One month in…

So here we are, a month after our move.  We have our boxes unpacked, pictures on the wall, and seem to be settling in pretty well here.  The kids transition went better than I thought it would and if I’m being perfectly honest, I may be the one in the family that the move affected the most.

It’s no joke that I find myself looking out the window, staring at the mountains and feeling like I’m still in Oswego and somehow the mountains just came to me.  I’m in awe of them every single morning (and night).  We have seen some of the prettiest sunsets here and it’s only been one month.  Our backyard and master bedroom face west so we have gotten our fair share of beautiful sunsets that unfortunately don’t even come close to accurately depicting the beauty of it once we try to take a picture on our iPhones and send them to our family back in the Midwest.

This weekend was a little tougher on me for a couple of reasons.  On Friday, the people that bought our house in Oswego, closed on it and were officially going to start moving in.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved that house of ours.  It was perfect for our family for many reasons and Brian and I just grew to love it as well as our neighborhood very quickly.  So on Friday it was hard for me to think of another family moving in.  I know that the new family has a little boy, slightly older than Brady, and so in my mind that meant the gold polka dotted accent wall in Makenzie’s old bedroom was soon going to be changed.  The chalkboard wall that sat inside the little house under the basement stairs that was typically covered in rainbows, hearts, and flowers was going to be erased and new scribbles were going to take their place.  The hydrangeas, chives, mint, and all the beautiful perennials would be thriving right now and I hope the owners love them as much as I did.

I also know that the kids that Makenzie has been in class with since before she was two years old are graduating this week back in Oswego.  The teachers that have watched her grow the last 3 years will be there to cheer all the kids on as they walk across the little stage as they get ready to make a huge change and start kindergarten.  I distinctly remember last year at this time seeing the graduation flyer on the door to her daycare and thinking to myself, “Wow! That is only one year away.  I can’t wait for her to celebrate with her friends.”  It’s amazing how much things can change in a year.

Makenzie’s new daycare is also a Nobel Learning Community, which is the same as her daycare in Oswego was, so they follow the same curriculum and do the exact same things.  She will have a graduation with her class with her new teacher but I just am feeling like it’s not the same.  We are the new kids in class, literally.  She’s made friends and her new teacher is seriously A-MAZING but I just feel a tiny bit sad that she won’t be able to celebrate this with her friends that she has been with since the beginning.  She’s been asking about two of her friends, Ainsley and Sophia, and so today we actually Facetimed with Sophia.  The girls talked for 10 minutes but were a little shy.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 8.39.13 PM

Today, I was sitting in Makenzie’s room and we had just gotten done talking with my sister, nephews, and parents via FaceTime when Makenzie jumped off her bed and started playing on the floor.  I was in one of those moods where I just watched her for a while and then suddenly she popped up, grabbed the heart picture frame that held a picture of her and her cousin, Katelyn, pulled it close to her chest and whispered, “I’ll never, ever forget about this.”

I had to fight back the tears in my eyes.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 8.48.44 PM

“This” being when Makenzie was in Oswego, Katelyn would normally help her mommy drop her younger sister, Megan, off at daycare, which was the same daycare Makenzie was at.  Makenzie would run to the window and she and Katelyn would form hearts with their little fingers and hold them up to the window.  Melissa snapped a quick picture one day and it’s been in a frame since then.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 8.46.17 PM

THIS was also one of the main reasons why I bought Allison, Makenzie, and Katelyn a 3 way Best Friend Forever necklace that they all can wear and think about each other when they are feeling sad.

I try to ask Makenzie often how she is doing.  How she likes Colorado, if there is anything she wants to talk about, is she making friends, what does she think of the mountains?  She always responds positively.  She likes Colorado, can’t believe how beautiful it is, wishes it wasn’t snowing in May, is missing Wisconsin and both sets of Grandparents and cousins, and lastly she misses her friends from daycare.  The other day she came home from daycare, sat down at her reading nook and started coloring two pictures for Sophia and Ainsley.  We sent those in the mail along with a 4×6 picture of the 3 girls together right before we moved away when we all went to see Beauty and the Beast.

She’s a strong little girl with a very old, caring soul.
Sometimes I think she’s stronger than I am.

I know it’s totally normal for me to be missing our families, missing Wisconsin, missing Oswego and maybe it’s the change that is about to take place in August with Makenzie starting kindergarten.  Or maybe it’s the fact that Brady is getting older and no longer a baby and I’m at a crossroads and need to really figure out what happens next.  Sell the baby stuff or keep it just a little longer? Maybe I’m feeling like any time we want to go visit our families in Wisconsin and Chicago, we have to drop $1500+ as a family to go.  It’s not as easy as getting into the car, jumping on I88 to I94 straight up from Chicago to Milwaukee.  It requires planning and a bit of saving to go back for all the holidays and then some random weekends here and there.

Brian’s parents were here a few weekends ago for a quick trip, Sunday – Tuesday, and when they pulled away Tuesday morning, I felt like I was saying goodbye to them all over again when we left the midwest.  Truth be told, I shed some tears as they drove away.

This post is all over the place.  So if your still reading, thank you.

I think this weekend I’m just missing home a little bit more than I have been.  And there is nothing wrong with that.


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