3 Months Old


I am enjoying the time that I get to spend with Makenzie before going back to work. My maternity leave ends soon and I go back to work on December 3rd. I am so lucky that I was able to spend the first 15 weeks with Kenzie.

I’m worried about how Makenzie will eat or if she will even take a bottle. Brian and I have literally tried every suggestion, tip, trick out there with zero luck, the girl just wants the boob! Some of the suggestions that we have exhausted:

1- Make sure I am either out of the house or somewhere she can’t smell me. Apparently babies can smell their mothers and breast milk from 20 yards away!
2- Try different bottles and nipples.
3- Wrap a blanket that smells like mommy around baby.
4- Wear something of mommy’s.
5- Try giving the bottle in a different position other than the nursing position.
6- Warm the milk and put some on the nipple prior to giving to baby.
7- Use distractions- sing, talk, walk, turn on the water or bathroom fan.

Those are just a few of them and I surely am forgetting many more.

I am now starting to feel comfortable taking Makenzie to the gym during the day to get a workout in. I started running again 5 weeks PP, which sssshhh, don’t tell my doctor or she would be pissed! With C-section you’re really not supposed to work out until 6-7 weeks PP but I just couldn’t handle it. I needed to get my body moving aside from the daily walks Makenzie and I took. It felt good to get in motion again but wowzers, it’s amazing how fast my muscles (particularly my abs/lower abs) lost strength! I think it’s important for Makenzie to get used to be around others aside from mommy for a little while too. She does pretty well and I try to plan it that she falls asleep on the way there and normally she would just sleep while I got an hour workout in.

Makenzie got to meet her cousin Caden for the first time over Thanksgiving as well as her Great Grandma Wieczorek (Powers), my mom’s mom. We took a 4 generation picture which was awesome! She also met some other family members too. All around it was a great trip.

Makenzie LOVES to stand, with help of course. But she would much rather be standing on your lap then being held in the nursing position and rocked. Unless she is tired, she is not interested. She’ll try to pull herself up, she is very determined. She is really starting to talk and babble and it’s so cute hearing her little voice. Brian and I are so excited to see her personality develop over the next few months… stay tuned for more changes with Miss Makenzie and thanks for reading.







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