Race for the Cure

One year ago this past weekend, I ran a 5K, Race for the Cure, at 26 weeks pregnant while Brian cheered me on. This year, Brian, Makenzie and I all ran it as a family. Makenzie got to ride in her new BOB, the cadillac of jogging strollers, while Brian and I took turns pushing.

The first mile was interesting. We were weaving in and out between walkers, trying hard not to run anyone over and by the time we made it to the first mile marker 12 minutes had gone by. Urgh! After we got past the walkers, we found a decent pace considering we were taking turns pushing the jogger and finished the next 2.2 miles in under 19 minutes.

Makenzie did well! She chewed on her toes, clapped, and giggled for the first 2 miles. And then I think she started singing that song in her head, you know, the one that goes, “this is the walk that doesn’t end, yes it goes on and on my friends…” Because she passed out for a little bit. All in all, she loved it.

It was a fun time for a great cause that hits close to home and we hope to continue this same tradition next year!

Last year, 26 weeks pregnant:








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