2 Month Checkup- Brady

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Brady turned 2 months old yesterday and will be 9 weeks old tomorrow.  Today we had his two month appointment which also meant 3 shots, 1 oral and 2 in each leg.  He took them really, really well actually.  But he was a mess for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  By 5p he was so upset and red face crying that we gave him some Tylenol and he proceeded to spend the next 2 1/2 hours cuddled up against his daddy’s warm chest getting some much needed sleep.

Looking back at month 2, it was much less eventful than the 2nd month Makenzie had back in 2012.  By this point she was diagnosed with colic, wouldn’t take a bottle, had silent acid reflux, and was dairy intolerant which meant I had to cut it all from my diet.  Brady’s month 2 was a cake walk in comparison…. but lets be honest, I still shed some tears.  He does have acid reflux so he was put on Zantac yesterday for that.  We’ll see if that helps at all.  He isn’t fussy with it but he spits up a lot of milk… and even 2 hours after he eats he will spit up.

Last night, for the 2nd night in the row, he put himself to sleep.  I nursed him and then swayed with him and proceeded to lay him down.  He woke up within 5 minutes and sort of fussed for a few minutes but then calmed down, moved around a bit, did a little talking and then proceeded to put himself to bed.  I told Brian, if he can continue to do that, that would be awesome.

Weeks 4 1/2 – 5 1/2 we went through our first Wonder Week and Brady become more awake to our world.  The great thing about these Wonder Weeks or Leaps is that once he is through them, out emerges a different baby.  One that has mentally learned something new and you can see the changes if you look closely.  During these same weeks we learned how much Brady loves to be cuddled during the day and not hanging out in his crib for naps.  He also displayed what an amazing cat napper he could be.  We are talking 20 MAYBE 45 minute naps if we were lucky in his crib.  This made for one very tired, cranky baby during the day.  I felt like a majority of my day was spent swaddling, shhhhhhushing, swaying, bouncing, or acting as a human pacifier.  While we are in the thick of those leaps it feels like they may quite possibly go on forever.  But once they finish, we look back and say, “Hmm, it wasn’t THAT bad.” This brings me to the 2nd leap, which we are just getting out of now.  According to the app he has 2 days left but his demeanor has been better during the day than it has been in recent days.  He has been trying to put his hands in his mouth, he will hit the toy on his play mat with his hand, and he will gaze at things for a longer period of time.  The ceiling fan, which he loved looking at last month, now gets smiles and coos this month.  Who knew a fan could be so interesting… Back to this leap though.  It was BRUTAL.  At the beginning of 7 weeks he would start screaming for no apparent reason and was super hard to calm down.  One Sunday it was pretty terrible all day long.  I sat in the dark nursery with him while Brian and Makenzie went to church and just rocked with him.  He eventually fell asleep and I didn’t move a muscle for a good 2 hours so he could just sleep.  Once he woke up, he would be fine for a few minutes and then the crying began again.  We are talking red and purple face inconsolable crying.  I thought what the heck, is this colic emerging late in the game?  And then thought to myself, did I slip up and eat something I shouldn’t have?  Later that night, we were going through another screaming moment and I undressed him down to his diaper and then took my shirt off, went into our dark bedroom, crawled into bed, and laid him on my chest.  He stopped crying within 2 minutes.  It is so crazy to me how skin to skin has such an amazing effect like that.  Thankfully, that day and night passed and he was better in the fact that he wasn’t screaming all day and night the next day.  Fast forward a week to last week Monday.  He slept beautifully all day.  Took a 3+ hour nap in this crib and ended up getting almost 6 hours during the day.  It was time to put him to bed that night and he decided he didn’t want to sleep.  Our bedtime routine always starts at 6:30.  It’s bath, lotion, jammies, swaddle, nurse till his hearts content, burp, then bed.  He’s sleeping by 8 or 8:30 on most nights so when it was 11:00pm and he was STILL AWAKE and very unhappy so were Brian and I.  It should not take 2 hours, let alone 4-5 hours to put a baby to bed but he was proving us wrong.  At 10p Brian told me to go to bed and that he would try to get him to sleep.  He got him to bed at 11 and he slept until 2:15a.  At 2:15 he woke up, I fed him and then tried to get him back to sleep but he was not having it.  At 5a, I just rocked him and he finally fell asleep and slept until 8a.  So for the past 2 weeks it has taken us a while to get him to sleep.  Some nights 30 minutes which is fine and not a big deal, other nights it is an hour+.  This isn’t counting how long it takes to nurse him as well.  The good news is that he is still sleeping all night long.  Last night he slept from 8:30p-7a straight through.  He’s been consistently giving me anywhere from 9-12 hour straight stretches since he was a little over 2 weeks old.  I can count on one hand how many times he has waken up at night to feed.  The other night he woke up at 1:30a but he put himself back to sleep after a minute or two.  I had walked into his room ready to nurse him and he wasn’t making any noise.  So I went back into my room and peaked at him on the monitor and he was falling asleep so I just let him be.  During the day (and at night when he wakes up) I feed on demand so he must definitely be getting what he needs during the day.  That or he is just exhausted by the time he gives in and goes to sleep at night.

Likes: Sleeping at night, eating, ceiling fans, talking on his changing table.  He is starting to find his voice and make noises anywhere from grunting to high pitched coos.  He always wrinkles his nose after he fills his pants which is hilarious.  He has tried to giggle a few times but I don’t think we have heard it just yet.  He does laugh in his sleep but I am waiting for the real thing while awake.  He likes his play mat and will lay under there for 10-15 minutes before getting bored.  He has figured out he has hands and tries to put them in his mouth but he is not a fan of how they taste just yet.  He finds his sister pretty fascinating but lets her know if she is overstimulating him a bit much.  She in return says to us, “I think Brady is getting a little grumpy.  Maybe he has poopy pants or mommy needs to feed him.”  She wasn’t sure what to think of him after a few weeks when he didn’t respond to her or “talk” to her but now that he has started smiling and talking she seems to enjoy that.  I’m looking forward to the time when he really starts responding to her by laughing.  She sure is a good girl though, she told Brady tonight after bath that he was her best friend.  He is indifferent about his bouncer.  He will sit in it while the 3 of us are eating dinner and just watch us.  I can put him in the bouncer and then bring him in the bathroom with me while I shower too.  But if he’s in the living room he usually gets pretty bored in it.

Dislikes: Daytime napping and being cold and hungry.  This little man will let us know when he needs to eat and he will do so loudly.  He’s a nursing champ and will also take a bottle of reheated milk no problem which was very different from what his sister ever did.  As far as the napping goes, we continue to try every day to put him to sleep in his crib after being awake anywhere from 50 to 90 min.  I just watch for his cues.  I swaddle him up, turn his white noise up, shut the lights of and start an exaggerated sway and bounce.  This usually gets his eyes heavy within minutes.  We’ll keep doing what we are doing and hopefully his naps start extending a bit.  I have this beautiful and expensive Tula and he hates it.  Everyone says, “baby wear, baby wear, baby wear.” Well…. Brady says, “Get me the hell out of this thing….” I haven’t tried it in a while so now that he is a little bigger maybe I’ll try it again.

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