Family, football, and food!

Our theme this Labor day weekend: Spend time together around the house, enjoy the (finally) cool weather, watch the Badger game, take a lot of pictures, and make some recipes from my Pinterest boards.  

Our weekend started off with a bangin’ dinner Friday night.  As we usually do, Makenzie ate first at 5, she got her bath at 6:30 and was in bed by 7.  Brian cooked petite filets and tomatoes with goat cheese on the grill (if you would like the tomato with goat cheese recipe let me know, it’s so amazing and I could probably eat it every day) and inside I made rice pilaf, crescent rolls, and sweet corn.   Speaking of sweet corn does anyone else, besides my dad because this is totally where I get it from, butter and salt their sweet corn, then cut it off the cob, butter and salt the cob and then eat both the corn on their plate and the little bits of corn that is left on the cob?  I do this EVERY TIME I eat sweet corn it is so yum!  Thanks dad!! 🙂

Saturday morning after breakfast, Makenzie and I ran a few errands including going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond so I could pick up a wedding gift.  She loves going to the store, looking around, smiling and flirting with everyone and I wanted to get her out of the house for a bit.  By the time we got home it was time for the Badger game to start, followed by lunch and a nap soon there after.  While she was napping I made one of my Pinterest recipes, Strawberry Shortcake Muffins, which turned out to be a keeper, Makenzie gobbled one up as a snack when she woke up from her nap.

Saturday night, Brian and I headed an hour north to Dubuque to celebrate our good friend’s wedding.  The bride looked breathtaking as expected and every detail was beautiful.  We left around 9:30 for home because as many parents know, your child (or children) could care less if mommy and daddy partied the night before, they will still wake up at the normal time.  Thank goodness in our case we didn’t hear Makenzie stirring until 8 am on Sunday morning which was a good amount of time for mommy’s dirty martini hangover to wear off.

After our french toast breakfast on Sunday morning we started some fall cleaning around the house.  This was perfect for Makenzie since she literally cleans everything these days.  She will grab any cloth, blanket, burp rag, or my makeup brush and start dusting.  Brian and I took a few of her baby toys down to the basement that she no longer uses and I went through her clothes and took out the ones that don’t fit anymore.  Sad.  The rest of the morning we dusted, played with Makenzie, vacuumed, played a little more with Makenzie, ate lunch, and then put her down for a nap.  (Side note: Day 2 of Brian successfully putting her down by just rocking her and by me not nursing her, went GREAT).

While Makenzie was napping I had an urge to get out and run.  I’m running in the Quad Cities Marathon Relay race towards the end of September and my leg is 6.6 miles.  It was still 90+ degrees on Sunday but I desperately needed to do something to get a good sweat in so running it was.  I went for a quick 4 mile run and followed it up with a new leg workout my sister sent me via email video, I love the internet and I love the fact that my sis is a personal trainer!  When I got home from the gym almost 2 hours later I fully expected my little girl to be up and running around but I came home to find her still sleeping and her daddy half awake on the couch watching golf.

I took this opportunity to take a nice, relaxing shower and by the time I was done Makenzie was up within 10 minutes and ready for a snack.  After snack time the 3 of us headed out to Target to exchange a few things.  It’s so different going to Target with Brian opposed to when I just go alone.  I could walk around Target for a good hour just finding fun, new things and it’s highly unlikely that I leave there without spending $100.  With Brian and Makenzie there with me, it’s get in, do your thing, and get out.  🙂

Sunday evening, we fed Makenzie, and it was still too warm to go for a walk so we skipped that and played with all of her new birthday toys inside.  We gave her a bath and she was out like a light at 7.  For dinner I brought the tilapia filets out of the fridge and started working on another Pinterest recipe which was so incredibly easy, Baked Garlic Lemon Tilapia, recipe here.  I know Brian isn’t a HUGE fan of fish but I wanted him to at least try it and he surprisingly REALLY liked it.  So much so he even put it on the make again list.  We had sun dried tomato rice, with green beans, and a glass of riesling to finish it all off.

Baked Lemon Butter Tilapia

Monday morning while I was nursing Makenzie, Brian snuck off and texted me for my Starbuck’s order.  I was on a Starbuck’s hiatus for a while, like 11 months, since my favorite drink was Chai Tea Latte and I was really careful not to drink it while I was nursing Makenzie for the fact that it had caffeine in it as well as Star Anise.  According to La Leche League Star Anise decreases milk production and I was kind of a crazy person about what I ate when I nursed Makenzie frequently throughout the day.  Hey, if you had a colicky baby the first 3 months of life you would probably do the same thing.  I just didn’t want to take any chances so it was easier for me to cut it out completely than have to listen to her cry in pain.  Anyway, I ordered an iced chai tea latte and I think that is what gave me the motivation to continue to clean today.  I swear our house isn’t a pig pen, just once I get on a cleaning kick, look out, I’ll clean anything and everything in sight.  

