Easter, March of Dimes, and a little poop in the potty

We spent our Easter weekend between both families. Saturday we hit up my parents house and Sunday we went up to Grafton to Brian’s parents. It was a great weekend with wonderful weather and so nice to see both sides of our families. The car ride home is what we all, even Makenzie, can agree gets to be a bit much. We left Grafton at 3:15 and we got home at 7:30. That equates out to about 2 rounds of Toy Story 2, a lot of singing, and me sitting in the back seat with Makenzie, holding her head because she looked so uncomfortable with her head bobbing while she was trying to sleep.

Saturday we arrived at my parents’ house at lunch time and dad had chicken nuggets, smiles, and a bunch of fruit ready for the little lady. She ate well and then went right down for a nice 2.5 hour nap. Mom had to work on Saturday so by the time Makenzie had woken up from her nap, eaten a snack, and visited with her Aunt Jen and Uncle Ryan it was time for mom to get home. I planned a little Easter egg hunt for her and we had so much fun watching her run around the yard picking up Easter eggs. She would shake them, pop them open, munch on the small treat that was inside and make her way to the next one. I stuff the eggs with mini Oreo’s, teddy grahams, and animal crackers. When she was done she kept saying, “More, more.” So we managed to put the already found eggs back out on the lawn where she proceeded to pick them up and put them in her basket again.







Easter Sunday we woke up and Grandma and Papa had an Easter basket full of surprises for her. A new beach bag, flip-flops, the movie “Hop”, a cute pair of shorts and shirt from Gymboree, and a new book to read. She especially loved the eggs that had Toy Story 2 and 3 stickers inside of them and wrapped around the egg. After going through her basket and eating breakfast we showered, got ready and hit the road for Grafton.




We arrived in Grafton around 10 and Makenzie’s cousins were very excited to see her. They had colored her a picture and were ready to get outside and hunt for Easter eggs. All 3 girls were little pro’s when it was time to egg hunt. Allison, being the oldest, had to patiently wait a few seconds to give the Katelynn and Makenzie a head start so they could get a couple of eggs in their baskets first. The day was wonderful, happy, and full of laughs. Makenzie played outside with her cousins all day long and so when it was time to get in the car to go home, she was asleep within 5 minutes holding her cup of goldfish crackers.








The last weekend in April was the March of Dimes walk in the Quad Cities. This is the 2nd year I have participated and the first year we all walked as a family. (Last year the walk fell on the same day as Makenzie’s baptism so Brian stayed home with her while I helped set the walk up). I was asked by my boss at work to be an ambassador for the March of Dimes, representing UnitedHealthcare. Last year, we were a major sponsor and between fundraising and corporate donation, we raised over $20,000. This year, although a sponsor of this organization, we were not a major sponsor but we still managed to fundraise $3,500. Every bit helps and makes a difference for these babies.

We had a fun time during the 3.1-mile walk and Makenzie loved all the people and dogs along the way. Afterwards we spent 30 minutes pushing her on the swing and her running around the playground. Needless to say all that morning fresh air knocked her out in the afternoon. 🙂




We’ve had an epiphany with the potty it seems. Makenzie is responding more and more to our requests to get on and go. She’s gone a handful of times over the last couple of weeks and we are prompted when she comes up to us and points and grabs her diaper. We ask if she needs to go potty and she responds with, “Yes!” She’s gone both #1 and #2 so we are super proud of her. She even went at my parents’ house when she stayed there for the weekend. Such a big girl!!

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