She’s got her own way of doing things…

Crawling?! Pffff I’ll get it eventually!20130403-150427.jpg
She’s got her own way of doing things…

She scoots, inches, partially stands while sticking her butt in the air, collapses back down on the ground and then gets back up on all fours and rocks back and forth eager to crawl. She’s slowly moving one knee in front of the other and then moving her hands forward too. She’s not completely crawling but she is getting SO close!

I think she is doing well for her age (7.5 months; 6.5 months adjusted). I think it’s a completely normal mom thing to look at other babies and compare them to their own wondering how they “stack up” against each other. I don’t think she is behind by any means and now that I have a baby of my own I know that every baby is unique and different and they all develop at their own rate. I was however beaming yesterday as I left daycare.


In her class, they call it the Turtles room, there are roughly 8 babies that were all born within a week of each other. Makenzie is for sure the smallest one only tipping the scales at 15lbs 8oz but her teacher, Amber, who we LOVE as does Makenzie, told us that Makenzie is doing things that a lot of the other babies her age are still not doing. For example, holding her own bottle (at least trying), being so close to crawling, pulling herself up and trying to stand on her own, going from the sitting position, to the crawling position, and back to the sitting position again. She is a strong little girl!! All the girls I work with joked about how Makenzie was probably going to come out with “guns” for arms and legs and would probably want to run before crawling since Brian and I are both really active and love to work out. So although it doesn’t completely surprise me it makes me so proud of her. I can already tell she is one determined little girl.







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