Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our little scarecrow!!


This year I went back and forth on whether or not I should buy her Halloween costume or make it.  I had been eyeing this adorable scarecrow costume on Pinterest for the last 2 years and this year I decided to give it a go.  Plus, I feel like next year, I may have little to no say in what my then 3 year old will want to be for Halloween.

I’m super happy with how the costume turned out.  It’s just a simple tutu with lots and lots of tulle.  The band of the tutu is headband material and then I simply knotted and alternated the colors of tulle to give it the full body with beautiful (and sparkly) fall colors.  Once I had the actual tulle itself cut, the knotting didn’t take long at all, 30 minutes tops.  Once that was done I cut the stem from the fake sunflower (Michael’s) and then pinned it into the band and added some raffia along the dress.  As far as the hat went I wasn’t sure what or how I was going to make it until I was meandering around Michael’s one day and saw a cardboard witch hat and thought, “well this is pretty perfect!”  When I got home I cut the top of the point off and then wrapped the cardboard in some burlap that I had laying around.  From there I just sort of shaped it and tried to make it as slouchy as cardboard covered in burlap can look.  I added some raffia to the top of it and around the base and finished it off with some leftover fake leaves I had from a different project I had done.  I then cut two strands of burlap yarn and attached both to each side of the inside base to tie around her chin and from there prayed to God there was enough candy in the world to bribe her into wearing it long enough to get a good picture….. more to come on that.

For the basket, I found a cheap little $3 basket at Walmart and tied some raffia and leaves around the handle and called it complete.  What do you think? Is it a winner?  I had so much fun making her costume and like I said before, I’m fairly certain that this time next year I will not have the ability to pick…. At 2 years old she already goes and stands in her closet and says, “Hmmmm….” before picking out her shirt and shoes.  She must take after her daddy there.  😉

We took some pictures the day before Halloween because for one thing I knew the day of was going to be CRAZY busy and we would end up getting like 2 pictures and after working so hard on the costume I wanted to get some good, frame worthy pictures.  I think we achieved that.  (See crying face below).  🙂  The other reason I decided to take them the day before was because for some odd reason I knew that the 40+mph winds that were forecasted would probably be a problem and we would be lucky if the tutu wasn’t completely flying every which way and even if she LIKED the hat, which she did not, it would not have stay in place on top of her little head.

Weirdly enough, as the weatherman (or woman) had predicted, it was downright cold, windy, and nasty.  We made it to two houses in our neighborhood but not really even two.  We went over to our neighbor’s house who had made the cutest little basket just for Makenzie, filled with some of her favorite candy.  They are seriously the sweetest family EVER and then we proceeded to walk over to our other neighbor’s who were pulling out of their driveway.  Their oldest son quickly ran inside and grabbed Makenzie some candy and we were back in the house within like literally 7 minutes.  Makenzie kept saying, “Cccccccold, mommy.”

From there, we piled in the car and went over to Brian’s sister’s place and attempted to trick or treat with her two cousins, A and K.  We did a little better this time.  We made it about 5 or 6 houses when Brian and I decided it was time to go back.  She didn’t want to walk and her little hands were freezing.  All in all though she had fun and I think started to get the concept after the first few houses.

A few weekends before Makenzie also had the chance to go Trick or Treating with her cousins, Bryce and Caden, better known as, the Ninja Turtles, to all the area businesses in my hometown.  I didn’t bring the scarecrow costume because it was a last minute decision to stay the weekend instead of driving back to Illinois so mom and I made another quick trip to Walmart and I found the only 2T costume that was left, a lady bug.  So there are some pictures of that below.  She had fun that day too although she was a bit cranks at first.  But once we got moving, took a ride on the “haunted hay ride” and ate some Mc D’s french fries all was well.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words…. I’d say this one will be used at her wedding one day.  🙂


HOBO scarecrow because well it was just downright cold out that day.  Look at that little basket made by our neighbor, Jeanne.  So cute!
Posing with mommy and daddy.  (Eyes are closed because it was so windy)!IMG_6178IMG_6180


Makenzie and the Ninja Turtles at Spooky City

_MG_6554 _MG_6545



Makenzie and her cousin patiently waiting by the door to hand out candy to the trick or treaters. IMG_6187 copy







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