9 months old


Stats taken at 9 1/2 months
Weight: 16lbs 14oz (17%)
Length: 27 1/4 inches (35%)
Head: 44 1/2 cm (66%)

Ya… Yaaaaaaa! Daaaaaa da da da daaaaa! Gaaaaaa ga ga ga… silence…. Daaaaaaa! Caaaaaa! Bbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaa!

That is what can be heard in our household these days. Makenzie is a babbling machine! Not to mention crawling everywhere and pulling up to stand as well. Who needs to work out when your chasing your baby around the house saying, “Makenzie, no, the DIRECTV box is not a toy.” Or “Makenzie your toys are over here to play with.”

Brian and I try to say “no” as firm as possible but this little stinker simple stops crawling, goes into the sitting position, gives us a shy smile and starts her voyage to that pretty black box with blue buttons that light up. How is this NOT a toy mom and dad?! Ha!

It is truly amazing to see how much our little girl has grown in 9 months time. She has gone from 5 lbs. 5 oz. to a whopping 16 lbs. She is still on the small size in comparison to full term babies her age but considering she has technically tripled her weight, we are pretty happy. She is changing from a baby to a little girl right before our eyes. Slow down sister, your growing too fast!

She’s pretty good at trying new foods these days. She still eats purees from time to time but we have been trying to give her “real people food” and she’s doing really well with them.

Some of her favorites are:
pancakes- she DESTROYS these
carrots- these cannot get into her mouth fast enough
green beans- weird because she was not a fan of the purees
Ritz crackers- double fists
chunks of chicken- Mmmmm she says
shredded cheese- duh, Wisconsin girl at heart.
noodles/mac n cheese- I made some orzo pasta for her and mixed that with some of her left over purees and used that as a sauce (squash, sweet potatoes, etc.)
mandarin oranges- a little tricky to pick up but she sure does love them!
Cheerios and yogurt melts- these get shoveled into her mouth, double time. 😀

What else. She just wants to stand and walk everywhere. We bought her a toy that she can walk behind and she does great with it. She also loves holding onto your hands and walking through the hallway, into the kitchen, back to the living room, etc. She just wants to go, go, go! One other thing we are going through now is separation anxiety. When Brian or I set her down by her toys and walk into the kitchen, where she can still see us, she cries. At this point in her life, she would much rather be carried by one of us. I’m really try to embrace the moment rather than become frustrated by the fact that I can’t get dinner made or I can’t do the dishes. Those things can wait, this little girl is growing up so fast and pretty soon she is going to pull a me when I was in kindergarten and say, “Mom, kindergarteners don’t hold their mommy’s hands anymore…” (But apparently they still call them mommy)! 😃 Brian laughed at me last night because we were watching Chicago Fire and there was a college house party where a deck had collapsed injuring dozens of people and I had said, “that makes me so nervous for when Makenzie is in college.” He just looked at me and said, “House parties and college already?!” I swear it’s going to be here before we know it…

We were busy in April and May. We took Makenzie to Arlington to meet our horse, Charmed. She must have given him good luck because he took 3rd in his race. She on the other hand was not all that impressed by him, particularly when he leaned in and gave her neck a good horse sniff/kiss. Could you imagine how big his head must have looked to her when she turned to see him. I mean, horses are somewhat intimidating to ME and his head is the size of her little body!!

We are so glad the warm weather has returned. Our nights usually consist of picking Makenzie up from daycare, her eating dinner, and then as a family going on a walk before bath time. She LOVES her walks. She just stares and takes everything around her in. We point out the flowers, the birds, bunnies, doggies, motorcycles, and everything else to her. She’s also becoming a bit adventurous in the tub which practically gives me an anxiety attack. She tries to stand and we very firmly tell her “No” and to “stay on your boat”. Her boat being the detachable piece from her infant tub. We lay it in the bathtub and she sits on it as the tub itself is pretty slippery. She still is sleeping well, generally 7pm-6:30am and as always when it’s time to wake up, she greets us with a sleepy but happy smile. 😀












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