2 Months Old

2 Month Checkup Stats
Head Circumference- 37.75% (55%)
Length- 21 inches (30%)
Weight- 9 lbs. 11.5 oz. (45%)

We’ve had an eventful 2nd month with Makenzie. After we took her to the doctor for her tummy issues, the fussiness seemed to get worse. At 7 weeks old her pediatrician determined that she had silent acid reflux which was a double whammy. Babies with reflux spit up a lot but in Makenzie’s case she would spit it up and then instantly swallow it which means her little throat was getting burned on the way up and on the way down again. L He put her on the highest dose possible of Prevacid 15 mg Solutab. Solutab being that it had to be placed on the tongue to be dissolved. That was not happening with a 7 week old so we started spoon feeding it to her by putting a few drops of water on the spoon and letting it dissolve first. I’m hoping that once it’s time for her to start solids, she won’t have any problems. She takes her Prevacid like a champ!

At her 2 month appointment, she also got her first round of shots. I felt so terrible and I was very glad that Brian was there with me. Once Makenzie started crying, I did too. I’ve never heard that cry before and it made my heart just ache! Her pediatrician was also a bit alarmed at how fast Makenzie’s head had grown in one month’s time. Along with the rapid head growth, when he was examining her backside he noticed that the top of her butt was shaped in a Y. He referred us to the University of Iowa to see a head and spine specialist and make sure everything was growing the way it should be. At this point, both Brian and I were beyond worried. I turned to Dr. Google which is probably the worst thing a mother can do. I read about tethered spine, spina bifida occulta, rapid head growth, etc. We had to wait a week and a half before we were seen by the specialist which seemed like a life time.

When we got to the U of Iowa on a rainy Friday afternoon, the specialist took one look at her Y shaped butt and ruled out any spinal problems. Being a new mommy, I spoke up and instantly questioned him and how he could tell just by looking at the outside and not having an MRI done. I tried to ask him in the most professional, non-confrontational way possible as he seriously resembled the Godfather (and spoke like him too) not to mention he had been practicing medicine for 40 years. He said that if the Y shape was farther down in between her butt that would be a good indication of a problem but since it was so high up, it was just a unique shaped butt. All that worry we had and it took him literally 10 seconds to make that diagnosis.

As far as the rapid head growth went we were sent up to ultrasound to have images taken of her skull and the ventricles. He wanted to make sure there wasn’t any extra fluid gathering within those ventricles and thankfully that came back perfect as well. He said that some babies just experience a rapid head growth first and then the rest of their body will catch up with them. And that more than likely, she’ll probably just be smart. J

Dislikes: Bottles and pacifier still!
Likes: Being carried in the baby carrier, sucking on her hands, smiling, cooing, SLEEPING, and car rides! We have been blessed with a baby that loves her sleep! Once she hit 5 weeks old, Makenzie was sleeping from 9:30pm-5:30am. We are so lucky to have such an amazing sleeper. It also helps that she loves being in the car which makes those long trips back to WI a lot easier.

The first two months have been really hard as first time parents, there have been so many challenges already with our little girl but we love her so much and just want to see her healthy and happy!








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