Who taught you how to alligator roll?!

Brian officially left for John Deere’s Spring Training event yesterday morning and he’ll be gone until the 15th of Feb. So for the next 2 weeks it is just Makenzie and I holding down the fort. Last night I had a minor freak out moment with this little lady. She’s been waking up for the past week between 1 and 2 o’clock and I think it’s because she is starting to roll over onto her tummy which in return wakes her up. Hence what happened last night…

I woke up to her crying at 2:00 a.m. so I went into her room and sure enough, she had flipped on her tummy. We’ve been continuing to swaddle her but very loosely and often swaddle one arm in and one arm out in case she does flip flop. So I took her out of her Halo Swaddle and changed her pants. Wrong move mommy. I set her down on her changing table and she just freaked out. Arching her back, rolling on her side, squeezing her little butt cheeks together, tossing her head back and forth… basically, throwing a little 6 month old tantrum. It’s amazing how strong little babies can be, especially at 2 in the morning! I’m seriously half blind when I don’t have my contacts in and last night I forgot to put my glasses on. I literally struggled with her for 10 minutes, 10 MINUTES!!! (Okay, I have no concept of time here but it felt like 10 minutes). At that point, the diaper that I was trying to put on her had lost all of its sticky, it was severely crooked, and literally going up her tiny little butt. So needless to say, I was beyond frustrated. I took that diaper, chucked it across the room and told her how naughty she was being. Of course, as soon as I picked her up she stopped crying. Because it was now 2:15 in the morning and I was tired, I tried putting the diaper on while holding her which obviously did not work well either. So I set her back down and the alligator roll came out again. Somehow, I managed to lasso her up and put the damn diaper on as best as I could, put her jammies back on, and try to calm her down. And of course, when all else fails, give her the boob.

Now some of you mommy’s may be thinking, “poor girl, what if she has an ear infection, sore throat, isn’t feeling well, or her reflux is kicking in…” well you also have your mommy instinct when you know something is wrong versus your baby is just throwing a tamper tantrum and believe me, after witnessing this behavior for the last week I know that she strictly is just pissed off. It only happens when she is SUPER tired which is probably why it happens in the middle of the night. What happened to my sleep through the night 11+ hours little girl? I’ll blame it on a growth spurt.

Well, she ate for 30 minutes after our little disagreement and then I put her to bed. This morning, I woke up, got ready for work and began to wake her up around 7:00 a.m. so I could feed her and get her ready for daycare. I felt terrible after yelling at her last night so I decided to feed her in just her diaper for some skin to skin contact. She seemed happy this morning and started eating really well. And then the gas began…

She is at that age now where she becomes easily distracted when she is eating. I mean, literally, I can’t make any noise, hold a conversation, or even take a drink of water or eat while she is eating or she will stop and watch me. When she is pooping, it’s not any different. I have to admit, it was pretty cute. She was working so hard and when she was done with her business I moved her to the changing table to get a new diaper. Not pooping in 2 days mixed with rice cereal and her increased appetite on me and at daycare (she took 9 oz. in one sitting yesterday) made for a mess this Tuesday morning.

There was poop everywhere. Up her back, on her feet and legs, on her changing pad, on the wall, on my arm, my belly, and all over my sweatpants. She just looked at me and smiled… I could just see it in her eyes; she was saying “That’s what you get for yelling at me last night mommy.”

What a little stinker. Literally.


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