Makenzie – 4 years old

I’m so conflicted lately my sweet little girl.  I want to bottle you up, write down everything that you say, take video of your infectious smile and laugh and just keep you this way forever.  I love that you consistently ask me the same things as soon as I pick you up from daycare:

1. “Did you bring me a snack?”
2. “What’s for dinner?”
3. “Can I pick this flower?”
4. “Mommy? Can I change into a beautiful princess dress when we get home?

You are so smart, so caring, so loving, so wise beyond your years of being 4.  When daddy travels and it’s just the three of us, you, mommy, and Brady, I know that I have everything under control and if Brady has a rough night, it will be ok because you are just so laid back and easy going.  When it’s time to put Brady to bed at night and it’s just the 3 of us, you ask for an “apple, cut up in big slices please, Mommy” and between that and an episode of Doc McStuffins that is all you need to make you happy for those thirty minutes that I am nursing and rocking him to sleep.  Your Aunt Melissa often tells mommy and daddy that you just are not the normal three, now four year old.  And we know!  You never went through the terrible two stage or being a threenager with a sassy, demanding attitude that would melt down over any and everything.  And who knows, maybe it is still coming and maybe you’ll be over dramatic teenage girl or maybe not.

All I know is when you were born on Thursday, August 16th, 2012 at 11:11a.m. God truly blessed us with a one of a kind, angel from above. Every single night I thank God for you.  I ask him to keep you safe, healthy, kind, loving.  That you find the right friends and you aren’t influenced by the wrong people.  That you make good choices along the way and you aren’t peer pressured into doing something that you will truly regret for the rest of your life.  I pray that you continue to be kind to everyone around you and that you never have to fall prey to the awful world of bullying.  I never want to see your heart broken into pieces by a boy or even by girls that call themselves your friends.  I am terrified of you getting older but I can’t wait to see what you grow into.

You are a wonderful, beautiful version of a little bit of daddy and a little bit of me.  You have my eyes and your daddy’s witty, fun loving personality.  You ask questions, sometimes five in a row, and your always listening even when I think you are not. Your mind is a little sponge just taking everything in around you.  You’ve started to sigh when asked to do something, i.e. brush your teeth, comb your hair, go to bed, wash your hands before dinner.  It’s one of those, “Mom, I’m coming! I told you I was coming…” sighs.  It is the same sigh that I have been called out for on meetings at work.  (A few months ago, I dialed into a call, my phone beeped me in and apparently I sighed.  This sigh was then followed up with, “Stacy, I hear that you are on.” I was so embarrassed but it is what it is.  Lesson of the day, the mute button works wonders).

You are a people pleaser with a kind heart and a sensitive soul.  You are a daddy’s girl and love pleasing him every step of the way.  If Daddy asks you to eat the rest of the hot dogs in order to get a sucker after a dinner, you shove those things in your mouth so fast.  Nostrils flared and choking it own with water, you at least tried it and that’s all we asked of you.  Your kind little soul doesn’t like to see anyone upset so you often will be the first one to go to them and offer them a hug or your hand to play when you think they are sad.

You are the best big sister to your little brother Brady.  Every morning you come into his room, kissing his head or feet while he is nursing and say, “Good morning, Brady!!” And at night, you kiss his toes, give him a hug and say, “See you in the morning, brother.” When he cries, you instantly respond with Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and I kid you not, it always makes him stop.  You tell him, “No, No Brady” when he is doing something he shouldn’t be and then take it upon yourself to try and distract him with a different toy.  I often stare and watch you, in awe, wondering how you learned to be such a good mommy at 4 years old.  How do you know what to do? What he needs? What to say? How to make him smile? How do you do this so naturally? It makes my heart happy thinking about how lucky your one day children will be to have someone so kind, caring, and loving like you.  At 4 years old you often put his needs in front of yours.  You let him play with toys of yours that you were playing with, you give him hugs, sneak him Cheerios or Kix, give mommy a total pass when you ask me for something and I’m also helping Brady.  You say, “It’s ok, mommy, I’ll wait until your done.”  When Brady is napping during the day or sleeping at night, you always try to be quiet even asking if it’s ok to turn a toy on that makes noise so he doesn’t wake up.

You still take naps and often have to be woke from them on the weekends.  It isn’t odd for you to take 3+ hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon which lets face it, is pretty awesome for mommy and daddy too.  We usually read a few books to end the night and when it’s time to shut the lights off  you say to us, “Can you please lay with me for two minutes.” And then when those two (or more like 10 minutes) are up and we start walking out of the room she says, “What do I do if I need you? Do I just come downstairs and get you? And if I have to go potty I can just go on my own?”  We try to have you in bed by 7:30/7:45 and although it takes you a while to fall asleep, you will stay in bed, occupying yourself by playing with your dolls, or looking at a few books.  You do this until your eyes get heavy and then you decide it’s time for sleeping.  You’ve been out of pull up’s for months and months now and you’ve not once had an accident in your bed, not ONCE!! You’ve always been very happy in the morning when you wake up and that hasn’t changed.  Although, I am seeing a bit of a teenager come out when I open your shades.  A few times now you will take the blankets and put them over your head to block the light.

You love sparkly dresses, fancy shoes, having your nails and toes painted, stick on earrings, jewelry, taking care of your babies, and wearing princess crowns.  Dancing is one of your favorite things to do and Cinderella and Ariel are currently your favorite Disney princesses.  You like to pretend with Daddy that he is the prince and you are the Cinderella.  You grab one of your dress up shoes and have him be the Grand Duke one minute, trying the slipper on all the fair maidens in the village and the next minute, once the slipper fits your foot, he transforms into the prince.  I just watch and smile as you say, “Do it again, Daddy” and that Daddy of yours obliges and does it 15 times in a row just to make you happy and see you smile.

Homemade mac n cheese is your favorite thing to eat and you’ve become quite adventurous with your food.  You’ll eat ALMOST anything we put in front of you, meat included so that is great! You like broccoli and asparagus but make me “eat the tree” portion of the asparagus for you.

You still love taking wagon rides and going to the park.  You’ve graduated from the baby swing to the big girl swing and still say over and over, “Higher! Push me higher!” You took swimming lessons over the summer and have become quite the little fish.  You can now float on your back, on your own and love jumping in the water without your floaty on.

We haven’t gone to the doctor yet for your 4 yr checkup but the last I know, you weighed in at 32.5 lbs and were 41 inches tall. You are long, lean, and love being active.  You took gymnastics over the winter with your friend, Brynn and you two loved giggling and playing together.  This fall we may find ballet/dance and soccer.  I introduced you to volleyball as well this summer and so far you seem like a complete natural which I love.  I started playing club v-ball in 5th grade through 12th grade along with playing on my high school team so I would love for you to follow in those same footsteps but it really is up to you and what you want to do.

As of late, you started saying, “Mommy… Daddy?  I feel God around me right now…” and when that happens alone I know we are doing something very right with you.

You are so happy, so beautiful, and so fun with a little bit of good sass mixed in.  Happy 4th Birthday, Makenzie.  Mommy and Daddy love you so much and feel so incredibly blessed that we were chosen to be your parents.







2 thoughts on “Makenzie – 4 years old

  1. Jen Bauman says:

    What a beautiful letter Stace. Makenzie is one lucky girl to have such an incredible mom. How fun it will be for her to read these letters someday. It will be something she will cherish forever.

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