Please don’t set me on the grass…


Yesterday was 75, sunny, and beautiful. We could all use a little Vitamin D so the three of us ventured out on a walk and ended up at the park near our house.

We made our way over to the baby swings but were soon disappointed when we were greeted with a massive mud puddle making it impossible for Makenzie to go swinging outside for the first time.

We then walked over to those toys at the park that have springs attached to the bottom of them. (My post baby brain cannot remember the technical term if there even is one for these toys). Naturally, she loved riding the horse! Which is rather fitting since it is Derby week and her mommy and daddy are semi obsessed with horse racing. As a side note we are super excited to take her to the track this summer and introduce her to our race horse, Charmed N Dangerus (Dangerus spelt with no “O”).

We did learn that Makenzie is not a fan of grass. In fact, the second time we set her down she screamed as if her life was in jeopardy.

It really is so much fun, even if it is semi traumatic for her, watching her experience all of these firsts. To us, grass is just grass. It’s green, it smells good once it’s cut, and is a ginormous outhouse for our dogs. For babies, it’s something never seen before, it’s prickly, and my gosh it’s everywhere!!!







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