Unknown Territory… 36+3

Today I am officially the most pregnant I have ever been. When I was pregnant with Makenzie I delivered at 36+2 and today I am 36+3, woo hoo!! Accomplishments!!


What’s going on in my life these days you ask?

Well, to start my feet have swollen up to balloons. Brian and I went on a date night on Saturday and I tried on at least 5 or 6 pairs of heels, none of which fit. Sad. This same thing happened when I was pregnant with Makenzie. It was so bad the first time around that I was literally wearing Isotone slippers to work each day because that was all that would fit. So that’s fun. The only good thing about not having anklebones is that I don’t have to be overly careful while I am shaving around my ankles. I temporarily don’t have to fear nicks or cuts. It’s all about the optimism here, folks.

And then we get to shaving. We’ll leave this one brief but during my showers I feel like a mix of Edwards Scissorhands and Helen Keller after all is said and done. But hey, it’s the thought that counts right?

Rings. Bahahahahaha, too funny. I bought a fake ring around 30 weeks because at that point my fingers were already swollen and my real ring was not fitting. Carpel tunnel at it’s finest here. I wake up in the middle of the night to fingers and hands that are completely numb. Creepiest feeling ever is when you can flick your fingers and not feel a darn thing.  I’m hoping and praying that my fingers go back to normal, I’m sure they will but I love my rings and do not want to have to get them sized bigger.

Potty time. For some reason I can sleep all night long without waking up to have to go potty. Well, I usually wake up at least once and it’s usually around 4:30 or 5 but that’s pretty good considering most times during the day, I walk into the bathroom, potty, wash my hands and 5 minutes after I walk out I need to go again. Someone buy some stock in Quilted Northern, the struggle is real.

Last week Wednesday I had an appointment with my OB and she did the dreaded check. It’s so weird, you look forward to it because you want to know if you made any progress down there but at the same time, it hurts like hell and is a wee bit uncomfortable. Plus, at the end of the day, the results of her “findings” don’t really tell you a damn thing. For instance, last week I was 50% effaced but had zero dilation. I could literally walk around with that same scenario for the next 3 weeks and then suddenly BOOM, labor. Our bodies are crazy! Brian and I walked out of that appointment and he said, “Wow, that sure looked uncomfortable when she checked you…” LOL.  Yes, babe, it’s not my favorite thing in the world.  Anyway, I go again tomorrow and I’m sure she’ll check me and I’ll obsess over the results which really don’t mean jack squat.

Blood pressure. So far so good. I’ve noticed that it has increased when I take it at home but that could just be a faulty machine. Last week in the office it was 118/60 so I will be curious to hear what it is again tomorrow.

Growth Scan. Last week we had our 36-week growth scan. Baby was measuring right on schedule and estimating 5 lbs 7 oz. (date of the scan was exactly 35+5). If I go full term she’s guessing we’ll have a high 6 lb low to medium 7 lb baby. I’d be ok with that. A friend from high school had a baby a month or so ago and that baby was over 10 lbs! I couldn’t even imagine, poor girl. Her back had to be killing her ALL.THE.TIME. Our little baby is also head down in the optimal position so I am really hoping she/he doesn’t decide to flip or turn at the last minute.


Braxton Hicks/Contractions/Cramping. Check, check, check. The other night I had my first contraction that woke me up from sleep but that was it, one and done. I’ve had some stronger BH as of late and some lower cramping has started so I’m hoping that means things are starting to take action down there.

Lightning crotch. I had enlightened Brian, my mom, and dad about this term on Friday night. The horror on their face was pretty awesome as I was trying to explain it, particularly the men’s faces. For those of you that aren’t familiar let me explain it to you, it’s pretty simple. Imagine a knife, stabbing you in the vagina. That’s what it feels like. What it is is baby’s head butting/scraping up against your cervix and hitting a nerve. It can be so painful and literally makes me jump when it happens. Awesome sauce, right?

So other than that I’m good. 25 days left but whose counting….

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