Solid Food!

Showing off the avocado, very ladylike!

February 16th signified Makenzie’s 6 month birthday and with that came the introduction of solid food! Brian and I agreed to start with green vegetables first since he has some weak allergies to red and orange fruits and veggies. Red Peppers, carrots, and melon (both watermelon and cantaloupe) are the main culprits. I put my apron on and decided to make all of her food at home using organic fruits and veggies plus my parents bought me an awesome food processor for Christmas and I needed to give it a whirl.

We started easy, with avocado, mashing it up as you would for guacamole (pass the chips) and adding breast milk to get it to the right consistency. The 4th day came and went and she didn’t show any signs of a rash or allergy so we moved on to peas. Brian was convinced she wouldn’t like them since he doesn’t like them. But I like them!! Makenzie was just so-so on peas. At home she didn’t seem to like them a whole lot but apparently at daycare she gobbled them right up. Are these the same peas that we give you at home? Ha. Silly girl. We gave her peas for 4 straight days and watched for signs of a reaction. Her face is so chapped from drooling and the constant runny nose so it’s hard to say if that was from peas or not. She started getting a little red up by her eyes yesterday after she woke up from a nap but this morning that was gone. Brian thinks that if she was allergic to peas she would have had a rash all over, not just limited to her face. I automatically jump to the conclusion that it was something that I ate since I have started to reincorporate dairy into my diet. So, I’ll continue to watch her face for the next couple of days and make sure it doesn’t get any worse.

Tonight and for the next 4 days, Makenzie is going to eat green beans. YUM! I personally don’t think she is going to like them but then again she may surprise me. I’m looking forward to next week when she tries something a little sweeter such as pears and sweet potatoes.

I really enjoy making her baby food. I think it’s because I have control over what is going into her little body, the same way I feel when I breastfeed her or she gets breast milk from bottles. I have control of what I eat each day and know that the choices I am making directly affect her little body too.

For anyone interested in making their own baby food, I found recipes at (Thank you Katie Buell, you’ve been so helpful with all my questions)! 😊

The Menu
Awesome Avocado
Pureed Peas
GoGreen Beans
Pears Perfect
Sweet ‘Toes
Super Squash

Mommy and Makenzie trying peas.

Fist bump! I ❤ avocado!20130222-105122.jpg
Yummy Pears





Sweet Potatoes

Easy peasy ice cubes of food!


3 thoughts on “Solid Food!

  1. dave kopecko says:

    Hi Stacy, Sounds as if solids have started out pretty well. I do not think any of my kids had avocado until they hit the guacamole! Are the solids helping with stretching the milk at day care? Is she still eating rice cereal or won’t she take that? Such a cute little girl. She does not even have a dirty face! How is the re-introduction of dairy going? Are you enjoying your food more now? Having a good week with Brian? Sunday is coming way too fast. We will try to call tonight or tomorrow…. Love, Marcy PS hugs to kenzie

  2. says:

    Bruce used to get a little rash on his chin from all his drool. I think that’s pretty normal.

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