Two is better than one!

What is better than one grandchild on the way? Two!

My older sister, Jen, found out she was pregnant with her second baby due in early November. This was 8 weeks after Brian and I found out we were pregnant with our first, due in early September.

Check out the 2nd picture… can you see my ankles?! Nope, neither can I. Darn you pre-eclampsia!

Here are a few pictures of our growing bellies!





2 thoughts on “Two is better than one!

    • stacykopecko says:

      Thanks!! I was so excited to wear it when I first got it that I put it on and went to workout. People were giving me crazy looks because I was like 14 weeks and didn’t have much of a bump. That was my way of telling them that within the next few weeks, I wasn’t getting chunky from eating too much, I was in fact pregnant (you know that awkard stage when you just look like your just getting chubby). 🙂

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