The Anxiety of Traveling

Is it just me or does the thought of traveling with your baby make you all anxious and twitchy? I recall when Makenzie was 8 months old, which coincidentally is the same age that Brady is right now.  We were in Dubuque visiting friends and we all made plans to stay at a hotel there since we thought it would be fun to try out the pool and have everyone together for the night.  Well…. Makenzie had other plans.  Girlfriend, cried SCREAMED from the time we put her down to “sleep” in the pack n play at 7:15p until we decided okay, this is a bit excessive around 11p.  She would fall asleep, then wake up and scream.  Then we would get her back to sleep only for her to wake back up a little later and scream again.  I remember we closed all the curtains, shut the lights off, and Brian and I laid on the bed in our hotel room at like 8p wondering what the heck we were going to do for the rest of the night.  I’ll keep it short but at around 11:30p we packed our crap up, got into the car, and drove the hour home.  She was quiet within 5 minutes of being in the car and then proceeded to sleep the whole way home and went right to bed once she got into her crib.  She always slept fine at my parents house and at Brian’s parents house in the crib though.  She was the type of baby that even if she was overtired, the time she was laid in her crib, she was lights out and we never heard a peep from her until the next morning.

Brady on the other hand…. he’s a bit more stubborn.  I’ll just go ahead and say he gets it from his daddy.  If this kid gets overtired, watch out because he’s a force to be reckoned with.  Which is why I feel all anxious for this weekend.  We are heading to WI to visit family because quite frankly we can’t just not travel EVER.  I refuse to be a little hobbit not venturing out of our house on the weekends in fear my kid won’t sleep at night but I have to say our visits are few and far between these days for this exact reason.  I’m all about schedules and routines and early bedtimes and I really don’t give a flying shit if people that I hang around with roll their eyes at my parenting style when it comes to this.  Yes, I leave parties early to get Brady home before he is over tired.  Yes, I say no to going over to friend’s houses to have s’mores because I know, no person in their right mind toasts s’mores at 5:45p which is around the same time Brady gets a bath each night before bed.  Yes, when I do go to parties, I eat and leave if it’s nearing his bedtime.  I know my son and I know that his night will start off awful if I try to stretch him to being awake longer than he can handle which at this point is about 3.5 hours.  But when I say 3.5 hours I mean, he needs to be in his crib by the time my little iPhone Sleep Timer app tells me he’s been awake for.

At this point, he is on two naps per day.  But lately he is doing this thing where he thinks waking up at the ass crack of dawn (i.e. 5:15a) is the cool thing to do.  I let him fuss and cry and talk in his crib to see if he puts himself back to sleep and sometimes he does and sometimes he just wants some mama milk and get the party started for the day.  Which is why I feel like we are in this vicious, notorious cycle of early wake up’s and early bedtimes.  There was a point this week that at 5:45p I was in the nursery, nursing him to sleep because his last nap had ended at 2:35 at daycare and he had hit his wall of pissed off and mama knew it was time to get the show on the road.  I would say if it’s 6p/6:15p there is a good chance I am nursing Brady to sleep and he most usually is sleeping in his crib by 6:30.  So it makes sense that he is waking up at 5:30a, he’s already gotten 11 hours of sleep at that point and he wants no more!

Anyway, back to the anxiety of traveling.  So yes, today we are leaving to go see my parents for the night.  And we are trying to be strategic about it but I know he is going to be a hot mess tonight.  We are planning on picking both he and Makenzie up from daycare at 1p which is about 30-40 minutes before he goes down for his 2nd nap so the hope is that he sleeps for a good hour and a half in the car which is straight up laughable since he has never ever ever ever ever done that.  Get what I am saying.  He did do a 50 minute nap a few weeks ago when we went to the horse races but that night was a complete disaster because he ended up taking 3 crap naps and was so far from overtired it wasn’t even funny.  So I am desperately hoping he sleeps in the car or I will be putting him to bed, in a somewhat unfamiliar place at 5:30p tonight.  I’m sweating just thinking about it.  And then tomorrow we are planning on leaving at 9a for Brian’s parents house.  Another strategic move here, hoping that he will take another nap in the car on the way there.  He usually does a shorter a.m. nap and then a longer (1.5-2 hr) pm nap.  Since Brian’s sister’s family will also be there that day, the older one (17 months) gets the crib because she’s probably too big for a pack n play so on Saturday night, Brady gets to sleep in a pack n play.  That should be fun!! 😉  And then comes Sunday.  It’s about 2.5 hours from Brian’s parents to our house so Brian and I are thinking we should leave pretty much right away in the morning.  That way, Brady can take a crap car nap on the way home but we will also be home in time for him to take a nice long nap in his crib in the afternoon.  See what I  mean? Too much anxiety, planning, scheduling, etc and quite honestly none of this will probably work and it will all go out the window the minute we get there…. I just want to let it go and enjoy the weekend but I know my baby and I know exactly how he gets on little sleep and it is not fun.

Obviously we want to go and see family but am I the only crazy person that puts that much thought into traveling, sleeping, schedules, etc? Please tell me I’m not…..

One thought on “The Anxiety of Traveling

  1. Angie says:

    Those were the good old days! My girls are 11 and 6….. you do forget about how difficult the simplest things used to be. You have plan things out like you are, otherwise life is chaos. Nursing is another kink in that chain that requires timing. try to cut yourself a little slack 🙂 obviously you have it all planned out, and maybe it will go perfectly smoothly! and maybe not…. then you’ll have that story to tell! happy travels!

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