8 Months Old


Weight: 15 lbs. 6 oz. (our little peanut)

Makenzie turned 8 months old on April 16th and the month started off with ya, ya, ya, ya, ya and ended with… da da da da da (go figure)!

We translated the ya ya ya’s and da da da’s to “I’m tired”, “Pick me up“, “I’m hungry”, “My teeth hurt” or “I love chewing on my giraffe, Sophie.” A lot has happened developmentally for Makenzie over the last month. She has mastered going from the sitting position, to the crawling position, back to the sitting position. If you watched any of the videos I put online, you can see that she hasn’t gotten the crawling down just yet but she is so close and definitely still finds a way to scoot and inch around. She is also pulling herself up on things. This should not come as a surprise to me considering she has been trying to stand since she was itty bitty. Today, she will try to pull herself up on the coffee table (makes me super nervous) or her Leap Frog learning table, or even your leg if you’re sitting next to her. I feel like she may forget about crawling all together and just start walking one of these days!

On Tuesday, April 2nd I took Makenzie in to the doctor for a possible ear infection and wouldn’t you know, bam, a new tooth had popped through overnight. 😊 Our little M&M now has not only one but two bottom teeth. The 2nd tooth just started to come through over the last week and a half. She looks super cute but those little teeth make mommy nervous when it’s time to nurse!

Some of Makenzie’s new favorite’s food combinations: Chicken with apples, chicken with sweet potato, chicken with carrots, (do you see a trend here) pumpkin with cinnamon and vanilla, Yo Baby Yogurt (Banana and Pear flavored) mixed with additional fruit, and Apples and Blueberries. She is slowly starting to gum things like Cheerios and baby puffs. They aren’t her favorite but we’ll have her try it at least one time a day to get used to the different taste and texture. We have also tried giving her small pieces of fruit, watermelon, as an example. I thought for sure she would love it, ummm, not. She gagged, ha! We haven’t tried since but I think we will again soon.

Knock on wood, our little girl is back to sleeping from 7p-7a each night, thank goodness. I absolutely SWEAR by the teething necklace that she wears. I know I don’t have another child to compare too but we have only had a couple nights that she was really in pain with her teeth. For any mommy’s out there that want to help alleviate teething pain, I would highly recommend them and remember the lighter color the better. I got Makenzie’s at Inspired by Finn: http://hyenacart.com/stores/inspiredbyfinn/

I’m happy to report that I am back to eating 100% dairy again and it is so yummy. Today alone I have eaten 3 bowls of cereal; my hunger is INSANE these days. Between nursing/pumping and working out I can eat a ridiculous amount. Last night I went out to eat with a few friends and I made myself stop after the 4th piece of bread considering my Lobster Fettuccine was on its way out too. The best part about it is I weigh 10 lbs. less than I did before I got pregnant, woo hoo!! 😎 I am now able to eat pretty much whatever I want with the exception of chocolate. I have a pint of Hagen Daaz, Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream staring at me whenever I open the freezer door but I remember chocolate was a big culprit for Makenzie too. I’ll eat it in small doses to get my fill.

Overall, Makenzie is doing great these days. She LOVES her daddy and gets so excited when he walks in the room. Her newest thing is laughing at just about EVERYTHING. It sounds like the Count from Sesame Street, ah ah aaaaaaah. She also shows us that certain things make her excited by clapping her hands together. We’ve been trying to teach her sign language since she was teeny tiny and it’s been clear for the past few months she understands the words “eat”, “more”, and “all done”, although she has yet to show us these words. We still continue to work with her and hoping she’ll start to sign back to us.

Such a big girl!









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