Trip to Wisconsin









In late October, Makenzie and I made a trip back to Wisconsin for a week while Brian was teaching a class down South. I was a little apprehensive about being gone a week just because I know babies tend to have a difficult time adapting to new surroundings and their sleep can become disrupted as well. But I was also nervous about being all alone in Iowa without any family. Especially because Makenzie was still going through frequent periods were she would cry for an hour or two straight. When that would happen, Brian and I took turns in trying to comfort her. To do it alone is a lot of work and stressful for everyone involved.

Makenzie’s Great Grandma Seering came down for a few days to help me while my parents were at work. Plus, she wanted to get her Makenzie fix! Makenzie got to meet two of my good friends from high school, my Aunt Deb and Uncle Bob, my cousins Stephanie and Kathi, as well as her Godfather, Ryan and her little cousin Bryce. Bryce was so adorable with her always saying, “Can I pet da baby Saaaacy?” He giggled when she would make the slightest of noises or grabbed his little finger. It was so cute to watch him try to interact with her.

On Friday, Makenzie and I picked Brian up from the airport and headed north to Grafton to spend the rest of the weekend with the Kopecko family and celebrate Makenzie’s Grandpa Dave’s birthday. Makenzie had a hard time that night getting comfortable and her Grammy Kopecko graciously offered to stay up with her and just walk and talk like old pals while Brian and I got some sleep. Grammy was finally able to put her down at midnight and Makenzie slept until 7 the next morning.

That night, our brother-in-law Scott made an AMAZING dinner. Seriously, if Scott ever decided that he wanted to quit his full time job as a project manager working downtown Chicago to open up a restaurant, he would have my full support. He makes all of his food from scratch or ideas that sound good in his head and it always turns out amazing. That day Makenzie got to meet her Great Grandma Kopecko, her Uncle Matt’s girlfriend Jenny, Aunt Melissa, and her two cousins Allison and Katelyn.

She did really well that day until Brian tried to give her a bottle around 5 pm. Then all hell seemed to break loose. She SCREAMED for the next two hours and would not stop. Brian and I huddled together upstairs in his childhood bedroom just looking at each other, I of course, crying. It had been close to 3 months and Makenzie was so upset 80% of the time. We decided that it be best if we just drive back to Iowa that night. We both were not happy with the decision because we wanted to be around family. We are already 3+ hours away from both sides and rarely get to see anyone but we had to do what was best for our family now. Makenzie had completely exhausted herself out by 8 which was when we left Grafton by the time we got everything packed up. We said our tearful goodbyes to everyone and hit the road.

We got home at 11 o’clock that night and the entire way home I spent wondering what the heck I was doing wrong. I had this gut feeling since the beginning of October that it was something I was eating so I stopped drinking milk completely but it still didn’t seem to be helping. I had even brought it up to Makenzie’s pediatrician and he didn’t think it was anything in my diet. On Monday, I decided to take Makenzie to the walk in clinic that her pediatrician offers every morning from 7-9. I explained her symptoms (again), her continued fussiness, the consistency of her poopy diapers, and how things are not getting better at all. He told me that he thought she may have a dairy intolerance and I that I should switch her to formula. I have nothing against mothers that choose to give their babies formula, heck, I am pretty sure I was formula fed after 6 weeks. But the fact still remained that Makenzie would NOT take a bottle and I didn’t want to give up on breastfeeding just yet either. So, I made the decision to cut out all dairy, obvious and hidden, from my diet… This included butter, milk, cream, cheese, etc. I couldn’t eat anything that had these things baked into them either. I decided that if I was going to do this, it wasn’t going to be half assed, it was all or nothing. It takes 2 weeks for all dairy to get your of your system and possibly an additional 2 weeks for it to get out of hers. I can honestly say that within 2 weeks Makenzie was like a completely different baby. Happy, smiling, laughing, rolling over, and loving tummy time. Sometimes you have to get off of the internet and just listen to your own intuition. Because at the end of the day there is a good chance that what your heart and soul is telling you, is right!





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