12 Months old

12 Month Stats

Weight: 18lbs 1oz (8%)
Length: 28.5 inches (31%)
Head Circumference: 45.6 (66%)

Happy 1st Birthday Makenzie! Born 8/16/12 at 11:11 a.m.

I got my first dose of reality a couple of days ago when an email came across my phone from Baby Center.  The subject of emails in the past read, “Your Baby Today” but when the email came across my phone this week it read, “Your Toddler Today”. Woah! I no longer technically have a baby; she is now considered a toddler! I have to admit it kind of stopped me in my tracks and made me a teeny bit sad but on the other hand I love to see Makenzie grow, learn, achieve new milestones, and see her personality emerge every day.

It’s amazing to me how fast babies grow and the things they learn to do just by watching others.  For about a month now she’s been grabbing her Mary Jane shoes and trying to put them on her itty bitty feets (without much luck).  Seriously though, how does she know to do that?!  The same goes with when she is in the bathtub.  She grabs a wash cloth while concentrating so hard to wash her feet.

I feel like there has been a huge leap in development from 9 months to 12 months with Makenzie.  She went from crawling everywhere to standing on her own, to cruising furniture to now walking.  She took 3 steps at daycare at 11 months but never showed much interest in walking at home.  I’m guessing that is because Brian and I love to cuddle her thus picking her up and holding her when we walk.  But a week before her birthday she took a tiny step for me when I picked her up at daycare and when we got home I set her on the floor and she took not 1 but 8 steps from me to Brian! Holy cow sister, are you practicing walking in your crib when mommy and daddy aren’t watching?!  We were both in awe.  Today, she is an expert at squatting (her Aunt Jen is so proud) and while she does walk more she still knows she can get from Point A to Point B faster by crawling.

There was a big change at daycare for Makenzie as well.  She transitioned from the Turtle room, babies aged 6 weeks to 1 year, to the Duck room, TODDLERS aged 1 year to 18 months.  She had a rough time the first 2 weeks of the transition especially when we would drop her off in the mornings.  She would cling to us, bury her head in our shoulder and CRY when we would peel her off of us and hand her over to one of the providers.  I literally left feeling like my heart was ripping out of my chest.  The worst was when she had tears streaming down her face with the saddest look on her face and then proceeded to wave bye-bye to me. DAGGER.IN.MY.HEART. Thankfully, she has grown accustomed to the new room and the babies, errr I mean toddlers that were closer to 18 months old were moved to the next room up.  So now, her new room is filled with the friends she made when she was a Turtle, including her boyfriend TT.  🙂

I think I mentioned this last month but we are officially off of bottles, she wants no part of them.  An interesting side note though at her 12 month appointment her pediatrician pointed out her upper lip tie and we have an appointment on 9/11 with a pediatric surgeon to see if it needs to be clipped or not (ouch).  A lot of babies with upper lip tie have issues with nursing but thankfully Makenzie’s must not be too bad because she was (and still is) a champion nurser. 

Speaking of, she is down to 2 sessions a day now, morning and right before bed.  I have also stopped pumping during the day at work, Monday being my first day.  I thought I would be relieved to be at this point but truth be told I am a bit sad!  It’s hard to believe she is 1 and getting so big so fast.  This week was also our first day transitioning to whole milk at daycare.  We did 2 oz. whole milk and 5 oz. breast milk.  I’m hoping, praying, and crossing my fingers her little belly doesn’t have any problems with whole milk.

As far as language goes, she is really starting to vocalize and babble and she tries very hard to repeat words that we say to her.  To date she has said: Dada, Mama, Dah (points at the dog), cup, hi, and all done.  She also signs: all done, milk, and no thank you.

Makenzie has 4 ½ teeth right now! The ½ is the tiny incisor tooth that is poking out on the right hand side and the other incisor on the left hand side is about to break through as well so pretty soon she will have 6 teeth.  She’s been doing amazing with them too.  She still sleeps through the night, generally in bed by 7 pm and during the week awake by 6:45 and on the weekends it’s not uncommon for her to sleep until 7:45.  I’ve realized how lucky we are with Makenzie’s sleep habits.  At daycare she takes a short 30 minute nap in the morning and then will wake up, play, eat lunch and go down from 12-2:30.  The day my dad babysat for her she went down at 11:30 and he finally heard her stirring at 3!!  And that was after sleeping 13 hours the night before. (Growth spurt perhaps).  At night we have the same routine as we have always had since she was itty bitty and I think that makes a huge difference.  Bath at 6:25, lotion and jammies at 6:40 and then she’ll nurse for 15-20 minutes before I lay her in her crib, drowsy but awake, and we won’t hear a peep from her until the next morning.  There have been times that when she is done nursing she sits up and POINTS to her crib and even in the morning, we will walk in her room and there she is just sitting in her crib waiting for us to get her not making a sound.  AMAZING!  Dear God, please bless all our future children with the same sleep gene that Makenzie has. 

