4 Months Old


4 Month Stats (taken at 4 1/2 months)
Head Circumference: 41.3 (60%)
Length: 24 3/4 in (60%)
Weight: 12lbs 13oz (25%)

Written by Makenzie

Mommy cut all dairy out of her diet to help with my tummy troubles. I’m talking milk, cheese, ice cream, butter all the things that mommy really likes to eat but she said it’s worth it because she loves me so much and just wants to see me smiling and happy. It’s made a huge difference and I am so much happier now that I don’t have to deal with those painful gas bubbles. The good news is that the allergy tests for milk and soy came back negative. The bad news was the poking and prodding the nurse had to do on my little foot! I think she literally squeezed my foot for 5 minutes in order to get enough blood out for the test, I was NOT happy and I let her know too by yelling at her the whole time. I tried to wiggly my foot out of her hand but she was so strong! Thankfully, I had both mommy and daddy there and that helped me feel better too. I love those two and I know how much they love me too, they tell me every night before I go to bed.

I LOVE my crib and love to sleep. Mommy and daddy have this great routine down at night. I sit in this big tub with warm water and a ton of fun fluffy bubbles while mommy and daddy wash me and get me clean, it’s like a spa treatment every night. After the spa, they wrap me in this big, warm, puffy towel and sing to me. This is the time where the 3 of us really catch up on each other’s day. They tell me about some place called work. I think that is where they go when they drop me off at daycare each morning. At first I wasn’t a huge fan of daycare but now I am really starting to like my teachers, Mary, Shay, and Alisha. When mommy and daddy are done talking about work, I tell them all about my day at daycare. While I’m talking mommy always puts this stuff all over my body that smells so yummy, makes me feel relaxed and sleepy and makes my skin so soft and smooth but holy cow, it sure is cold and if there is one thing I really still dislike, it’s being cold! Once we are done talking on the talking table, which mommy and daddy also call my changing table, they dress me in warm jammies and I get all warm and comfy next to mommy and I eat. It’s so nice, she lets me eat until I am sleepy and by that time I am ready for my crib.

Daddy usually swaddles me up as tight as a burrito, I’m not sure what a burrito is but I always hear them say how I look like one. Sometimes, I want to just put my hands in my mouth and this burrito thing does not let me do that so I put up a little bit of a fight. But then mommy and daddy have this awful trick where they turn all the lights down low in the house, take me into the bathroom, and turn on the bathroom fan. It’s just like in the car; I am usually asleep within 5-10 minutes. Sometimes I fight so hard to stay awake so I can hang out with mommy and daddy but I just can’t keep my eyes open so I give in and sleep until mommy and daddy wake me up the next morning and we start the routine all over again.

I totally miss the days that mommy and I used to spend together. I would be able to hang out with her all day but now I have to go hang out with other babies while mommy goes to that work place. The first day that she and daddy dropped me off, they kept giving me hugs and kisses and hung out for 15 minutes. Mommy looked really nervous and daddy pretty much had to push her out the door. When she left, I thought to myself, “How on earth will I eat?” So, I waited for her. The daycare ladies kept putting this strange object in my mouth but that was not what I drink from, I drink from my mommy, people! I refused to drink from that thing for the next 3 days. I’ll admit I’m a little stubborn but from what I hear, so are both my mommy and daddy. So don’t blame me, blame them! Well, on the 3rd day at this daycare place I realized I can’t go all day without eating so I gave that strange object a try. I think they call it a bottle and I remember daddy, Grammy Kopecko, Grandma Streblow, and Papa Streblow all trying to give me the same thing but I didn’t want any part of it. I couldn’t believe that it was actually milk! This whole time, someone should have just told me, FREE MILK! I hardly have to work for it. Poor daddy, bless his heart, this whole time there was nothing he was doing wrong, I just didn’t know what to do with it. Now that we got this bottle thing down, I am much happier at daycare and my stomach isn’t always making strange noises.

From time to time I’ll let mommy and daddy put me in my swing so they can eat. What they put in their mouths looks very interesting and it’s definitely not just milk. Mommy said I can start “real food” at 6 months, whatever that means, I love my milk.

I’m getting big, almost 13 lbs., but that doesn’t stop me from cuddling against daddy’s chest, pulling my legs up and sticking my butt out all the while trying to fit in his hand. I did this all the time when I was much smaller, it makes me feel warm and safe.

Grandma Streblow came to visit me for a week while daddy had to travel for his work. I enjoyed the time I spent with her. She helped mommy give me spa treatments at night, she played with me, took me to daycare and picked me up, and held and cuddled me a lot! Mommy says she is like the paparazzi because she LOVES to take pictures of me but I don’t mind at all.

I’ve been full of smiles since mommy cut out dairy and just recently I found mommy and daddy’s singing hilarious! Daddy was holding and dancing with me and mommy was singing some song about 3 mice that were blind. This made me giggle uncontrollably! I have giggled in my sleep but never when I was awake so this was a first for me. It felt so good that I just keep doing it whenever I find something really funny.

There was one special day that I remember where mommy, daddy, and I went outside to look at trees. After all was said and done mommy and daddy picked one out and we brought it home with us. We even brought it in the house! Can you believe it!! I thought they were crazy but then mommy and daddy decorated it with pretty lights, which I love to stare at, and hung sparkly ornaments all over it. The best part was all the presents underneath it. They said Christmas was coming soon and so was Santa! I’m pretty sure Santa was that guy that I met in the mall one night; I’m not sure what all the fuss was about when Mom talked about him. She said she was so scared of Santa when she was little but not me. His beard was fun to look at and touch! Not sure what the big deal was back when she was a baby…

Thanks for reading all about my 4th month; I’ll be back again soon to tell you about my newest memories and milestones!


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