Let’s talk about R+F baby!!

Let’s talk Rodan and Fields. Have you heard of it? No? Well, how about ProActiv? Yes, of course you have. The two Stanford trained dermatologist of ProActiv, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, have now taken their science to anti-aging.

*cue the angels singing from the heavens

All products use Multi-Med™ Therapy, which is designed to deliver the right medicines, in the right formulations, in the right order to transform your skin and yield long-term benefits. R+F offer products to treat:

-Wrinkles, pores and loss of firmness (Redefine Regimen)

-Brown spots, dullness and sun damage (Reverse Regimen)

-Acne, blemishes and breakouts (Unblemished Regimen)

-Sensitive, irritated skin and facial redness (Soothe Regimen)

-And more! (Enhancements)


Many of you know this is my newest adventure and I couldn’t be more excited for it. I’ve been doing this for exactly one month now and I really do enjoy it. I’ve met new people, both men and women, and they have been incredibly supportive and caring.

I LOVE not having to worry about hassling people to have a party for me to show off my products. I love that I don’t have to carry any inventory, unless it is something that I want. For instance, I recently bought everything to put together mini facial packets for people to try out. I’ve given them to neighbors, the woman that did my 3D ultrasound, my OB, as well as my Primary Doctor. I also like to have them on hand in case I decided to do a Freebie Friday on my Facebook page. Other than that, my house isn’t stocked full of R+F products that I have no idea what I am going to do with until someone decides to buy. Once I sign a PC or someone wants to order retail, they simply go online and the products ship directly to him or her. Pretty easy if you ask me. Plus, we have a 60-day money back guarantee should you not be happy with your results; you can return your empty bottle, no questions asked. Although, this is only being utilized by 1% of people that are using R+F since the products do exactly what they say they are going to do, WORK.

Not sure which regimen is right for you? Take the Solution Tool to find out exactly what your skin needs:



Now a little bit more about the four regimens R+F offers.   Let me start off by saying when people take a look at the overall cost of these regimens, they become a little sticker shocked. I was the same way in the beginning, which made me feel like a skeptic. Then I decided that with the 60 day money back guarantee and the fact that I didn’t HAVE to order when it was time for my replenishment order to ship I didn’t have much to lose. Plus, I was already spending more with another skincare company; the products weren’t lasting nearly as long and I didn’t see much for overall results.


This is what I am currently using and I love it. My skin is soft, my pores are smaller, and my wrinkles (yes, I have wrinkles) are showing less and less. I feel totally comfortable walking out the door without makeup on too and that is a huge confidence boost.




Do you have brown spots, dullness, sun damage and/or pregnancy mask? Reverse would be the regimen for you. Start off slow though and follow the directions exactly as the Doctor’s have prescribed and you should start seeing results a few weeks after you started.




This is great for adults with post acne scars or if you suffer from hormonal acne blemishes and/or breakouts. A lot of teenagers use this regimen as well and have achieved great looking skin because of it.




One of my favorites. This regimen is great if you suffer from redness, sensitive skin, and things like rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, etc. This regimen is powerful enough to calm the skin yet gentle enough to use on babies 6 months and older that suffer from any of the named issues above. It is also great for bug bites, shingles, and sunburns.

Soothe B&A 11751450_668550466580482_4966078815865428118_n


Now for a few of my favorite things!

Just say NO to expensive, in office procedures and YES to an in-home treatment that delivers younger looking skin!

You don’t spread fertilizer on the dead leaves in your yard so why do that to your face? In just 5 minutes, 1 time per week, this tool removes 5 million skin cells with its diamond tip head leaving your face glowing.  I look forward to my Sunday nights when I know I have a date with my MacroE.



Some people refer to the AMP Roller as “Spanx for your face”. Others like to call it their Magic Wand. However you want to refer to it, the results are still the same. Amazing. Jennifer Anniston and Ellen DeGeneres are two celebrities (of many) that have talked countless times about this little gem and how great it is. Bye bye wrinkles, lines, and sagginess. Pair this with the Night Renewing Serum and you’ll have a serious transformation. Do you have stretch marks or scars? The AMP Roller and Night Serum also work well for those skin issues as well.

AMP Roller MD AMP Roller 49a425117eeb26e16311332af75e939e


Multi Function Eye Cream
This is the gem that had been sold out for months. R+F had a huge 8 month+ supply of this cream and when released it sold out in the same day across the U.S. Use morning and night, it’s magic in a bottle.

Eye Cream


If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading. I really am passionate about these products because I truly believe they work and that they can be life changing. If I have peaked your interested about R+F, whether it be trying out the product or by becoming your own boss and becoming a consultant, feel free to send me a message. Change can be scary, but without a little risk, you can’t have any reward.

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