Time for your checkup, time for your checkup!! 3 year stats.

Last Friday, Makenzie had her 3 year check up.  Thanks to Doc McStuffins she is well aware of what takes place during one of them and she did great.  She has the check up center along with doctor kit at home and every morning asks Brian and I if she can give one of us a check up.  Perhaps she will take after her Great Grandpa V. or Grammy and become a doctor or nurse.  ❤

The nurse took her BP which I found to be incredibly cute for some reason.  Just seeing that itty bitty little BP cuff around her little arm and how she was intently watching the nurse then the cuff then back to the nurse again.  Final result, 83/58 which Brian and I both chuckled a little bit after the nurse walked out.  At around 25 weeks into my pregnancy I sent a text message to Brian’s mom saying, “Is 85/58 a low blood pressure for me to have during pregnancy?”  We just thought it was funny at one point I had a very similar reading during my pregnancy to what our 3 year old has.

Anyway, she was weighed and measured and both statistics look good.  She is following the growth curve that she has been on since birth very well and the doctor was happy with that.  She weighed in at 30 lbs exactly which is around 42% and she is 37.5 inches tall which equates to around 67%.  My Grandpa, my dad’s dad, was 6’3″ and my dad is 6’0″ so we are hoping she gets some height from my side of the family.  I’m an average 5’7″ and my big sis is 5’8″ although my dad likes to tell me I’m shorter than that just to get me all riled up.

Overall, the doctor was very happy with her progress and how well she is doing.  He told us she is not the normal toddler based on how very well behaved she is and he thinks she is advanced for some of the things he asked her to do and she did. (Totally makes me blush and feel somewhat uncomfortable to say this.  We are super, super proud of her but I don’t want to be THAT MOM, you know)?  He told us to be ready for #2 because that probably means this little one will be completely opposite!! Eeeek!  The one thing we did bring up to him is the stutter that she has.  When it happens, it is at the very beginning of a sentence and before we saw him I chalked it up to her just being really excited and trying to get everything out, fast.  He told us pretty much the same thing and that we should just ignore it and she should grow out of it.  So that is what we are trying to do.


The day before her actual birthday, I tucked her into bed and patiently waited for her to fall asleep.  In the meantime I started blowing up balloons and tying them to ribbon to hang from her door.  When I was finished hanging them up, I sat down in my bedroom and began writing her a letter.  I’ve done this every year so far on the night before her birthday.  First, I type it out on my computer to get all my thoughts out and then write it on some fun letterhead paper that I have.  When I am finished, I tuck it in an envelope along with $20 and seal it up.  My plan is to continue writing these letters before each birthday up until she is 18.  At that point, she will have 18 different envelopes to look at when I find the right time to give them to her.  I go between graduation day, wedding shower, or baby shower day… How cool will it be for her to open each letter up and read about her years of life through my eyes, plus, she gets $20 from each one as well!

On her actual birthday Brian and I took her to Dunkin Donuts for a chocolate with sprinkle donut for breakfast.  Then we headed to Chuck E Cheese right away when it open which is the prime time to go.  Noone was there and she ran around and got to play without having to wait in line.  We ate a pizza for lunch, played a few more games, she picked out some toys that she won with her tickets and we headed home for a nap.  After nap, we headed over to the pool for a couple hours where she splashed around and swam and finally around 5 we packed up and took her to Noodles & Co for her favorite Mac n Cheese and apple juice.  When we got home, Brian and I sang Happy Birthday to her, each of us ate a chocolate cupcake and then we went upstairs for bath time and to get ready for bed.  It was a fun day for her and Brian and I.  I can’t believe she is three! It seems so much older than two and the difference between two and three is amazing.  Plus, she has hair!!

One thought on “Time for your checkup, time for your checkup!! 3 year stats.

  1. Mary Streblow says:

    What a great idea about writing a letter before each bday. It’ll be a wonderful memory in years to come. Looks by the pics that she had a fun bday. Love her smile. Her Dr. Checkup pics were adorable. She is a smart little girl. Nice writings.

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