Halloween, Thanksgiving and a Christmas Tree

We are upon the most wonderful time of the year and it’s been a while since my last blog post.  As you can tell, I’ve been really busy with the new fall tv lineup, Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow,Grimm being the best mommy I can be in these past few weeks.  Judge away.  J 

Let’s see, where did we leave off…

Makenzie is 15 ½ months old, 21.1 lbs. (25%) and 30 ¼ inches long according to her 15-month appointment and she’s baaaaaaaaaack to sleeping WONDERFULLY. Thank you GOD for blessing me with this beautiful, precious, gentle, amazing little person who LOVES.HER.SLEEP, because so does her mama.  Before bed, we give her a bath, read her some books, and then around 7:00p we tell her it’s bedtime.  Brian or I will take her into her room and rock her a few minutes before laying her down in her crib.  As of late though, we begin rocking her when she looks up at us and then points to her crib.  We’ll ask, “do you want to go in your crib?” and she responds with, “yah.”  I’m not bragging, Yes, yes I am bragging, but really it’s awesome! Brian and I shake our heads and just laugh.  It’s definitely clear that she knows what she wants.

For Halloween our little babe was Tinkerbell and looked cute as ever.  Her daycare had a Halloween party and I was super excited to dress her up this year.  I have to confess, last year at this time, she was 2 months old and having belly issues which resulted in a colicky, crying baby.  Buying her a Halloween costume was so far from my mind at that point but we did manage to put her in a cute “I LOVE Halloween” shirt with matching tutu.

Halloween 2012 vs. Halloween 2013


Halloween 2013- Pumpkins and Tinkerbell

The changes that I have seen in Makenzie since her 12 month birthday is crazy.  Her vocabulary is increasing and should continue to do so.  Her pediatrician said that by the time she is 18 months old, she should be able to say 15 words which also includes sign language.  To me, that seems like a lot but every day I feel like she wakes up and does something new.  Her newest thing is clicking her tongue.  She just walks around the house, “click click click”, stops to look and see if we are watching, smile, continue walking and “click, click, click”. 

She is OBSESSED with Toy Story and football although at this time, I’d say that Toy Story is the heavy favorite.  She grabs her play remote and points it at the TV hoping that Toy Story will turn on and when it doesn’t she will walk over to me or Brian, take our finger and lead us to the remote. 

She is learning about her body parts as well as animal noises/facial expressions.  Some of her favorites are:

Body Parts
Nose, eyes, ears, feet, belly/belly button, and hair (which is SLOWLY starting to increase). J  When we ask her where one of these is located, she points and says, “daaaaaare”.  Her way of saying, “there”.

Cow (“Mmmmmmmm” she says), lion (she opens her mouth really wide and sticks out her tongue), monkey (tickling her own belly, I die, it’s adorable), fish (she tries to pucker her lips and mimic a fish which is actually pretty spot on), dog (she opens her mouth and pants) and my absolutely favorite the elephant.  She raises her little arm up, closes her lips together and blows air out of her mouth resulting in a better elephant noise than I could ever make.


Well this is a sore subject in the Kopecko household these days.  And yes, I know that babies go through stages and phases where they will eat anything and everything under the sun and the next week live off of air and goldfish but that doesn’t mean I can’t get irritated a complain a little bit about it… Right?  We have been at the live off of air stage for a good 2 maybe 3 weeks now. I’m 95% positive all 4 of her molars are coming in and they are taking their sweet slow time in doing so.  She’ll take a slam of milk every so often and I’ll get her to suck one of those fruit combined with veggie pouches as well so at least I know she is getting SOME sort of nutrients.  I’m not sure how I feel in the fact that most of her calories are probably coming from Aunt Annie’s cheddar bunnies these days but I pick my battles and I’ve learned that forcing her to eat doesn’t do anyone any good and she just gets more upset.  When she does decide to shove a handful of mashed potatoes in her mouth, we praise her and tell her what a good eater she is in hopes that she keeps shoveling it in.  Sometimes it works, other times she sees right through us. 


We spent our Thanksgiving holiday with the Kopecko family in Grafton and had a great time.  Seeing Makenzie play with her older cousins, Allison (4) and Katelyn (almost 2) was so much fun.  Growing up, my sister and I had a lot of cousins our age to play with and we remain close with all of them to this day.  I really like that Makenzie is close in age with not only Allison and Katelyn but also my sister’s kids Bryce (4 in April) and Caden (just turned 1 in November).  Lets talk about how incredibly exhausted she was Thanksgiving night after running around with A & K all day and also practicing her climbing the stairs a million times.  Brian took her up to her crib while the family was still gathered directly downstairs where she could hear us and layed her down in the crib.  I don’t think she moved until the next morning around 8.  She had so much fun!

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Black Friday Makenzie and I headed south to visit my parents while Brian headed west to go deer hunting with his friend, Tom.  Makenzie and her papa bonded while my mom and I ventured out amongst the crazy at Dick’s and Target to get a start on our Christmas shopping.  Sunday, my mom graciously offered to drive Makenzie and I back to Iowa and then spend the night with us, returning back to Wisconsin on Monday. 

The car ride home was… well… long.  Makenzie has about a 2-hour threshold in the car and after that point I need to be armed with nursery songs, the iPad, a plethora of snacks, milk, books, and toys.  Even after that is all said and done, she usually wants out of that car seat.  We may have played a slight UNINTENTIONAL trick on her before leaving.  My mom downloaded Toy Story 2 onto her Kindle and we proceeded to set the Kindle up so Makenzie could watch the movie on the way to Iowa.  All was good and then we started to pull away from the house, immediately losing the network signal.  I don’t own a Kindle so I’m not too familiar with them but I was able to figure out that the movie wasn’t downloaded directly to the Kindle and that we needed a network signal in order to watch.  So… the fact that she is obsessed with Toy Story and then we gave her a small taste of it and took it away while driving didn’t go over too well.  This is the first time in the history of driving to Iowa from Wisconsin or vice versa that she didn’t take one nap in the car. Usually we can count on at least a 1-hour nap but not this time…  We made 2 stops so she could get out and move around, a lot of tears were shed and I made up multiple versions of The Wheels on the Bus.  Sigh.

This past Monday we went Christmas tree shopping and Makenzie had a blast running around in the fresh air.  We tried to take a few pictures of her but she had no interest in stopping to pose for a picture.  We found the perfect 8 ft tree for our house and the look on her face Tuesday morning when it was standing in the living room was priceless.  Last night (Saturday) was the first night she actually came over to sit on my lap and touch the tree.  It has taken her 5 days to want to feel it and she wasn’t all that impressed.  I think it’s safe to say the ornaments and lights will not be ripped off of the tree by her this year.

Christmas Tree Shopping

It’s been a busy last few weeks here at the Kopecko household.  Brian left today for a trip to OK and will be back on Saturday.  Hopefully this will be his last trip for a little while at least as Makenzie is at the age now that she realizes he is gone and definitely misses him, as do I. 

Saying goodbye to her daddy this morning

I’m going to spend the rest of this snowy, cold Sunday afternoon watching the Packers (hopefully WIN) while waiting for my peanut to wake up from her nap.  Below are some of my favorite pictures from the last month or so.  Enjoy!

One thought on “Halloween, Thanksgiving and a Christmas Tree

  1. Mary Streblow says:

    Loved your pictures of everyone, the pic of Dave’s Mom & the 3 great great granddaughters was nice. Loved your writings.

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