The first year she has had her fair share of illness and being sick, especially once she started daycare but we never had to deal with a fever, until the day of her first birthday.  Poor girl had croup and her little voice sounded as if she had baby laryngitis.  I went out and bought a cool mist humidifier and that seemed to help her but she didn’t even want a bite of the cupcake we bought for her birthday.  She just wasn’t feeling well enough.

There was a first for me as well this month.  I ventured out and spent the night in Chicago for my friend’s bachelorette party.  It was the first time I was ever away from Makenzie overnight and I was a bit nervous.  Not for the fact that her daddy was WATCHING her (I say watching because he tends to call it babysitting and I remind him it is not considered babysitting when it is your own child) but because I have always nursed her before bed and right away in the morning and I wasn’t sure how she was going to do now that she really wants nothing to do with the bottle.  I left in the morning, right after breakfast around 8:30, and I am pretty sure I kissed Makenzie’s pancake covered face 15 times before I left.  Brian decided he was going to take Makenzie to Arlington that day to meet up with our friends and watch the horse races.  All in all the three of us survived and it was good for me to get away for a day.  The following week Brian and I had our first overnight away from Makenzie together when we went to the Packer game with my sister, Jen and cousin, Kathi.  Grandma and Papa Streblow watched her that Friday into Saturday midmorning and she did great.

We’ve been working on spoon and fork feeding and it’s going pretty well.  She TRIES to scoop the food onto her spoon or fork herself but she isn’t having much luck with that. Right now we are helping her scoop the food and then she will feed herself…. and when she gets sick of that she just digs right in, gets dirty and uses her hands.  J

Fruit (Mandarin Oranges, strawberries, blueberries, applesauce, grapes, and watermelon).
Baked Beans
Potatoes (Mashed, baked, twice baked, au gratin, etc.)
Pasta (especially with spaghetti sauce on them)
Grandma Streblow’s Homemade Mac n Cheese w/ Ritz crackers crushed on top
Grammy Kopecko’s Shredded Turkey mixed w/ cream of chicken over mashed ‘taters
Organic Squeezables (Fruit and Veggie mix since this is the only way for her to eat veggies)
Cottage Cheese

Makenzie is such a sweet, delicate, petite, and very curious little girl these days.  She watches everything and everyone that passes by her.  I can just see her little brain is soaking up every detail of the things she sees.  Currently she loves to dance and will dance on cue if she is asked to.  I’m convinced she gets this from her daddy who has some pretty killer moves of his own.  I only feel like I’m relatively good, and I use that word loosely, if I’ve had a few drinks.  She loves to wave, clap, and blow kisses and there is nothing better than the sloppy open mouth kisses she gives as well.  If she had it her way she would sit in a swing at the park and be pushed all day while just laughing, smiling, and looking around.  She is our cuddly little girl which I love.  The past few weeks she’s been content sitting on my lap while looking at a book or playing with a toy or from time to time she lets me rock her after she is done eating.  There is nothing better than listening to her breathing while settling into sleep with her little head on my shoulder and small hands holding on to my arm.  I know that soon enough these moments will be few and far between so I try to savor them while she still lets me.

Brian and I are so blessed to have this little girl and it truly is amazing how fast the first year goes.  We have smiled, laughed, cried, shared our fears, and stressed out from time to time but we made it through together and we are all better off.  Makenzie has taught Brian and me so much over this past year and we have become even closer as a family.  She is so full of energy, smiles, giggles, laughs, and life and we love her so much.  I am so excited to see her personality emerge even more in the next year.
Happy Birthday Dada!Image

Mommy ran the Bix 7!Image

Fun at the park with mommy and daddy!

Fun at the Mississippi Valley Fair (but it’s far from the WI State Fair)!



She loves to empty the dishwasher.  I’m talking will start crying if we close the door and we don’t let her take out the silverware.  Document it in her baby book and let her know that once she turns 16 and hates doing the dishes…

Papa Streblow and 2 of his 3 grand babies…



Cousins!! Ages 1, 4, and 18 months


Someone has to push the birthday girl!

Mommy vs Makenzie Comparison

Daddy vs Makenzie comparison





Loves to swing!


2 thoughts on “12 Months old

  1. Mary Streblow says:

    Loved this writing!! You have a wonderful little girl. All the pics are sure cute. The comparison pics of the two.of you are great. I can see each of you in Makenzie!

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