Brady- 1 year!

I have not one but two toddlers now.

Our little Wild One, Brady, celebrated his first birthday on September 29th and we had a family party the weekend before that.  The theme was Where the Wild Things Are and Wild One! We watched football, ate food, celebrated our little man, and the kids played and made a mess which is exactly what they should do.  I made 3 different types of sliders, thank you Pinterest; Cheeseburger, chicken parmesan, and chicken BBQ along with homemade mac n cheese which is a family favorite in our house.  We had fruit and array of appetizers beforehand too.  Brady wasn’t a fan of his smash cake but he had just eaten an adult size portion of mac n cheese along with fruit and some cheeseburger and had a poopy diaper so you know, he just wasn’t feeling it.  The frosted covered sugar cookies that I made on the other hand… those he liked!

It’s so hard for me to believe that he is already 1.  I feel like his first year went by in light speed and looking back it went faster than Makenzie’s first year.  So in our case, the saying holds true that it goes by even faster with your second (and third and fourth and so on).  He made a huge jump in development from 10 to 11 months, which my slacker self did not write a post on.  He started walking around 11.5 months old and hasn’t stopped since! He prefers walking to crawling any day of the week and his language has exploded too.

Just like his sister, he said “mama” a week or so before his birthday so that was fun for me to hear.  He loves food, his big sister, blowing kisses and waving, and he gives the very best hugs I have ever gotten from a baby.  He thinks daddy is hilarious and is a big time mama’s boy.  I’m talking, I walk out of the room and he usually lets me know how unhappy he is.  🙂 He is still obsessed with birds and dogs, that still hasn’t changed!

Words He Says
All Done
*He attempts to say bird but it sounds more like turd but props to him for trying! He also signs milk, giggles when we ask him to sign more and all done, and knows exactly what the word and sign for “eat” is.

He is officially off of bottles during the day at daycare and is on a sippy cup full time alternating between breast milk, 2%, and water.  He loves water.  And let’s be honest, he still loves breast milk.  However, I am down to 2 sessions per day, right away in the morning and right before bed.  The morning one will be the next to go and I think that one before bed one is going to be a bit tougher.  I thought for sure he was self weaning around the 11 month mark but nope, he was just teasing and is back to liking the boob again.

He loves food.  Like pretty much anything we put on his tray he will at least try.  He is a carnivore and loves his meat and just like his mama, carbs are his favorite.  Noodles, anything is great for him.  Butter, pesto, spaghetti sauce, homemade mac n cheese, he will devour it.  He started off hating fruit but now he loves it.  Oranges are his favorite and I’m pretty sure he says, “Mmmmmmm” in between bites.  Pancakes are his go to for breakfast food but this weekend I am going to try scrambled eggs with cheese again and see what he thinks.

He had his 1 year checkup and his stats were the following:

Weight: 20 lbs. 13 oz. (42%)
Height: 29.5 inches (36%)
Head: 47.5 (87%)

Our wild one’s hair was getting a little crazy so we took him to get his hair cut a week before his birthday.  I loved the surfer hair he was sporting but it was looking a bit rough and a trim was needed. Although, if you didn’t know any better you would have thought that him sitting in the adorable little car while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at the hair salon was a form of torture based on how sad he was the minute we sat him down.  Five minutes later she was done, he was pissed, but he looked adorable.

He is a happy, playful, smiley little boy.  He loves dancing, being tickled (those thighs are something else), chased, and ramming his toys into you, the couch, a table, or whatever makes a big banging noise because duh, obviously that’s hilarious.  He has 8 teeth and the last two that came in we hardly noticed were bothering him aside from the constant chewing and drooling.  That also means the molars are next and to be frank, those are a real pain in the ass from what I remember so that should be fun for him.  He loves to be outside, going for walks in the wagon or being pushed in the jogging stroller while daddy goes for a run.  He’s all boy and although last checked his hearing was perfect since getting ear tubes, I sometimes question it based on how many times I have to tell him “no” when he is doing something he shouldn’t be.  He loves banging the cabinet doors open and closed, is obsessed with the TV remote and our iPhones, and is drawn to the nightlight in the hallway like a moth to a flame.  He literally crouches down on the ground, similar to a lion on the prey, and starts moving very slowly to said item above almost hoping we don’t see him…

He’s a stinker this one but I’ll eat him up, I love him so.  ❤

If you have a minute or 4+minutes watch the video I created below documenting Brady’s first year..


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