The Land Down Under

SUNDAY WAS THE DAY!!! Pre-enrollment for Australia is FINALLY open!!! 

I’m laying in bed tonight. I should be sleeping. But I can’t. I’m thinking about Australia. I’m thinking about the possibilities, the market, and the opportunity that is just waiting there. 

If YOU are from Australia or know someone who is, we NEED to talk. Why? ANYONE who enrolls now will be one of the VERY FIRST to introduce a nearly BILLION dollar brand to a BRAND NEW MARKET! Pre-enrollment is happening now. You will be given every single tool needed to be successful. I am part of Team Give which is the largest team within the R+F corporation. My Level V leaders are amazing. My RFX circle leaders are inspiring and supportive and keep me motivated to stay positive and dream BIG!

Whether you may be interested in this or not, if you have friends, family or acquaintances in Australia you can help by connecting us.

Drop me an email, comment on this post or find me on FB and let’s at least have the conversation. This could very well be the life changing opportunity you’ve been looking for! 

And just because I’m loving Lash Boost, check out my 7 week Lash Boost progress pics. Mascara is also the same and was not changed along the way. Awesome right?
#lifechangingopportunity #joinus #RFRoadto1

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