A long overdue recap…

Heeeeeeeellooooo out there?  Do I have any readers left? I’ve been terrible, awful at this whole blog thing the last few, um, months.  Yikes.  I apologize.  So now, I’m going to do my best to recap the last few crazy months!  Where to begin…

In February, Brian and I took a long weekend trip to Hallandale Beach, FL with our good friends, Tom and Heather.  Tom and Heather have a little boy that was born last summer so they were due for a little vacation away as well.  We went to the beach, ate yummy food, had some drinks, and most importantly cheered on our horse, Flower Spell, in one of her first graded stakes race since being injured last fall.  She didn’t do as great as we hoped but that girl has plenty of speed and recently took 2nd in her last race.  We had a lot of fun just hanging out together and of course it went by way too fast.  Makenzie enjoyed her long weekend with her Aunt Jen, Uncle Ryan, two cousins Bryce and Caden, and Grandma and Papa Streblow along with her favorite golden retriever Sadie.  🙂


At the end of February, Brian was offered and accepted a territory manager position at John Deere.  We’ve been waiting for this exact (and I mean, exact) position for a really looooong time, 5 years.  Prior to this one, he was told to give thought to moving to Denver and then Seattle but both were at not the greatest of times.  Denver I was 7 ½ months pregnant, suffering from pre-eclampsia, and didn’t think that moving and finding a new OB, house, doctor, etc. at that time was the best idea.  When Seattle came around we talked about it for like 5 minutes and that was the end of that.  He felt like this particular territory was going to open very soon and less than 6 months later, it did! 

The territory itself is all of WI, half of IL, part of MN, and part of IN.  We (or Brian) asked if we could live in Madison but HR put a kibosh on that and said we needed to be in Naperville area since that dealer was the largest of the territory.

So the last few months we have been busy putting our house up for sale, talking to relocation specialists as well as banks to get our loan approved, and looking at house after house after house.  Literally, we saw over 45 houses in 3 visits.  Can I just ask how are people seriously OK with leaving dirty undies lying on the floor knowing people are going to walk through their house? Gross.

After our last visit, we found a house that we loved and didn’t need any work, aside from paint, but it was a little above budget.  However, after a bit of talking things through we decided to put an offer in.  We did this yesterday and today they came back with a counter offer.  We countered their counter and they came back with their lowest price and we accepted.  Yay! So we now have a beautiful new house, located in Oswego, which will be 10 minutes away from Brian’s sister, her husband, and their two little girls.  We will also be closer to our parents and family members in WI so that is exciting too.

Our new house 🙂

UnitedHealthcare has grown into a telecommute friendly company so luckily for me my boss along with the HR department have granted me permission to keep my present job and telecommute from home.  I’m ecstatic that I get to stay working for UHC and my boss who totally rocks but at the same time I am super nervous about being alone, all day long, and not having anyone to talk to.  I’m fairly certain I will call in to phone calls that do not pertain to me just so I can hear other people’s voices.  And the wearing p.j.’s all day everyday don’t get me started.  Yes, it sounds great for a while but I like to dress up and feel like a part of society… so we’ll see how it all goes, it will be an adjustment for sure.  I do know that I am very grateful to have a job and that I will get to maintain the relationships I have with all my coworkers, many of which also happen to be good friends.

As far as our house in the QCA goes, it’s been on the market for about 4 weeks now.  We’ve had 8 people look at it and all gave great feedback but no buyers.  There are a few great things about relocating for a company and one of those is that if our house doesn’t sell within 90 days then John Deere will buy it from us, which is one less thing to worry about.  Plus, movers will come in and back everything up for us so no packing boxes up for me! 🙂

Makenzie is doing great!  She has started trying to talk a bit more in the last couple of months and I love to hear her tiny, angelic little voice.  She is currently obsessed with maintaining top-notch hygiene.  She loves to brush her teeth and wash her hands as well as shampoo her hair.  She is still in love with Toy Story 2 and 3 and talks about Buzz all the time.  She loves bunnies, airplanes, and walking along side her stroller while we take her for a walk, no sitting for this chic she wants to walk right with us.  She loves watching baseball and helped to cheer on our Badgers in the Final Four.  The potty training thing isn’t going anywhere and I’m ok with that.  There’s no point in pushing her into doing something that she has no interest in right now, I think that will just make it worse.  So, we continue to talk to her about the big girl potty and have her play potty sitting out and we’ll let her lead us and see how it is in a few months.

She is such a good girl and I am in love with this age/stage that she is in.  She talks to us, we talk to her, and she gets what we are saying.  The way she goes to bed would probably make some mothers want to gauge my eyes out but I’m telling you ROUTINES make a huge difference.  I swear this girl gets excited about bedtime although she no longer likes to be rocked which is kind of sad.  We try to rock her but about 15 seconds in she sits up and points to her crib.  So we tell her we love her, that we will see her in the morning and to sleep good and we don’t hear a peep from her until the next a.m.  I’ve been threatened this isn’t normal and our next child, should we be blessed with one, will probably be the polar opposite.  I think I’ll take my chances.  🙂

So new job, house hunting, and putting our house up on the market has consumed a good majority of our time the last couple of months.  I was able to participate in my first 5K of the season last weekend and it felt good to run outside.  This weekend we are heading to WI for my godson’s 4th birthday party on Sunday.  We are looking forward to seeing family and telling them all about our new house… and hopefully recruit some painters at the same time.  🙂

Jade’s Helping Hands 5K Run:


Potty training ain’t easy:



If you wanna be a Badger, just come along with me…Image

 Just watching the bunnies in the yard.  She says, “Hop, hop.”


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