Anatomy scan, oopsie potty shot, and gender dreams!

Today I am 21+4 and over half way there! A week ago we had our anatomy scan and thankfully our little baby looks healthy based on all the measurements taken. Baby was also measuring right on track so we are sticking with our due date of 9/25/15.

Right before the tech started Brian whispered to me, “Tell her. Be sure to tell her.” So I did. We had decided to stay Team Green this time around. For those of you who are not familiar with that saying, it basically means that we decided not to find out the gender of the baby. We talked about it a lot and decided that it really is one of the best surprises God gives you in life and it would be fun for it to be a delivery day surprise. Plus, there is that little extra incentive during the delivery to push just a little bit harder.

We got to a point in the ultrasound where the tech advised us that she needed to be down in the potty area in order to measure the bladder and kidneys so we both turned to look at each other, fighting the urge to take a quick peak at the screen. When she was finished with all the measurements, she turned on the 4D display and we got to see our baby with a little more clarity. Just like his/her older sister, Makenzie, this little one had both fists up by his/her face and at one point the tech giggled and said, “Your baby has a fist and a foot in his/her mouth.” I laughed and said to Brian, “Maybe that means this one will actually take a bottle!”

Then there was the potty shot. Or what Brian and I both thought was a potty shot. The tech was laughing because baby was moving his/her feet like crazy and at one point had them crossed. The tech said, “Awww, look how cute, baby feet.” I gulped and thought to myself, “Um, I don’t think I should be seeing this.” I thought for sure I saw a little hamburger on the screen but I said nothing and just smiled. Surely, she would not be showing us parts we told her we didn’t want to see would she?

After the ultrasound, Brian and I were walking to my OB appointment and he said to me, “Did you see what I saw?” And I said, “I don’t know. Maybe. What did you see?” He responded with, “Penis.” I said, “No way, I saw a vagina!” We both laughed and felt better knowing that we were still Team Green and had no idea what we were looking at.

On Mother’s Day I had a bit of a breakdown. I was in a funk. I kept thinking back to last year Mother’s Day. I made chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles and Makenzie helped me decorate them last year. It was also a cloudy day. This year I woke up to the same weather. Cloudy. I wanted to make chocolate cupcakes but refused to do so because I didn’t want to do the same thing I had done the year before somehow thinking by making cupcakes I would have a terrible anatomy scan two days later. It’s silly, I know. But when Makenzie went down for a nap, I shed a few tears and told Brian how I was feeling. He gave me a lot of hugs and made me feel better like he always does. I was also feeling bothered by the fact that I wasn’t feeling much for movement. I remember when I was pregnant with Makenzie I had felt a lot of movement by this point so I was sad. I said to Brian, “I’m sad I don’t feel this baby as much, it makes me feel like something is wrong.” And hugged me and then I said, “I’ll bet I have an anterior placenta.” And wouldn’t you know, the ultrasound tech confirmed that this pregnancy, I do.

What is an anterior placenta? When I was pregnant with Makenzie, I had a posterior placenta, which means that the placenta is attached to the back wall of the uterus. The back wall of the uterus is the side of the uterus that is closest to the spinal column. The position of the placenta depends largely on the location of the egg when it was fertilized. The fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the uterus and begins to grow from that location. When the placenta is anterior, or at the front, it acts as a shock absorber for kicks and movements and it may take a while longer for me to feel those little jabs by the baby. My OB did verify that the placenta did not attach to the old c-section scar, which is obviously a really good thing. And I still do feel baby every day but at times I really have to concentrate and stop what I am doing and just relax for a bit to see if I can get some movement from this little peanut.  I can tell you that I get bladder kicks multiple times a day and that’s probably because the baby is facing towards my spine based on the placenta being in the front.

On to those vivid dreams I’ve been having.   I’ve had 5 gender dreams to date and so far all of them have been little girls. At the beginning of this pregnancy I thought for sure I was having a boy but now, these dreams may have swayed my vote. Mainly because when I was pregnant with Makenzie I had all girl dreams before we even knew she was a girl. The only thing that makes me think boy now is the lower heart rate. It usually is in the mid 130’s but does go as high as 155. Brian actually had his first gender dream last night and it was a girl. Every morning for the past 5 months I’ve said to him, “Did you have any baby dreams last night?” And he has but he can’t remember if the baby was a boy or girl, this morning he was sure his dream last night was a little girl. Before I was even pregnant with Makenzie he said to me, “Did you pee on a stick yet? I know you’re pregnant and we are having a little girl.” I told him he was crazy because for one I did not think I was pregnant and two how is he going to guess the gender of a baby I didn’t think existed yet?! But he apparently knew better than I. Then came the dream he had in July of 2012. He woke up in a cold sweat and very bothered. He looked at me and said, “She’s going to come early. Like not a week or two early but scary early.” I just sort of looked at him with raised eyebrows and thanked him for scarring the crap out of his 30w pregnant wife. But then August 16th came and so did Makenzie, 4 weeks early. Eeek!

A few weeks ago I had one of those dreams. You know the kind where you wake up and you just can’t shake the bad feeling. The dream starred Brian, my OB, and myself and we were sitting in her office. She said to me, “You need to be prepared to go into labor 4-6 weeks early.” And then she turned to me, looked me in the eyes and said; “You will deliver 5 weeks early.” And I woke up. Uh, it gave me the shivers.  Before I even confirmed this pregnancy I had a dream 2 days before I peed on a stick that I was pregnant.  The night before that dream I prayed to the Virgin Mary asking her to tell me if I should take a test within the next few days or not.

That is all for now. Thanks for letting me give you all an update. Now for a some pictures. And p.s. if you think it’s weird that I am always wearing the same clothes in my weekly pictures I do it on purpose to see a better progression. Don’t worry, I wash them.

The left side picture you can actually see the placenta as it is partially covering baby's face.  It's that big blog making up a majority of the bottom right part of the screen.

The left side picture you can actually see the placenta as it is partially covering baby’s face. It’s that big blob taking up a majority of the bottom right part of the screen.


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