Change is good, right?

At almost 15 months old, Brady has experience quite the shake up in his normal day to day routine.  In the last month alone he has switched from the baby room to the toddler room at daycare.  First and foremost, that means he isn’t running with open arms to his DCP, Ms. Carey, every single morning.  It would make my morning drop off SO much easier when I saw him do this.  Literally, we would open the door and he would push me to get down.  I would set him down and he would run, arms out, very Frankstein-ish towards her and she would scoop him up and give him a big hug! He would put his head on her shoulder and he could basically care less that I was walking out the door.  So that transition in general has been a little tougher on him.  It also means he no longer sleeps in a crib or eats from a high chair.  Instead, he sleeps on a cot with a cozy blanket and eats at a big boy table with big boy chairs.  I tried bringing a toddler pillow Makenzie used but according to his new DCP, Ms. Lauren, he pushed the pillow off his cot and wanted zero to do with it.  Maybe we’ll try again next spring.

He’s also officially done nursing.  I went away last weekend for the first time, well, let’s just say in a really, really long time.  And so Brian had to put Brady to sleep on Saturday night without me nursing him.  He did great and hardly blinked.  I got home on Sunday night and was ready to put him to bed but instead Brian did it again without much of a fuss from Brady.  So we repeated that again on Monday and Tuesday night and then Wednesday I decided to try it myself.  After bath, I carried him into his nursery, grabbed his blanket, turned the light off and he laid his sweet little head on my shoulder and that was that.  He had been showing some signs of weaning so we thought it was a good time, even if emotionally I wasn’t completely ready for it.  Leading up to this, some nights he nursed great before bed while other nights he would nurse from one side and then refused the other.  So basically he eats dinner at 5:30 and he’s good until he wakes up the next morning around 7.  But let me tell you, when we ask him if he wants to eat in the morning, he practically runs downstairs to get some breakfast and his sippy of milk.

Now that it has been almost a week of not nursing, I am good with things.  I have my body back and I don’t feel guilty having just one extra glass of wine.  I’m very thankful I was able to nurse as long as I did with both kids (14 months with Makenzie). I was extremely lucky that with both kids breastfeeding came very easy for me and them.  They latched well from the beginning and I was just comfortable with it.  Plus, I really enjoyed that snuggle time with them.  We worked through issues of colic, lip ties, acid reflux, and bottle refusal but at the end of the day, they were fed, they were happy, and that was just what worked best for my family.  In total, I nursed for 29 months between to the two kids.  Have you seen the Tree of Life pictures on FB for breastfeeding? I made a few for fun tonight, check them out below!  #normalizebreastfeeding

He’s also been working on his molars since what seems like early October.  They are taking their sweet time though, that’s for sure.  One is all the way through, the top two are making there way down and the other bottom one is just cutting the gum line.  Molars are tough.  They take forever and there is a period of time when all you feel like you are doing is giving your kid medicine before bed.  I hate it.  But I’m also not going to make him suffer in pain and refuse any sort of meds.  Any of you had to experience your wisdom teeth coming in? Teething stinks! Pretty sure I couldn’t do it without something to take the edge off.  Brian and I usually put him to sleep without medicine on days that he is overall in a good mood and happy but on the days he is fussy and in obvious pain there is no point in waiting it out.

He’s also battling a cough and head cold just like his mama. So between no longer nursing, getting his molars, not being 100% comfortable in his new environment during the day at school, nightmares, and being sick, sleep has been hit or miss.  Some nights he sleeps 7p-7:15a while other nights he wakes up about 2 hours in and needs some extra cuddles.  There was a stretch there for a while were he would be up for a couple hours at night and Brian and I took turns each night, sleeping on his floor calming him.  Sometimes all it took was us shushing him and he would lay back down and sleep… Other times, he needed extra snuggles rocking him back to sleep.

We’ve learned that he despises taking pictures with Santa.  So strange,  I wonder who he gets that from…  He loves looking out the window at the Christmas lights when it’s dark and just stands there and says, “WOW!!!” or “WOAH!!!”

He randomly sat down backwards on his potty seat a couple weeks ago and peed before bath time and then finished it up by splashing his hands in it because… well, he’s a boy. The peeing thing was pure luck though and had I waited like 10 more seconds I’m pretty sure he would have peed all over the wall instead of in the potty chair.  I tell him almost daily in the bath that he “needs to be gentle” when he’s exploring down there.  Seriously, what is it with boys and playing and touching all the time?  I’ve been assured it’s normal and to “just wait” from my sister and other fellow boy moms so… that sounds like a blast.  Can’t wait for that….

So overall, this little guy has gone through some big changes within the last month or so.  But change is a good thing, right?  Change makes a person more flexible, fluid, and to learn to just go with the flow… at least that’s what I am telling myself.

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