One tough cookie


Mommy wants you to know how amazing and tough I think you are. The month of February started off with a runny nose and persistent cough which was said to be a viral infection. You went 2 1/2 weeks straight of waking every 3-4 hours wanting to comfort nurse or be held by mommy or daddy since you were so uncomfortable. During the day though, you played, smiled, laughed, and talked to us like no biggie. Always such a happy girl!

Fast forward to this past Saturday night, which was a tough one for you. You couldn’t get comfortable and were up every 2 1/2 hrs. You were so tired but were feeling just terrible. The only way mommy could get you to sleep was by letting you lay on my chest while I sat up in bed. I took you to your pediatrician Sunday morning and the diagnosis was crackling lungs which she thought was the start of pneumonia. On a Z-pack you went.

4 days later we went back to the pediatrician for your 6 month well check up and you also had to get 4 shots. You were absolutely amazing and so very tough. You whimpered during the first shot and cried for the next two but only for a couple of seconds. After they were done, mommy picked you right up and you gave me a smile. The last piece if news we got was that your poor right ear was pink and swollen, thus your first ear infection.

You have been such a trooper this whole month and I am sure you are just as happy to see February go as mommy is.

I love you my tough little girl!

Sleepy pants right after your shots


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