Makenzie took a surprisingly early morning nap today so after she ate her lunch, her and I went to the mall for a little shopping.  With animal crackers in hand, her and I hit up The Limited for operation find mommy a Chambray shirt, and Bath and Body Works for some new fall scented soaps.  My mission at both stores were successful, she did awesome and I have never tried clothes on so fast in the changing room.

When we got home she had a little snack and then splashed around in the water table given to her by Grammy and Grandpa Kopecko, which she LOVED!  Just curious, do you ever think that Makenzie is ALWAYS eating? I felt like that a lot when she was around the 8-10 month age but now it’s not as bad.  When she was a little younger I felt like all we did was feed her on the weekends.  Typical day went like this: nurse, eat breakfast, drink a bottle (ha), eat lunch, drink another bottle (or refuse it in her case), have a snack, eat dinner, nurse before bed.  Now it’s not so bad now that she is on mostly all solid foods but man 18.1 lbs later she must have the metabolism of a marathon runner or something…

For dinner (ha, I know, I know), we’ve been having a terrible time getting the girl to eat meat or veggies.  I successfully got her to eat cauliflower the other day but that was simply because I mashed them up and put cheddar cheese over the top of them… She used to eat chicken like a champ but since then her chicken days have been few and far between.  I found a recipe on Pinterest for a classic tuna noodle casserole, she loves pasta and she seems to love things with sauce on them so I gave it a whirl.  I used the Barilla Veggie pastas that are made from Spinach and Zuchinni so she is at least getting a little bit of veggies but wouldn’t you know, she SHOVED this into her mouth.  Literally, she ate 1 1/2 small baby bowls full of it, corn and tuna included!  Plus for Brian and I, I had made Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak sandwiches and baked sweet potato fries both Pinterest recipes and she gobbled up 5 sweet potatoes fries along with a handful of red grapes and some cinnamon teddy grahams as a dessert.  I am definitely a happy mommy today with how well she ate and the fact that I can add a few more dishes to the list of likes for Makenzie.  For a while I felt like I was making the same things for her and that gets super frustrating…

The face of a toddler that loves Tuna noodle casserole:

Sweet Potato Fries with Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak:

We finished the night off with a nice walk around the neighborhood and homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Poor girl had to watch as her daddy licked the spoon right in front of her.  


Our week ahead is a busy yet fun one.  Tomorrow we have our family pictures with the super talented Ashley Hempel and I am so, so excited for them.  She did a great job with our pictures when Makenzie was 10 weeks old as well as Makenzie’s 6 month photos.  The worst part afterwards is the waiting though.  Ashley does a great job of getting the disc to me in a short period of time but I am an impatient person when it comes to photos, thank goodness for sneak peaks on her Facebook page.

Wedneday at 5:30 is draft night in the Kopecko household.  I have the #3 pick and Brian has the #10.  Somehow, between the two of us, we will have to get Makenzie fed, keep her somewhat entertained, nursed and in bed by 7 while drafting at the same time… I’ll let you know how that one goes it could be challenging.

Thursday is the night my husband has been waiting for since the Superbowl ended, NFL 2013 season kickoff.  Have you ever seen the commercial of the guy sitting in the basement, in the dark, while watching football and his wife comes down and asks him if he is going to just sit downstairs and watch tv all day and to that he responds, “LEAVE.ME.ALONE.” Welcome to my world.  I mean, I love football don’t get me wrong but Brian REALLY loves football…. I just wonder how a 1 year old and football season will mix this year… I guess only time will tell.  🙂

Here are some pictures from our weekend!  
P.S. I’m wondering if Makenzie got a peak at the VMA awards and the train wreck of a performance Miley Cyrus put on with her tongue hanging out.  
Dear Miley- Unless you are Michael Jordan, put your tongue back in your mouth.

This has been Makenzie’s new thing this weekend, tongue out, and laughing hysterically.  






4 thoughts on “Family, football, and food!

  1. Mary Streblow says:

    Loved the pic of Brian licking the beaters and Makenzies face. Entertaining blog. And that water table looks like fun

    Love Mom

  2. stacykopecko says:

    She really wanted a little taste of that cookie dough but we told her, “No, no, that’s not for babies.” 🙂 So instead she watched her daddy lick the spoon. She had fun with the water table too!

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