T-minus two weeks…

It’s been a while since I dropped the Denver bomb.  We’ve been busy and since that time we have put our house up for sale, made a 24 hour trip to Denver to find a house, bought a house, sold our Chicago house, and are one week away from closing on our home in Denver.

We found a beautiful, brand new build in the Denver suburb area with a view of the mountains as Makenzie had requested.  The house is about the same size as our house here in Chicago, however, it does not have a finished basement like our current home does.  Our home is being built in a newer subdivision and is only .5 mile away from the school Makenzie will be going to in the fall.  The subdivision also has a community pool that is in walking distance which I know will be used a lot during the summer months.  We found a daycare for the kids, which they will start pretty much immediately once we get settled in.  The daycare is the exact same as the daycare they go to now and that was really important to us.  The curriculum is the same and the day to day activities should be what they are used to currently.  The daycare was just built last year and recently opened in January ’17 so it sounds like the class sizes are a bit smaller than what either of the kids are both currently used to.  I think that is probably a good thing for them, especially Brady, as there will be so much sudden change for both of them.

This week Brian is traveling but he is making a pit stop in Denver to go through our new house orientation.  He is basically going to be walking around the entire house and pointing out things he wants to be fixed (i.e. paint touch ups, nail holes in the floor, etc) and I will be on FaceTime during it too.

Fast forward a week from tomorrow.  Brian and I are catching an early afternoon flight out to Denver and closing on our house early Thursday morning.  Once the paperwork is signed, we are getting back on a plane and hopefully getting back into Chicago around dinner and in time to give our two littles a bath and kisses and hugs before bedtime.

Then… the following week, it will all be happening.  Tuesday, April 4th, the movers will be arriving at our house here in Chicago and starting to pack us up.  Brian has meetings from Monday-Wednesday in Denver so he will not be home at all while the movers are packing our things and putting them on the truck.  They told us to give them three full days to pack and load so we are anticipating they will be done on Thursday.  Also on Thursday, our vehicles are being picked up and loaded onto a truck and taken to Denver arriving sometime between April 13th and 19th.

Brian’s parents will be coming down from WI on Thursday the 6th and picking us up since we will be without a car.  Thursday night we will be staying with Brian’s sister and her family and then leaving for Wisconsin the next morning and driving to my parents house.  On Sunday, the 9th, Brian will fly out to Denver and be there to meet the movers who are expected to arrive on the 10th.  The afternoon of the 10th, I will be flying out of Milwaukee to Denver to be there Tuesday – Thursday and just start unpacking and getting both kids’ rooms set up so they will have some sort of familiarity once we get to our new.  Brian has meetings Tuesday and Wednesday so I will have a lot of unpacking to do while he is gone.  Both he and I are catching a flight Thursday late morning and arriving back in Milwaukee in the early afternoon.  We will get back just in time to celebrate my nephew’s 8th birthday and have a sleepover with the cousins and the kids together.  Friday we will be spending the last day with my parents before we leave the next day.  We are catching a late afternoon flight out of Milwaukee, with the kids, and heading to our new home in Denver.  Also, big shout out to my Dad who volunteered to watch the kids on his vacation as well as my mom who is going to take some time off too.

The next few weeks are going to be filled with a lot of emotions.  Leaving the Midwest, leaving our family and friends and all the people that we have grown close to not only here in Chicago but also in the Quad Cities.  We will no longer be a car ride away.  Visiting will require a plane ticket and we know that isn’t nearly as easy as getting into a car and just driving for a few hours.

My biggest concern is the kids and their transition.  There will be so much change for them in the weeks and months to come.  We appreciate all good thoughts and prayers sent our way.









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