(Written by Makenzie)

My first visitors at the hospital!

Mommy’s friends Tara, Julie, and Blair all came to visit me. They couldn’t believe how tiny I was and I think I may have gave them all a little bit of baby fever.

My Aunt Jen, who is also my Godmother came to visit me, she was so excited. Along with her came my Grandma and Papa Streblow. They drove all the way from Wisconsin on Thursday night and got to the hospital right around 7:45 pm. They all took turns holding me and promised to be back visiting in the morning. Aunt Jen, Papa, and Grandma all helped mommy and daddy out so much during their quick stay. They went to the grocery store and stocked our fridge full of yummy food. Both Aunt Jen and Grandma made a few dishes that were frozen and could be made later on so mommy and daddy didn’t have to worry about cooking. They did a bunch of stuff around the house too, it was so nice of them and it made mommy feel very happy and fortunate to have such a loving and caring family. They also brought me tons of presents!! They brought some to the hospital and also left some for when we got home from the hospital. One of those was a new activity gym with jungle animals … I’m not so sure about that yet but I think in time, I may like it. Right now, I just want to be cuddled. It’s a big world out there!

My new friend, Julie.


My new friend, Tara. 20130115-123143.jpg

My Godmother, Jen. Do you see her pregnant belly? My little cousin Caden was hiding in there at that time! I can’t wait to show him the ropes. 20130115-123158.jpg

My Grandma Streblow.20130115-123208.jpg

My Papa Streblow.20130115-123213.jpg

My new friend, Blair.20130115-123218.jpg

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