Getting that pre-baby body back

Thursday, I had my annual OB appointment.  I was happy that I am two lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight but I definitely don’t feel the same as I did before I got pregnant.  I went to the gym on Tuesday for the 2nd time in 13 weeks and the 4th workout since I worked out twice at home.  This may be the longest break I took from the gym in years and years.  After I had Makenzie I went back at 5 weeks and went as much as I could.  This time around the new gym that I go to didn’t allow infants under 12 weeks and Brady doesn’t nap anything like Makenzie did so I was more concerned about getting him to nap during the day then working out.  I woke up Wednesday feeling pretty sore but a good sore.  My muscles hurt and I knew that I got a good workout in… that or I’m just really out of shape.  🙂

Brady starts daycare on Monday full time so I am planning on getting back into my 4-5 days per week routine that I did before.  I’m craving the gym, the soreness of muscles, and just those endorphins that you get after a good workout.  I have some work to do but am looking forward to seeing my progress over the next few months.

I dropped most of my pregnancy weight pretty quickly after Brady.  Within a couple weeks I was 10 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight but those 10 lbs were SUPER stubborn.  It wasn’t until just recently that they came off.  With Makenzie, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight at my 4 week checkup.  I thought thank the lord for breastfeeding!! It was working wonders for my body.  This time around, my body was a bit more stubborn.

My 2016 New Years Resolution is to get back to the gym on regular basis like I did before Brady.  Whether I go over my lunch break or right after work, I’m excited to get back into the swing of things.  I have a gift card to  Athleta that I plan on using to get some new gear and I’m in need of some new shoes.

I took these pictures over the course of the last 13 weeks for a little accountability and to show where I am starting off pre-gym and post baby.  I’m also setting a few goals.  I’d love to run the Shamrock Shuffle that happens downtown Chicago in March.  It’s a 10K and if I could get back to the Quad Cities to run The Bix in July I’d love that too.  The Bix is a tough one.  7 miles of steep, steep hills.  The very first mile is straight up Brady St. hill and if you aren’t careful, that first mile will pull a lot of energy right out of you.

Time to hit it hard at the gym again, no more excuses!!

3 weeks post partum 

13 weeks post partum 

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