows, too.  I purposely didn’t trim mine before I snapped the pics so I could show you how the ends are filling in, requiring less of that time-consuming brow pencil!”

How To Get Your Hands on Lash Boost?

You can get Lash Boost beginning November 2! And while supplies last, you’ll also get a free adorable make up bag and a mini-eye cream containing a 2-week supply of our triple threat against lines, puffiness and dark circles. And if you’re already a devoted R+F Eye Cream user, this is a perfect travel size! Imagine what your eyes will look like by the holiday parties (WOW!) and by New Year’s Eve (WHOA!).

▪ If you’re already our Preferred Customer, make sure to tell me that you want Lash Boost. Even if you don’t have a replenishment order in November, you’ll enjoy your usual 10% off and free shipping when you order. Don’t wait because supplies of this lash-boosting bundle are limited!
▪ If you’re not one of our Preferred Customers yet, tell me to put you on my Lash List so you’ll get started on your boosted lashes asap. A quick 10-minute call will get your order ready to process!
▪ And if you want to get Lash Boost at Consultant-only wholesale pricing and be the source for all your friends who are going to want their own lashes to look longer, fuller and darker, then we should talk!


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Lash BOOST!!

What if YOU could have the lashes you’ve longed for? NOW YOU CAN! You can throw away the false eyelashes, and show off YOUR natural, gorgeous lashes.

Introducing… R+F Enhancements LASH BOOST! Lash Boost is a nightly conditioning treatment serum, with the ability to help your lashes appear longer looking, fuller looking, and darker looking! Just one swipe a night! Long term, continued use helps you maintain these visible results.  Did I mention this works on brows too? You’re welcome.

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What does Lash Boost do? 

• Enhances the appearance of lashes
• Helps you achieve longer-looking lashes
• Helps you achieve darker-looking lashes
• Helps you achieve younger-looking lashes
• Improves the appearance of brittle and thin lashes
• Boosts softness, elasticity, and shine
• Fortifies the lashes against further damage
• Moisturizes lashes
• Enhances flexibility and resilience

In 4 weeks of use:
90% had fuller lashes
85% had longer lashes
63% had darker lashes



Lash Boost is ophthalmology tested. Proven to be gentle and safe for every day use and is suitable for contact wearers.

Lash Boost features Multi-Med Therapy. Panthenol conditions. Peptides protect. Biotin hydrates.

Lash Boost can be recommended for everyone, regardless of skin type, or skin concern.


These improved lashes are 100% natural and 100% YOURS! Lash Boostprovides moisture, nutrients and protection. Fuller, longer and darker lashes open the eyes and make them appear YOUNGER.

Now we all know what young eyes look like… big, vibrant, alive… with those visible lashes. That’s why we subconsciously perceive large eyes as a sign of youth, health, and vitality.

Eyelashes, as well as protecting the eyes, open them up and draw attention to them. However, lashes age, breakages increase, they become shorter and more brittle due to loss of hydration, and get damaged through daily beauty routines that tug and pull at them.

WHAT IF we gave those lashes moisture, nutrients, and protection? WHAT IF that made those lashes look younger?

WHAT IF we visibly opened up those baby blues and drew attention to those eyes… to YOUR eyes?

Multi-Med Therapy is not just for the skin. It also works for lashes. In Lash Boost we use pathenol, biotin, keratin, and peptides to moisturize, nourish, and protect your lashes.

The results? Younger-looking, fuller-looking, darker-looking lashes that are 100% natural and 100% yours.


Any questions? The 2016 Holiday Lash Boost offer will be available beginning 11/2/2016, until supplies last.  Holiday Lash Boost will include: one LASH BOOST, one Mini REDEFINE eye cream all packaged in this adorable “wink” zipper pouch.


Want to use LASH BOOST to boost the growth of your own business? Join me on this journey by becoming a Consultant and the product will come in your business kit.  Message me or email me and we can chat.  No pressure or commitment.  Just conversation.


The possibilities are endless with this amazing company.  If you are even remotely interested, you owe it to yourself to find out if this is a good fit for you.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.