A Chance to “Redefine” – Stacy’s Rodan + Fields

Well, here I go. Last week I officially stepped out of my comfort zone and started a new endeavor, selling Rodan and Fields skincare line. Here is my plug, so please don’t stop reading, I promise there is no pressure to buy. Just take a look at the pictures below; the amazing results and you can form your opinion from there.

My sister Jen and some of my friends have been using Rodan + Fields skincare for a year and have had great results. I’ve been a member in one of my friends, R+F facebook pages and was always so impressed with the pictures and results of this product that I decided to sell them. This company doesn’t do home parties which is great because the last thing I feel like doing during the week when Brian is traveling is finding a baby sitter for Makenzie. I also don’t carry inventory, as everything is virtual. It is seriously so easy. I just post to my R+F Facebook page 1-2 x a week and the products speak for themselves.

Rodan + Fields is made by the doctors that made ProActiv, which controls 90% of the acne market. Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields know skincare as they were just named in the TOP TEN WOMEN OF THE DECADE (along with Oprah, and Sara Blakely creator of SPANX). Some people are looking for a Regimen that works and this is it. They have four different regimens for all types of skin. The products have medicine in them so they work to fight aging, acne, and sun spots, wrinkles, melasma, pregnancy mask, and rosacea. They have 4 main regimens: Soothe for sensitive skin (rosacea, ecsama, etc) Unblemish for acne (teens or adults), Redefine for wrinkles (the one I am currently using) and Reverse for age/sun spots, pregnancy mask, melasma and evening out skin tone. Also, my first order was from a male. These products are made for men and women so if you are a man and you want more information, don’t feel embarrassed to ask me. Healthy skincare is great for everyone out there.

The cheapest way to purchase the products is by signing up as a “Preferred Customer”. You pay a one time fee of $19.95 and then you get free shipping and 10% off all your replenish orders. The best part is the Rodan & Fields offers a 100% money back guarantee for 60 days if you don’t like the products or see a change. You would find this under PC Perks on the website.

If you’re not part of my Stacy’s R+F Facebook page and would like to be, just send me a message and I’ll get you added. I try not to overly post because well we all know how annoying that can be. Also, check back in 60 days, I will be posting my 60 day challenge results from using the Redefine regimen and the Macro E tool.  Sans makeup!! Eeeeek!!

Here is my personal website. Feel free to have a look around, use the Solution Tool that can give you more insight as to what regimen may be best for you (this can be found when you go to “Our Products” à “Get Advice” à “What’s Right for You”.


Now for some pictures (for full size, please click on the picture.  I had preggo brain when writing this post and couldn’t figure out how to make them larger).  🙂

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