7 months old


Weight: 15 lbs

I’ve been so busy the last month that Makenzie is almost 8 months old!! Makenzie turned 7 months old on March 16th and she weighed in at 15 lbs. exactly. She’s become so much stronger and loves to get up on all fours and rock back and forth, she still hasn’t crawled yet but she is so close. We went back to WI for her cousin Caden’s baptism. She was able to see her Grandma and Papa Streblow, Aunt Jen, and Uncle Ryan and cousin’s Bryce and Caden. (Note in the pictures below the size of Caden who is 2 months younger than Makenzie)! She also saw her two Great Grandma’s too!

Makenzie has just started a little bit of stranger anxiety over the last month and would much rather be held by mommy or daddy if she is in an unfamiliar place. It is a pretty common for this to happen at this age as I have been told by a lot of mommy’s and daddy’s who have been there done that. It makes me feel somewhat better but also doesn’t because I know how much both sets of Grandparents want to hold her when they are around. At this point though it really takes her a while to warm up to people she doesn’t see on a constant basis. She reminds me of my sister, Jen, in this sense. My parents and older sister lived in in Fort Leonard Wood, MS when Jen was just a little baby. Mom and dad both said that she had stranger anxiety when she was around this age and I think a lot of it has to do with them living far away from family. I’m hoping once she gets older it will get better. Fingers crossed anyway. It makes it hard for me to plan to leave for a day or weekend because 1- I don’t want my parents to be stuck with a sad, crying baby the entire time and 2- I don’t want to put that same stress on Makenzie… Sigh. The worries of a first time mom.

Makenzie LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her daddy! I can see it already, she is going to be such a daddy’s girl and she is going to have her daddy so wrapped around her finger. When those two play together she laughs like crazy! He is traveling this week but when he calls I put him on speaker phone and her eyes light up and she just stares at the phone. Last night she even made a few noises as if trying to join in on the conversation.

Foods she has tried: Oatmeal, pears, sweet potatoes with cinnamon, mashed potatoes, squash with cinnamon, sweet peas, bananas, carrots, green beans, blueberries, applesauce with cinnamon, and peaches. She actually loves all of these foods, with the exception of green beans, but if we mixed them with a fruit of some kind, she’ll eat them. J Both bananas and carrots have made her so incredibly constipated, poor girl, she tries so hard to go but just can’t. Extra pears and prunes it is for her when she gets carrots and bananas.











3 thoughts on “7 months old

  1. Helen Wieczorek says:

    Love to see the pictures of the little ones. And the moms too. Looking forward to more pictures.
    Wish we lived closer. Happy Easter.

  2. Jen Bauman says:

    Kenzie, it’s okay to be a little scared when you’re around other people that aren’t your mommy and daddy…I only liked being held by my mommy when I was your age and I turned out just fine. Maybe we should start skyping with you and your mommy and daddy! That way I can see your cute little face and hear all your new words. Caden would love to chat with you too!

    Love you so much,
    Aunt Jen

    • stacykopecko says:

      LOL, I was going to add that “Aunt Jen turned out just fine”. 🙂

      I agree, we should start skyping! It would be cute to see her and Caden chat with each other in their baby talk. Her latest word is, “ya ya ya ya ya ya…” Instead of da da or ma ma, she’s trying to be fair. 🙂

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