Brady’s Birth Story

Today our little man is 9 days old. Yep, that’s right, our Team Green turned into Team Blue! Here is his story:

Last week Tuesday, I was scheduled for a repeat c-section. I was 40 weeks 4 days pregnant and our little baby wasn’t making any indication he was coming on his own. Sure, I had contractions here and there accompanied by lightening crotch and a low backache but that was about it. From 37 weeks on I remained dilated to 1 cm and 50% effaced with baby being in the -2 station. I had hoped for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesearan Section) but as each day passed I had a feeling it wasn’t going to happen. I started mentally preparing myself for another c/s.

Monday night Brian and I watched the Packers dominate on MNF while dining on crab legs with drawn butter, homemade twice baked potatoes, and asparagus. I went to bed feeling great and woke up excited that today was the day we were going to find out if Makenzie was going to have a brother or a sister.

That morning I set my alarm but didn’t need it since I got up around 4:30a. I straightened my hair (I know, ridiculous), watched some DVR’d shows, and ate. I was only able to eat and drink up to 7:30a so I went ahead and made a breakfast of apple slices, a bagel with butter, a bowl of Cheerios, and some tuna salad. Totally random, right?

Makenzie got up around 7a, had her breakfast, got dressed, brushed her teeth, and watched an episode of Doc McStuffins before both Brian and I took her to school. After a lot of hugs and kisses goodbye (most of which by me) we got into the car and took her suitcase and pillow over to her aunt and uncle’s house where she would be staying that night. We visited for about 20 minutes then went on to our next stop to pick up my contacts. After picking up my contacts Brian went ahead and got his haircut while I walked around Hobby Lobby looking at sparkly pumpkins and decorations. At that same time I noticed some contractions that had been the strongest I had ever felt and pretty close together. I picked Brian up from his haircut and we headed home. It was almost 11 and time for Brian to eat lunch while I sat there and salivated at the food he was eating. I actually went upstairs and took a shower and got ready to leave for the hospital while he heated up his leftover lasagna. I was so freaking hungry and I didn’t want him to feel bad for eating, which he did.

After he was finished eating we watched an episode of Blindspot, which I totally recommend watching if you are not already, and then started an episode of The Voice. At this point it was 12:30 and my contractions were easily 4-5 minutes apart and had been for over an hour. At 1:00p, Brian and I went up to the nursery one last time, took a few pictures and looked at each other asking if we were both ready for this next step in our lives. As Brian put it, “It’s time to go from zone to man to man, Stace.”


We headed to the hospital and that was when I started getting nervous. It’s that whole “I’m about to be cut open and my baby is going to be taken out of me while I am awake” feeling. We got to the hospital at 1:30p and were taken to a newly renovated room. I was given an IV, baby was hooked up to the monitor to check vitals for an hour and a half and the monitor also measured contractions. After a few minutes the nurse said to me, “Are you feeling those?” I most definitely was… she then said, “Well, let’s watch them for a while, maybe you will get your VBAC after all.” She confirmed after about an hour that my contractions were coming anywhere from 3-5 minutes apart and pretty measurable. She said they were going to do another IV bag of fluids and see if maybe that slowed them. Since I hadn’t been able to drink anything all day that may have been contributing to them. Sure enough, around 3p they slowed down to around 8 minutes apart and weren’t as strong. Around 3:20, my OB came in and went through some last minute things, basically explaining what was going to happen during the surgery and in the recovery room. With that she told Brian to get dressed and they wheeled me into the OR.

There is something mentally challenging about knowing you are about to be awake, cut open and your baby is going to be born. I got into the freezing cold OR and they didn’t waste anytime. I got onto the operating table and they started prepping me for my spinal. I sat up, facing my OB, she told me to hunch over, put my chin to my chest, and keep my shoulders down. I never understood how people think getting a spinal is one of the worst pains ever. That is probably very true if it isn’t done correctly but a tiny pinch here of numbing medicine and that’s about all I felt. One of the down sides of getting a spinal is the extreme shivering that happens. It happened with my pregnancy with Makenzie and it happened again with Brady. It’s this uncontrollable shaking that just seems to take over my body. It’s probably a mix of the drugs and being scared / nervous of what was about to happen.

After the spinal was completed, they laid me back down and it took effect almost immediately. They inserted the catheter and kept asking me how I felt. Soon after, Brian walked into the OR and was by my side. My OB poked my belly with something sharp and asked if I could feel it, I couldn’t. She checked a few other places and I didn’t feel them either. The anesthesiologist stood directly behind me while he, Brian, and I started talking about Fantasy Football. I had no idea if the surgery had started or not and I preferred not to know. When I was in surgery with Makenzie, the anesthesiologist gave me a play by play of what was happening. For example, at one point he said, “Dr. Barr is now separating your ab muscles…” Like really guy? I don’t need to know that. So I felt very good not knowing what was happening and continued to give the anesthesiologist a very hard time for drafting Andrew Luck in round one at position 11 in a keeper league.

After a minute or two I could sense that there was some tugging going on with my body. I couldn’t feel anything but I did know that. Followed by my OB telling me I was going to feel some pressure. I did. Was it terrible? Not at all.   At this point they dropped the regular curtain that was inches from my face and before me was a clear curtain in which both Brian and I watched. It’s a complete blurr what happened next. Probably partly to the meds I was on… The next thing I heard was my OB say; “The cord is double wrapped around baby’s neck so we are just unwinding it now.”

The the next thing I know I heard a cry and my OB announce, “It’s a boy!!!!” She held Brady up to the clear curtain and he peed all over it. She kept him there for a few minutes while Brian and I cried and touched his little feet, hands, and body. They took him over to the warmer, he peed again on the nurse, they cleaned him off, and Brian took some pictures of him. A lot of the pictures that were taken were done by the nurses in the OR which was awesome! After he was done getting clean, they put a diaper on him, checked his vitals and weight and brought him back over to me and we did skin to skin for a good 30 minutes. He was pretty upset at first, as you can tell from the pictures, but once he was on my chest he stopped crying and really relaxed.

My OB finished up the remainder of the surgery and they took Brady and I back into the recovery room and Brian followed. All in all from start to finish the surgery took a little under an hour. Brady was born at 3:50p weighing in at 7lbs 3oz and 19.5 inches long. I couldn’t believe how much hair he had! I’m pretty sure his older sister had the same amount of hair at the age of 2! I’m curious if he will keep it or if most of it will fall out. While we were in the OR, my OB was explaining to me there is a chance that the reason I didn’t go into labor on my own was because Brady was double wrapped around his neck and he was still pretty high up in my pelvis. So, as much as I wanted to try a VBAC, we also just wanted our baby to arrive safely into this world and God answered our prayers on that one.

Brian, Brady, and I were in the recovery room for an hour and a half after that and my parents were able to come in around 6:30 to see their newest grandson and bring some gifts for him, Brian, and I as well. Makenzie came the next day to meet her little brother. At first she was a little shy and didn’t think much of him. She looked at him for about 5 minutes and then told her Papa that she was hungry and wanted to go eat mac n cheese from Noodles. 9 days later, she loves holding him, kissing his feet, touching his hair, reading him stories, and doing “check up’s” on him.

One thought on “Brady’s Birth Story

  1. Mary Streblow says:

    Wonderful writings!! You did a great job describing everything. Great pics that the nurses took of Brady being born. Showed those to friends of mine at work. They couldn’t believe how good you looked after giving birth!

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