8 Months- Carter

So… I’ve become the world’s biggest slacker when it comes to writing blog posts.  The first 12 months of both Makenzie and Brady’s lives, I wrote every single month about what they were doing, how they were sleeping, how many teeth they had, what they were eating, and new words that they were saying…. Poor Carter.  I have not done my fair share with this little guy.  #thirdkidproblems

Let me start out by saying he is the best baby ever.  Of my three, who were all good babies, he is by far the easiest, most chill, laid back, smiley, happy little man there is.  He eats well, he sleeps amazing, and really only gets fussy if he is hungry, tired, or is teething.  But even then, his bottom teeth came in and he did so well.  When the first one popped through at 5.5 months his sleep habits did not change one bit.  The second one was a little bit rougher for him but he still didn’t do terrible at all.  He’s always been so easy to put to sleep at night and we never have to fight him to go down. <Knock on wood, am I right.>

He transitioned easily from strictly being breastfed to eating purees.  And now that he has those under his belt we started giving him chunks of table food around 6.5 months.  It went ok at first and it took him a couple weeks but now he pretty much eats whatever we are eating, or will at least try it.  So far he has had pancakes, hamburger, tacos, quesadillas, potatoes, pasta, mostaccoli, strawberries, oranges, peaches, pineapple, bananas, chicken nuggets, french fries, tater tot casserole, eggs, french toast, rice, pizza, baked beans…. I mean, I could keep going but you get the picture.  We call him our little koala baby because he has really no interest in feeding himself.  We put food in front of him and he will pick it up but he smashes it in his hands and then drops it on the floor.  Or if he is being really lazy he’ll squeal until one of us goes to him and he sits there like a baby bird with his mouth hanging open, waiting for us to put it into his mouth for him.  He still nurses 5x per day on the weekends but late afternoon session around 3:45p is getting to be super short.  He gets SUPER distracted if he and I aren’t in his room with the door closed and even then, it will last maybe 5 minutes tops.

He has 2 bottom teeth and I’m fully expecting those top teeth to push through sooner than later so we’ll see how those go.  He’s rolling all around and is starting to scoot backwards and forwards and spins in circles to get to his toys.  He’s trying hard to move his legs but hasn’t gotten it down just yet.  He started sitting up on his own a little after 6 months old and has recently gone from sitting up to crawl position on his belly.  It was a few days of face plants before he figured it out but he does pretty well now.

He loves taking a bath and as our nighttime routine we do that every night.  Even if it is for 5 minutes, I do it.  Bedtime for him is generally 3 hours after his last nap.  Meaning, we will start bath time 3 hours from the time he last woke up and then will be nursing and eventually in his crib within 3.5-4 hours of his last wake up time.  At home he is on a solid 2 naps a day.  His first one usually starts between 9:30/10a depending on when he woke up in the morning and his second one usually starts around 2 and goes until 3:15/3:30 or so.

He had his first ear infection 2 weeks ago.  I had a sinking suspicion after a restless night of sleep for him which even then wasn’t bad at all.  I also caught him grabbing his ear while he was nursing before bed the night before I took him in so I sort of figured something was up.  10 days on Amoxicillin and he is as good as new.  He has started dreaming as of recently though because he has a lot of sleep crying where he doesn’t move much and is clearly still sleeping but cries out and then is quiet again.

Some of his favorite things include watching his brother and sister run around acting crazy, sitting outside with his daddy, jumping in his jumper, splashing in the pool, or just hanging out with mama.  There isn’t much that he doesn’t like and adapts really easily to whatever it is the rest of us are doing.

He’s such a good baby and a blessing to our family! I’m super excited to see what he does going into his 9th month!  Stay tuned! (I promise).




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