11 months old


Happy 11 months old, Makenzie!

You seemed to have made a huge leap in development over the last month and below is a list of things you do so well now:


– Stand on your own for a few seconds.

– Took 3 steps at daycare but mommy and daddy have yet to see this.

– Sign milk and all done. Milk for when you are thirsty and want a drink from your sippy and all done when you are done eating.

– Clap and point.

– Graduated to a convertible car seat, still rear facing though!

– Sleep with a blanket for naps and at night.

– Say Mmmmmm after nursing or if you want more food.

– Stack rings on a ring holder.

– Love to nap in the baby jogger while mommy goes for runs.

– Love your baby pool and to splash around.

– SIT ON THE GRASS! Your fear of grass has seemed to diminish, yay!

– Love to look out the window for bunnies. You will point and talk to them.

– Bang on the sliding glass door with your little hands… just for fun.

– Try to say “dog”.

– Say “all da” which translates to “all done” when you are finished eating or nursing.

– Still have not said mama.

– Only nursing 3 times a day. When you wake up, right before your morning nap, and right before bed. Sometimes there is a small session in there around 3:30 but not usually.

– Drinking like a pro from your sippy cup ALL BY YOURSELF! You even started tipping your head back realizing that is how you get more milk or water. SO PROUD!

– Are starting to get a little more hair … but only a little and it’s very blonde!

– Wave bye bye.

– Wave your hand in front of your nose when we say “stinky, stinky” or “pee u”.

– LOVE to dance to your music box. Once mommy or daddy pick you up out of your crib in the morning, you instantly point to it to hear the music.

– Are a very curious baby. You want to be everywhere and explore everything!

– Are a very chill baby. The only time you cry is when you need something (i.e. diaper, food, or your tired). We were at a friend’s house from 2p-7p and she made a comment about how you had never once even cried. Such a good little girl!

– Have pretty much weaned yourself from the bottle. Which really, that is not much of a surprise and one less thing for mommy and daddy to worry about. Yay!!

Mommy is busy planning your Pink Lemonade 1st birthday party. Thanks to Pinterest, I have a lot of ideas for decorating, goodie bags, and maybe even a lemonade stand (made by me). Your Aunt Jen and Uncle Ryan have graciously agreed to let us take over their house and host your 1st birthday party there, now we just need to hope for nice weather.

Trying ice cream for the first time!

Caden and Makenzie

It's hard work trying to get these 3 to sit still and smile at the same time!

Grandpa Kopecko and Makenzie

Family picture

My favorite toy!

Dada and Kenzie <3

The face of teething (4 top teeth at once)  :(

Being silly while mommy and daddy get ready for work

I always wake up happy!


Drool pants

2 thoughts on “11 months old

  1. Helen says:

    What a nice surprise. Sat down at the computer tonight and got to view all the lovely pictures. She is so cute. Hope I get to see her soon. Love, Grandma

    • stacykopecko says:

      Hi Grandma-

      Did you get Makenzie’s 1st birthday invite in the mail today? It is going to be a week earlier than her birthday on August 10th at Jen and Ryan’s place. We hope you can make it!

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