Life in the ‘burbs.

We love it.  Seriously.  We love where we are located, the city we live in, the fact we are so close to our families both in Wisconsin and my sister-in-law and her family live in the same city as us as well.  We love our house and how much room we have.  Upstairs we have 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  On the main floor we have a den/office (where I work), the spacious kitchen, laundry room, living room, powder room, dining room, and room Makenzie has all to herself that is full of toys.  The basement is also finished and I have my treadmill and weights on one side and the other side there is a full bathroom, along with another bedroom and full bar for entertaining.

The other thing I love about the house is in the basement.  There is a little play house that is tucked into the stairs that is just for the kids.  The door is mini sized and there are 3 windows that they can look out of and see both sides of the basement.  I bought some chalkboard paint and am planning on painting one of the inside walls so Makenzie, her cousins, and all of her friends can have at it on that one wall.

In the 2 1/2 weeks we’ve been here we have really felt like this is our new home.  Our neighbors are amazing and not just the ones that live on both sides of us.  We’ve had people stop by just to “introduce themselves” that live at the end of our very long street.  Most times we are outside talking with them for 20+ minutes lining up play dates or dinners.  Everyone just seems so friendly and outgoing.


Thankfully, Makenzie is doing really well at daycare although the first week was rough.  Drop off’s were terrible as she would cling to my or Brian’s shirt while crying and saying, mommy or daddy.  😦  But suddenly last week Thursday I put her down and she walked over to the table, sat on the chair, and started eating Cheerio’s.  I walked over, gave her a kiss and said, “Bye bye Kenzie, I love you.  Have a good day!”  And she looked up at me, smiled, and waved.  Since then her drop off’s have been great and it seems like she has tried to say a lot more words than she was before.

Which brings me to her sleep.  This little girl WILL NOT go to sleep at night.  This is slightly dramatic but at first I chalked it up to all the change, and then I chalked it up to getting eye teeth… but now, I just think she wants to stay up and hang out with Brian and I.  Normally we can just lay her down around 7:05ish and we don’t hear a peep from her but the last 2 weeks it’s taken us 45+ minutes to get her to go to sleep.  We rock with her and she is WIDE AWAKE.  If we lay her in her crib she cries, and cries, and cries.  I am a big believer in the Wonder Weeks but after a certain age they stopped documenting them.  So, I do think it’s a combination of things.  The move/change, different daycare and her missing us during the day, her eye teeth still aren’t quite poked through yet, and the fact that little mama is approaching 2 years old.  She realizes that she can say no and she can act a certain way to get attention and she is figuring out that acting up gets her attention.  I’m hoping it’s just a phase and that we can get her back on her normal sleeping routine but we’ll see.  She’s lucky she is cute and now that she says, “Mommy” instead of “Mama” it totally melts my heart.

We are so close to every shopping store you can think of which is both great but equally dangerous.  🙂  I’m trying to stay within my limits and only get what we need but that can be hard too.  I’ve done an awesome job at shopping for clothes for myself.  Since I am working from home you can now find me every day in workout clothes of some kind and my hair up in a bun.  The other day my neighbor said to me, “Look you did your hair too!” She is a teacher so her and I joked that  our summer will consist of hair in a bun, workout clothes and no makeup.  Check, check, check, that’s pretty much how I am rolling these days.  Well, maybe just a little makeup, I have to look somewhat presentable when I drop Makenzie off at daycare.

The last few weekends we have been busy.  We’ve had Brian’s parents, his brother and brother’s girlfriend down to help us with moving in.  They did an amazing job outside cleaning up the yard and making things look pretty again.  🙂  They filled up 12+ yard waste bags of junk and the yard looks great.  So great in fact our neighbors, both sides, even commented about it to us.  We had to buy a lawn mower because at our last place we paid a condo association fee where it was all done for us.  I think Brian secretly likes to mow the lawn and weed whack the edges, plus he looks cute doing it so no complaints here.

My mom also came down to visit and help me plant 2 tomato plants as well as more flowers in the front.  It was a quick visit for her but nice that she was able to see our new house and have her spend some time with us.  My sister also came down to visit this past weekend, she came Saturday night and stayed until Sunday after dinner.  We got ice cream Saturday night and Sunday morning her and I took Makenzie for a run with a stop at one of the parks near our house.  One other thing I love about our neighborhood is that there is a running/walking/biking path that is right next to our house.  It weaves back behind houses and along a pond that is full of different types of birds which Makenzie loves.  🙂  After the pond there is more weaving behind homes and it will eventually take you out to an elementary school that has about 6 different baseball/softball fields, a skateboard park, sand volleyball courts, a splash pad for kids, and an awesome park.  We took that path and went for a 3 mile run, stopped at the park for about 20 minutes while we played, and then continued on with our run towards home.  The rest of the day we spent shopping, hanging out with Makenzie and Brian and then having dinner.

Here are some fun pictures of the last 3 weekends both in IL and WI.  Brian and I went back for a day to catch a Brewer game and Makenzie got her Papa and Grandma fix.  🙂



Hi, I'm posing.  :)

Hi, I’m posing. 🙂


Mom of the year here.  My little is spraying herself with water and I'm grabbing the camera.  :)

Mom of the year here. My little is spraying herself with water and I’m grabbing the camera. 🙂



Sliding down the slide like a big girl.

Sliding down the slide like a big girl.

Our little fish, she loved the pool!

Our little fish, she loved the pool!

Met up with Sarah at the game!!

Met up with Sarah at the game!!

Sisters.  <3

Sisters. ❤

Love him.  <3

Love him. ❤

2 thoughts on “Life in the ‘burbs.

  1. Helen Wieczorek says:

    Enjoyed the e-mail. It was so nice to see how Mackenzie is growing. Especially love the pictures.
    Love all of you,
    Grandma Helen

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