Frozen Themed Birthday

We celebrated Makenzie’s 3rd birthday a week early at our house with friends and family this past weekend. The weather was nice, although a little warm, but that’s what you get in August, right? The kids played in the pool and sprinkler and ran around inside and outside for a majority of the day. Makenzie was blessed with a ton of awesome presents and wanted to play with every single one of them right away. I felt like my OCD was in full force on Saturday because I have this thing with toys and taking care of them, not losing any parts or pieces, so it was a struggle for me to just “Let It Gooooooo” to say the least!

This was the first birthday of hers that I didn’t get one bit crafty. For her first birthday, the Pink Lemonade themed party, I had made special invites, created all the decorations to hang, built a lemonade stand, made cake pops, cupcakes, and a ombre smash cake, and the list goes on. Last year, for her Sparkle themed birthday party, again I made a bunch of sparkly decorations, little princess glitter crowns from TP… basically it looked like someone had puked glitter everywhere in my living room after all was said and done. This year, I went the cheap/fast route. Maybe it was pregnancy induced but the creative, crafty ideas were not flowing for me and I bought all the decorations at Target and just let it be. It turned out cute and way less work than I did the prior two years and really, Makenzie doesn’t know any different.

It was SO incredibly fun to watch her open her presents this year. The difference between age 2 and age 3 is amazing. She was so excited about all the presents she got and when her daddy brought out the Minnie Mouse bike that we had bought for her, she gasped, “Oooooooh!” from the chair she was sitting in and looked in awe at it. Thank you to my sister for capturing the look on her face when she saw it for the first time.

Thank you for everyone that came down and celebrated Makenzie’s birthday party with us both in the flesh and in spirit, we had a great day!

Theme: Frozen
Stuffed Mushrooms
Mini Pizzas
Feta Dip
Cheese, sausage, and crackers

Main Meal
Ham and Cheese sliders (Amazing.  I substituted regular Hawaiian butter rolls for the Hawaiian sweet rolls and used Mozzarella instead of provolone).
Double batch of Homemade Mac n Cheese (Grandma Wieczorek’s recipe)
Spinach Salad
Assortment of Fruit

Capri Suns for the littles,
Beer Selection: Grapefruit Shandy, BlueMoon, Strongbow.
Mix Drink Selection: Lemon Vodka with Basil Lemonade and 7up and Woodford Reserve and 7up.
Non Alcoholic Selection: Basil Lemonade and 7up (for the pregnant girl).
Cake: Chocolate with white buttercream icing

Take home goodie bags: Frozen rings, Frozen tattoos, suckers, Smarties, and Frozen hard plastic cups to take home.

One thought on “Frozen Themed Birthday

  1. Mary Streblow says:

    It was an awesome party!! Fun to watch all the kids play & Makenzies cute expressions. She loved all her gifts. Lol to the toy OCD-you probably get that from me. I was like that with new kids toys!! It was a fun time with good food & great family time spent together with both families.

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