January, February, and March…. Oh My!!

Oh man, it’s been a while, I’ve been slacking.  Something about the winter and just feeling blah an not wanting to do much, writing included!

A little recap of December and January.  We were at my sister-in-law’s house on January 2nd when we heard a loud thump followed by a cry.  There were 3 little girls playing together but I could tell it was mine from the cry.  Makenzie came in the room and told us that she fell down the stairs.  She said she bumped her head so we gave her some ice and she ran off 5 minutes later to continue playing with her cousins.  That night, she woke up at midnight and said her leg hurt her.  We gave her some Tylenol and she fell back asleep.  At 5, she woke up again, complaining of the same issue.  By 7a we were all up and Makenzie’s wasn’t putting any weight on her leg.  Brian and I decided that we should take her to the walk in clinic to see if something was broke or sprained.  The walk in doctor took a few x-rays and said he couldn’t see anything but if Monday cam and she still wasn’t putting weight on it, to go and see her pediatrician.  Monday came and she still hadn’t put one ounce of weight on it.  She was complaining that it was still bothering her but Brian and I both decided we would try daycare out and see if being around her little friends would make her forget about it.  At noon I got a call from daycare and the provider told us that Makenzie hadn’t been walking at all, that she was crawling around the room.  So I called her pediatrician and he said that she may as well go and see an orthopedic specialist right away instead of coming to him because if it was broken there wasn’t a whole lot he could do.  I called the referral that he gave me and somehow managed to get an appointment for that same day.  The orthopedic doc took a few X-rays and then examined her.  She wouldn’t straighten her leg and had discomfort when he tried to do it for her.  We asked her to walk and she wanted no part of it.  He thought that she probably had a small hairline fracture located in her growth plate that x-rays weren’t picking up yet so he advised us to cast her leg.  Poor girl had a cast from her upper thigh, right below her diaper line to her toes.  She picked the color purple and did very well when the wrapped her up.  She spent 3 weeks in the full cast and another 3 weeks in a walking boot.  She did great in those 6 weeks and is back to running and jumping and being a 2 1/2 year old.

Waiting for her first round of X-rays.  Not a happy camper.

Waiting for her first round of X-rays. Not a happy camper.

First autographs!!

First autographs!!

Poor girl also got bronchitis a week after her leg cast got put on.  January just wasn't her month.

Poor girl also got bronchitis a week after her leg cast got put on. January just wasn’t her month.

About to get her cast off.  Not sure who was more nervous, Makenzie or mommy.

About to get her cast off. Not sure who was more nervous, Makenzie or mommy.

It's off, hooray!! Now lets go home and take the first real bath in 3 weeks!!

It’s off, hooray!! Now lets go home and take the first real bath in 3 weeks!!

Say what? I have to wear a walking boot for 3 weeks now? Sigh.

Say what? I have to wear a walking boot for 3 weeks now? Sigh.

One healthy, healed leg.

One healthy, healed leg.

Now on to some milestones she has accomplished in the last month or so.  In the middle of March she came down with her first ever stomach bug.  Poor girl had no idea what was coming out of her and why and what the reason was her daddy had been holding her over the toilet while she was bawling her little eyes out.  As first time parents, this was our first time dealing with a toddler that had the flu and we were kind of clueless but did the best we could.  We blew up her toddler air mattress (found here), covered it with a sheet, and put it in her bathroom.  Brian took night duty, bless his heart, and ended up sleeping right next to his little girl on the hard floor just making sure she didn’t get sick in the middle of the night and have problems or choke.

The next night she was feeling better but told us she didn’t want to sleep in her crib but rather her “big girl bed” like she did the night before.  That was a Monday night and she never looked at her crib again.  By Saturday we had gone furniture shopping and picked out her bed, dresser, and side table and it was delivered 72 hours later.  We moved the crib out of her room and into what will be the nursery and that was that.  People told me she would probably have a hard time transitioning and that she would get out multiple times a night and start playing with toys in her room but…. this chic is just like her mommy and LOVES her sleep.  We’ve never had a problem with her getting out of bed and walking around the house.  When she does wake up we hear, “Oooooh MOMMY!” or “Oooooh DADDY!” (Any Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans out there? Think “OH Toodles!!!”)  We walk into her room and there she sits in her bed, paging through one of the books she insisted on having in her bed with her the night before.  So on that front, so far so good.

My new big girl bed!

My new big girl bed!

Along with the big girl bed came potty training.  We weren’t in a huge rush to do it.  We had tried towards the end of last year but she was deathly afraid of going and when she actually did, she cried because I think she believed she thought she was doing something wrong.  When that happened she suddenly started hating baths, which for a girl that got a bath practical every night of her little life so far, it was strange.  Eventually, I had to put on my swimsuit and sit in the tub with her and then she was fine.  That little phase lasted for 1-2 weeks and then poof it was gone as quickly as it started.

Back to the potty training… My mom had bought her some Minnie Mouse undies for Valentine’s Day (sorry if that’s wrong mom, I have terrible pregnant brain) and Makenzie was ecstatic to wear them.  One morning she came out of her room, with a shirt on, no pants, a diaper, and her big girl undies over her diaper.  She was very proud and it was adorable.  She told us she was done with diapers and wanted to try undies.  I was hesitant at first because she was very sporadicly going to the potty but most times it was in her diaper.  But…. I put her in undies, packed a spare pair for school along with a pair of back up pants and socks and off to daycare she went.  Well, to our surprise, she stayed dry all day long, even through nap.  The next day, she stayed dry in the morning but had an accident during nap time.  Each day she got better and better and she was even waking up dry in the morning, even though she was still in a night diaper for sleeping long stretches of time.  So now, a few weeks later, I’m confident in saying she is fully potty trained.  She still wears a pull up to bed at night because it’s just easier to not deal with that mess in the middle of the night, or at all for that matter, at this moment.  But, 6 out of 7 days of the week she wakes up totally dry and on the mornings she does have an accident, it’s usually always around 6a.  She wakes up super upset because she went potty in her diaper.  The way her potty training has went reminds me of a story my mother in law has told Brian and I a few times.  When Brian was 2 1/2 he wanted nothing to do with potty training and told Marcy that when he was 3 he would be potty trained and wouldn’t you know it, when he turned 3 he decided he was ready.  We would ask Makenzie if she wanted to potty and she would say “NO!” but like a light switch over the last few months she decided she’s ready.

Oh and I almost forgot.  I took Makenzie to get her first haircut.  LOL.  It was more like a trim based on how much they actually cut off.  She did good though.  Wasn’t a big fan of the cape the hairdresser put on her but we distracted her with some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and all was good.

The before.

The before.



The after.  :)

The after. 🙂

The mullet I was sporting in the back.  :)

The mullet I was sporting in the back. 🙂

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