3 Months Old- Brady

Weight: 13 lbs. 2.8 oz.

Brady turned 3 months old today!! He also is currently at “Discovery Day” at his daycare, a little dry run before he starts full time next week Monday. Of course I was nervous this morning when we dropped him off but the ladies in the infant room seem very nice and I think he will be in good hands. I got a text message a few minutes ago from one of Makenzie’s teachers with 3 pictures of her checking on her baby brother who was swaddled up and sleeping in a crib.

Sleep. Let’s talk about it. He is still a bit of a cat napper during the day. He was doing 5, 30 minute naps per day but just last week he started to figure it out a bit more. He took a 3 hour nap on Wednesday, a 3 hour nap on Thursday, a 2 hour nap on Friday and a 2 hour nap on Saturday. All days that we were traveling back to Wisconsin for the holidays. So for the most part we can’t really complain about his sleep. He sleeps in big chunks at night (9-12 hours straight) but it’s the getting to sleep that is the tough part. With Makenzie, I wasn’t as aware of awake times because she came out of my womb sleeping. Yes, we had to walk with her or stand in the bathroom with the vent fan going for a few minutes but once we laid her in her crib she was out until the next morning. Brady is a little bit more sensitive. We’ve learned that we have a small window of time at night to get him to sleep. If he has been awake for an hour and 45 minutes or more right before bed, he gets extremely hard to put down. We will have to go in there pretty frequently to get him back to sleep the first couple hours. And the experts that say, “Put him down drowsy but awake” can go fly a kite to put it nicely. We’ve tried that before and wow does he just get pissed off. So, for now, we are maintaining survival mode and just doing what we know best. After he nurses, we swaddle him up and walk, bounce, or sway with him in his dark room with white noise going. 9 times out of 10 he will wake up within 10 minutes and we repeat the bounce/sway/walk. And then again about 10 minutes later he will probably wake up again and we repeat. We may change his diaper, reswaddle him and then repeat the bounce/sway/walk. So if you call me, text me, or need me after 5:30p chances are I can’t talk to you or respond until after 8:30 or 9p.

He has found his hands, his voice, and is starting to notice his feet. He despises tummy time and doesn’t have any interest in rolling at all. We try to do tummy time a little bit every day but he really doesn’t like it so that’s probably one of the reasons he hasn’t started attempting to roll. His little (er, big) noggin is in the 86% and his weight last checked was 30% so it’s a lot of work to keep that thing up!

He loves to stand, with help obviously, and prefers to be put up on a shoulder rather than being held in the cradle position. He chews on his hands and has become really good at grabbing his toys and bringing them up to his mouth. He has already become a bit distracted while nursing so I have to try and not to talk to him or anyone else while I am nursing or he will stop, smile and then start talking to me.  

Its 10:50 and Brady should be taking his first bottle from daycare soon. I’m going to call pretty soon and see how it’s going. I hope he doesn’t come home tonight super tired and over stimulated but I have a feeling that will be the case tonight. It will take a while for him to get used to his new routine and for me as well.

Leap 4 and the dreaded 4 month sleep regression is 7 days away. I blocked this out of my memory when Makenzie went through it because it was pretty awful. Your once great sleeper takes a total turn and is night waking a lot…. like every 2 hours a lot. This leap goes on from weeks 14 ½ through 19 ½. Someone wish us luck!!

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