16 days postpartum

We are 16 days post c-section.  Time has seemed to stand still and fly by all in the same breathe.  Is that even possible? I think it is when you are sleep deprived, have barely left the house, are still rocking the same zip up hoodie for days in a row, and haven’t been able to part with the stock pile of mesh undies the hospital sent you home with. #livingmybestlife

In all honesty, my emotions were all over the board those first 10 days.  Pregnancy is a funny thing and what your hormones do afterwards is just down right assholish.  New word, just go with it.  You are happy, sad, filled with emotions and your anxiety is high.  For me, the first week was especially tough.  My anxiety was fine during the day but once the sun went down, it started creeping in.  I am such a routine person and crave a schedule.  Carter is still just so new that schedules don’t really work just yet.  I mean, we can try but at the end of the day, it sort of is what it is.

Brian and I are pretty set in our ways that our babies go in their cribs from the first night they are home.  Some people agree with it and some don’t.  And honestly I don’t really care what your opinion is on it because it won’t change mine.  Carter didn’t do well the first couple of nights and when I started getting emotional about it, Brian calmly reminded me that this little guy is brand new and doesn’t know what the hell a crib is or why no one is holding him all night long.  But we needed to stick with it and he would begin to learn.  Thankfully, it only took him a couple days and then he started giving me a 4 hour stretch to start the night, followed by a 3 hour and then another 2.5 hour to round out the morning.  I feel like he still sleeps all day long too.  I often have to wake him from 3 hour naps for fear that he is getting too much daytime sleep and he won’t sleep at night.  So far, he just seems like a sleepy babe.  I’m guessing he will wake up more in the coming weeks.

Thankfully, Carter is nursing well and hasn’t had any issues there.  I feel pretty darn blessed that all 3 of my babies were great at nursing from the start.  He did have his tongue clipped last week Friday for a moderate tongue tie and hopefully that will help with any sort of air he may have been taking in when he was nursing.

As for me, I have lost 30 of my 44 lbs already and have been feeling really good.  I didn’t have to take any sort of narcotic in the hospital after my c-section or at home and was able to get by on Ibuprofen the first few days and haven’t taken it for almost 2 weeks now.  My pain wasn’t very high at all and I was super happy with that.  This c-section by far as been my easiest.  For any mama’s out there that know they are going to have a c-section, I highly suggest you ask your OB about the ON-Q Pump.  I had this with Carter and it was amazing, life changing. ON-Q* is a postoperative, non-narcotic pain relief system designed to deliver local anesthetic to or near the surgical site through specially designed catheters – Providing patients days of targeted pain relief after surgery and less likely to use any sort of narcotic.  I had this On-Q Pump from Wednesday until Friday morning when they took it out.  Even afterwards my pain was maybe a 4 and very manageable by taking just ibuprofen.  Carter was born at 1:18p and I was up and walking by 8p that night.  After having 2 prior c-sections I’ve learned that it’s important to get up and walking as quickly as you are able to.

I’m excited to get back into the gym but I am going to wait another 4 weeks to do any sort of working out/lifting weights.  Walking is fine but I am not running anytime soon.  My ab muscles are still a little sore and the incision itself is still numb which is just a weird feeling to begin with.

Shameless 2 week PP picture:



From a family perspective, everyone has adjusted well.  I told Brian not to worry about nighttime with Carter because there really isn’t much for him to do.  I am capable of changing diapers on my own, swaddling him back up, and then nursing him to sleep.  Unless we get to a point where I am rocking, swaying, bouncing with a cranky baby for hours on end and need a little relief.  Plus, he is in charge of responding to Makenzie or Brady if he hears one of them wake up.  It’s a good little plan of attack we have going on right now.  It allows him to get some good sleep at night and wake up with the kiddos in the morning and get them ready for school.

My friend asked me how the transition from 2:3 was going and from a family standpoint, everyone is pretty well adjusted.  Makenzie loves her baby brother and wants to hold him every chance she can.  Brady also has done exceptionally well and hasn’t showed any sort of jealous or animosity towards me or Carter.  He also asks to hold him every now and then but once he starts crying he says, “Will you please take this baby from me? I’m done holding him.”  Lastly, I have to give major props to Brian.  I am so very thankfully that he isn’t traveling until the beginning of March.  That has helped my anxiety dramatically and I am hoping when it is time for him to start, we have a routine in place.  Just having him at home has made a huge difference and as a family we have all grown used to it and will be really sad when his travel has to resume in March.   When he isn’t traveling he works from home so I have been able to hand Carter off in the morning so I can shower and what not.  I had my first taste this week of having the 3 of them on my own at night.  While it wasn’t terrible, I felt bad at bedtime because I wasn’t able to lay with the kids like I normally would for 5-10 minutes.  But I know this won’t last forever and it will be ok.  Also, props to our little mellow man Carter.  He actually lets me put him down during the day and get things done when I need to do something like scrub a toilet or throw some laundry in the washer.

I’m hoping and praying that this little man stays mellow and chill and continues to sleep and stretch out those sleeping times during the night.  Every mama out there can tell you that a rested mother makes a huge difference, especially in those first few months of having a newborn.



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