14 months old


Makenzie ~

You are 14 months old and simply amazing.  You have turned into such a sweet, delicate, loving, happy, angelic and fearless little girl.  You are walking EVERYWHERE these days and this week you even tried running, which resulted in you tripping over a toy, followed by a few tears, a bloody lip, and a lot of TLC.  There is nothing like the sound of your little feet padding down the hallway while I am getting ready for work in the morning.  Sitting on the floor with your morning snack in hand, you will start out in the bathroom with me, watching as I put my makeup on.  When you start to get restless I hand you one of my brushes and you go directly to the top of the toilet and start “dusting”.  Eventually, you toddle your way over to mommy and daddy’s room to steal a quick hug from daddy while he gets ready.  From the bathroom, I hear your squeals and giggles as daddy blows on your belly and tickles you.  Hearing you both laughing is music to my ears.

Your morning snack, “Get in my belly!!”

You are talking up a storm these days.  HI is one of your favorite things to say and once we get into the grocery store everyone that we pass gets a HI and a smile and the checkout lady usually gets a wave goodbye and kisses blown in her (or his) direction.

You love splashing in the bathtub and often walk that way when we ask you if you want to take a bath.  You are such a big helper by putting throwing your toys into the water as the tub is filling up.  After bath time you know that it’s time to brush your teeth and you do it so well too!  After a few minutes of brushing you look up, take the toothbrush out of your mouth, hand it to one of us and say, “All da”.

Check out my baby mohawk!!

You’ve intently watched mommy and daddy pray before lunch and dinner for a while now and at 13 months old you started putting your hands together and praying with us.  When mommy and daddy make the sign of the cross, you tap your chest with your fingers, mimicking the both of us.  This makes my heart smile so much and I know that Jesus is smiling down on his little angel on earth too. 

You know what you want and that’s good although sometimes it does make mommy a little crazy.  At dinner for example, when I try to put yummy green veggies on your tray you often shake your hands, your head and say, “nah, nah” as if saying, NO THANK YOU! Speaking of dinner, you still love your fruit, bread, and baked beans and we always have to give you those things AFTER you’ve eaten a good serving on the other stuff.  The other night we had spaghetti and after eating well all day at daycare your dinner went something like this:

A child’s serving of pasta with turkey meat sauce, 2 (adult size) pieces of Texas toast cheese garlic bread (without the crust), a few kernels of corn, ½ of a yogurt, 10 mandarin oranges cut in half, and 5 animal cookies.  Not to mention a fair share of milk and water from your sippy cup.  Even at MAYBE 21 lbs. I have not a clue where you put it all but I love that you are eating so well!

It’s so fun to see you be able to really understand what mommy and daddy are saying to you.  I’ll say, “where is your doggy?!” or “can you find the purple ball?” And sure enough you go and get your (toy) dog or pick up the purple ball and want to play a game and roll it back and forth.  A favorite of mine is asking if you need a new diaper and you will do one of two things.  Either begin walking towards your room for a new one or say, “nah, nah.” Sometimes I don’t entirely believe you so I scoop you up and take you to your room and the moment I lay you down you will shake your head and hands and say, “Nah, nah” and sure enough, you have a dry diaper.  Cracks me up!

You love to read and organize things these days.  You love the pop up puppy book that Grammy Kopecko recently bought for you and the Night Night Prayer book from your cousin Bryce.  You will sit on my or daddy’s lap and gently grab one of our hands and start pointing to different things on the book, wanting us to tell you what they are.  When dinner time rolls around I can open the Tupperware drawer and that will keep you occupied for at least 15 minutes.  You take out the bowls, lids, and strainer and just pretend play.  Usually I find that you put the small bowls inside of the big bowls and then organize them on the coffee table.

Walked into the living room while making dinner and saw this:


You love to dance and as of late you have started twirling which is adorable to see.  It is so angelic and it makes my heart melt to watch you smile and laugh.  You are very inquisitive and your facial expressions are hilarious.  How you have the one eyebrow raise down as a 14 month old I have no idea but sometimes you look at me as if I am the most embarrassing thing ever.  One day in the car I was singing and dancing and you gave me that look and I thought, “how does she think I am being embarrassing already, she’s only 14 months old!”  And then I panicked that if my singing and dancing was already embarrassing we are both in trouble…. because I’m not stopping anytime soon!! J

Tick tock, tick tock, November 1st is fast approaching… this is when Mommy promised daddy you would be done nursing before bed at night.  For a few days this month you didn’t seem very interested in nursing but in the last week you’ve been back to your old self again, loving it.  So, mommy is feeling sad about it already but I know that it’s probably time to wean you completely.  

I’m so proud to be your mommy.  To see your personality emerge with every day that passes and see how smart you are becoming makes me filled with joy.  It seems like in a blink of an eye you went from being a helpless little baby to a smart, independent, “I can feed myself” toddler.  You are the apple of your daddy and my eye and I thank God every day for blessing us with you.  We love you to the moon and back Makenzie Madison Kopecko.

So many pictures to share with you all!  We’ve had a lot of fun the last 2 months since our last post.  🙂

2 thoughts on “14 months old

  1. Mary Streblow says:

    I love these writings. The pics are adorable & precious. My how she is looking like a little toddler. she looks like a happy little girl. Can’t way to see her in her Halloween costume.

  2. stacykopecko says:

    Thanks mom! I’ve been slacking lately and I need to keep up with the writings. 🙂 I noticed that Makenzie needs some pictures with her Grandma Streblow!! We’ll have to work on that this coming weekend. 🙂

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