10 Months Old- Brady

Happy August, ya’ll! I can hardly believe that we recently flipped the calendar from July to August; summer is going by in a flash. Last week Friday, Brady turned 10 months old and with that came a lot of changes in this wild one’s development.

He loves standing independently for seconds at a time and when he crashes to the ground he looks up at us with those big eyes of his and monster laughs showing he is very proud of himself. He loves walking behind his walking toy and cruising the furniture. For some reason he is drawn to every single corner of the coffee table and loves pulling up to stand at that exact spot. At that point, helicopter mom comes out and I make him move because I feel he is going to lose his balance and crash head first poking his eye out. He also loves opening  and closing doors, cabinets, dressers, you name it, and he loves it. He has also started clapping, waving, and blowing kisses when we say bye bye or even hello. He is always up for a game of, “How Big is Brady?!” and raises his arms above his head, laughing when we say SO BIG!!

He loves to babble and screeches like a pterodactyl. He says, “Da-da” but has yet to say “ma-ma”. He tries very hard to say other words though like “all done”, “fish”, “doggy” and “Kenzie”. Fish sounds more like, “ssss… ssss…” and doggy sounds pretty darn close. In the morning, when I ask him if he wants milk and I sign it to him, he looks at me and laughs. After bath time, he is vigorously signing milk because he knows what comes next in his nightly routine. We are trying to teach him more, eat, and all done with sign language as well. We’ve been doing this since roughly 4 months old. 😀

His sleep has been amazing. He goes down between 6:30 and 6:45 and generally sleeps until around 6:15 the next morning. Almost 12 hours straight, I cannot complain about that for a second. He naps decent at home but struggles at daycare. 30 minutes in the morning and then an hour and 25 minutes in the afternoon at daycare. If he is home he usually does an hour in the morning and an hour 20 minutes in the afternoon. I don’t remember the last time he woke up in the middle of the night for anything so that has been amazing. One of the greatest things that he does right now happens every single morning. I go into his room to pick him up and as soon as he is in my arms he gives me a little hug as if to say, “Good morning, mommy! I need some snuggles!”

He loves food. He will usually try everything we put on his tray but whether or not he decides to continue chewing is up to him. His most recent favorite was made by his Godfather a few weekends ago, homemade spinach pasta with white truffle oil. He got to the point after shoving fistfuls upon fistfuls of pasta into his mouth that his face started glistening from all the truffle oil he had eaten and at that point, mama cut him off. I thought for sure he would be pooping green for weeks but nope. He will eat fruit at daycare but refuses to eat it at home unless it’s in the pureed version. Although, we gave him major props the other night when he stuck a few mandarin oranges in his mouth and didn’t spit them right back out. I gave him some scrambled eggs for the second time last weekend and shortly after a few little hive like spots showed up on his face but then were gone by the afternoon. He only ate ½ of his scrambled egg and I did not scramble it with milk so I’m not sure what that means. He obviously is able to eat foods that have eggs baked in them so I am going to lay off of them for a bit and reintroduce after a year.

Some of his other favorites:
Chicken nuggets
Mashed Potatoes
Pasta anything
Homemade Mac n Cheese (two fists, it cannot get in his mouth fast enough)
Baked Beans

His 6th tooth just recently popped through but thankfully it hasn’t bothered him enough to wake up at night and be in distress. He’s just been a drool machine and chewing on everything and anything he can get his hands on. One of his favorites is mommy or daddy’s flip flops when we aren’t looking. Yes, I’m serious. Makenzie has also been on a NUK kick where she likes to bust out all 50 NUKS that I desperately tried to get her to take when she was a baby but wanted no part of and give them to her babies. Brady has found a few of these NUK’s laying around and what does the kid that also used his mommy has a pacifier rather than a pacifier itself do? Puts it in his mouth and starts sucking and chewing on it…. But that is pretty short lived, I usually take it away from him and offer him something else to chew on.

We are at 4 sessions per day on the weekend, which is probably mostly for me so I know we are close to dropping 1-2 sessions within the next month and a half. He nurses right away in the morning, right before morning/afternoon nap, and then right before bed. My plan is to drop both morning and afternoon sessions in about a month and then around 1 year drop the morning session and then when he is ready drop the last before bed session… unless he gets to be 18 months old and I may drop it for him. Personal decision on my part. I don’t think we’ll get that far though. He is already showing signs of weaning but we’ll see. He drinks great from a sippy cup so in the next 2-3 weeks we will be transitioning away from bottles during the day at daycare, he only takes 2 right now (10 oz. total), and he will be on a sippy by 1 year old. I am also planning on introducing him to whole milk in about 2 weeks. We’ll do ¼ whole milk and ¾ breast milk for a week and see how he does and then gradually increase it. I have about 200 oz. of breast milk in my deep freeze and come September 29th, my pump is going bye bye. I will not miss pumping at all!

He is obsessed with birds and loves being outside. He bangs on our backdoor window with both hands while watching the birds and bunnies and saying, “ssssss, sssssss….” which I can only translate to birds. He is such a happy little boy and is usually laughing and smiling. He is all boy this one. He loves crawling under the chair, the coffee table, sneaking into the bathroom or literally slithering on his belly towards the TV in hopes we won’t see him. He knows exactly when he is doing something he shouldn’t and gives us this little look that I have seen on Makenzie’s face as well. He loves dropping his sippy cup on the floor, or anything for that matter, just to see what we do or say and he is very well aware of what “NO THANK YOU, BRADY” means. Once we say that he usually follows it up with the most pitiful lower pouty lip that I have ever laid eyes on. It really is adorable; it’s almost hard not to laugh especially when Makenzie follows it up with, “Oh mommy! Look at his little face. Brady! It’s ok little buddy…” And then very sweetly starts singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in which Brady almost always stops crying. He just LOVES his big sister and she loves him! He is still going through a bit of stranger anxiety and it’s amazing all the things I can do now one handed while helping Makenzie at the same time. When we pick him up from daycare during the week, he would much rather be held by Brian or me, rather than free to roam and crawl around. I think he wants his recharge of mommy and daddy.

That’s all for now, more to come once this Wild One hits 11 months old!

One thought on “10 Months Old- Brady

  1. Mary Streblow says:

    Brady sure is deleloping his own personality. He’ll sounds like a good eater too. Love your blog, enjoy the stories!!


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