8 Months Old- Brady


Eight months has come and gone, well, almost.  Brady will be 9 months a week from today.  He started his 8th month off loving purees and thinking table food was pretty terrible.  That’s why when he randomly put a french fry in his mouth rather than squishing it with his fist and dropping it on the floor I was ecstatic! I know, I know, a french fry.  It’s not broccoli or a green bean but it’s a vegetable, right?  He started doing better with Cheerios, Puffs, and Graham Crackers but overall, wanted his purees.  Up until about 10 days ago.  He started trying everything we put in front of him and did the same at daycare.  Over the last week he has really starting liking almost all things, meat especially.  Some of his favorites:

Pancakes, meatballs, chicken nuggets, green beans, broccoli, spaghetti, mandarin oranges, hamburger.  I love that he is trying foods and eating them too.  It makes it much easier to just give him what we are eating, in small cut up pieces and just let him have at it.
He’s doing better with a sippy cup but most of the time we have to hold it up for him to drink any water out.  On his own he usually just chews on the spout.  He is still nursing 5 times per day but is taking less and less during his daytime feeds.

He started off the 8th month crawling with a purpose and easily pulling himself up onto things.  Furniture, coffee table, book shelf, chairs.  You name, he does it.  Motor-wise he seems to be a bit ahead of the game.  He pulls up to standing and sits down from standing with ease and is always on the go.  A few days ago I saw him start to take little steps, cruising, while hanging onto the coffee table.  Slow down, buddy!

He’s into making noise, banging toys together, the remote, and DirecTV box.  He loves open and closing drawers and has pinched his fingers once.  😦  He thinks cell phones are pretty awesome and his big sister is probably his favorite person ever.  She can make him laugh like no one else.  He doesn’t mind being in the car now because most of the time he will either take a nap, gaze out the window, or laugh hysterically at his sister.  Even though he just pushed out his second top tooth, you can find him with his hand almost always in his mouth which makes me feel like those lateral incisors won’t be long behind.  Awesome.  Just to show how different your own kids can be, I looked at Makenzie’s baby book and she had 2 teeth at the age of 1.  Whereas Brady already has 4 at 9 months.  By 2 years old, she had 16! No wonder I thought she was an easy teether that first year, we only had to deal with 2 teeth!

I had a bit of a concern over his speech because at the start of 8 months he was still just sort of babbling.  But again, over the last 2 weeks he has started with da-da, ba-ba, etc.  No ma-ma yet but that seems about right.  Makenzie said da-da first too.  He also says what sounds like, “Hi.” Obviously he has no clue what he is saying but I will say, “Hi Brady!” And he responds with something that sounds very similar.  He is also starting to sign the word, milk, at home.  He does this right after bath, when he is tired and absolutely knows what is coming next.  Bedtime.

We had a rough start to 8 months in the sleep department.  It wasn’t multiple night wakings it was that he was waking up about 30 minutes into bedtime and always needed one of us to go up there and calm him down.  He was also getting his two top teeth which made things tough on him as well.  Now that those are both through, he is as happy as can be.  We are on sort of a vicious early to bed early to wake up cycle right now though.  He is on 2 naps every day and I love it that way.  3 naps messes with his overnight schedule too much and it’s hard to go anywhere or do anything with a 4 year old when one of us always has to be home for Brady to take a 3rd nap.  So we pushed dropping that 3rd nap hard around 6.5 months.  He’s been doing pretty well but during the week he usually wakes up around 2:45/3 which means he is ready, and I mean READY, for bed by like 6:15.  I usually give him a bath, nurse him, and he is in his crib no later than 6:30 and that is pushing it.  We did have to do a little bit of sleep training this month again since we were responding to him pretty frequently while those top two teeth were coming in but he normally doesn’t wake up at night to eat so that’s good for everyone.  I have to admit 6/6:30 is an early bedtime and if I could choose I would make it closer to 7 but the reality is, I can’t because he just can’t handle being awake that long.  And the only people that pay when we keep him up past the time he should be are Brian, myself, and Brady because he becomes hard to get to settle down for the night then, especially when we aren’t at home and are traveling.  It is what it is though and it won’t last forever so we just take it as it comes right now.  These last couple of weeks, once he is in bed, he stays sleeping and doesn’t wake up until morning.  However, since he is generally in his crib by 6:15, he’s usually standing up in his crib by 5:25 since he just slept 11+ hours.  So like I said, vicious early to bed early to wake up cycle.

What else… he has started to clap which is adorable and he is so very proud of himself when he does it.  He generally hates getting his diaper changed and usually protests every time I try to get him dressed.

He managed to stay healthy this month unlike his poor sister who got Scarlet Fever.  When the doc came in and told me she tested positive for Group A Strep and then said Scarlet Fever, I was like, “Uh, come again? Are we talking Oregon Trail Scarlet Fever?” So basically she had a very, very red, raw, sore throat, a high fever for a couple days, and her body broke out in a rash.  The rash itself had a sandpaper like feel to it but she never complained of itching.  She also had fluid on her ears but never complained about that.  She’s such a tough little girl.  Through it all, the only thing we really dealt with was her being a bit more emotional than normal.  Maybe a side of the Amoxicillin? Hard to say but I do know that it stopped about as soon as she was done taking her medicine.  She also is no longer wearing pull ups to bed.  She’s stayed dry overnight for so long now but I personally haven’t wanted to make the switch for ease of everything especially when Brian is traveling.  But she’s been doing great so far and she’s happy with no more pull ups at night too.

We are going into month nine with my parents watching the kids from Friday morning until Sunday early afternoon as Brian is in a wedding.  I’m a bit anxious but I am also ready to just let go a little bit.  Let go of the napping, the eating, the diapers, the food, and just let my mom and dad handle it… with some instruction of course.  My biggest fear is Brady being used to nursing before bed so I hope he does ok for them going to sleep.  They have witnessed what’s it like to get overtired, stubborn Brady to sleep at night and sometimes it’s not fun so I am just hoping he does everyone a solid and just sleeps.  🙂  We are also heading on a vacation with Brian’s side of the family towards the end of July for a couple of days so again… sleeping at night would be great buddy.

All in all we had a great 8th month and are looking forward to even more changes in Brady over the next month.


One thought on “8 Months Old- Brady

  1. Mary Streblow says:

    Brady’s first year sure seems to be going by fast. Eating big people’s food👍 Can’t wait to hear him talk. Looking forward to taking care of the two of them.

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