A special start to the 2012 New Year…

My holy crap moment!

My holy crap moment!

“Why don’t you just take another pregnancy test…” my mom said to me over the phone. I was on my way to the gym to take out some vented up anger on New Years Day 2012. I responded back to her, “I just took one on Wednesday and it was VERY negative. Not even a trace of a maybe on that stick!”

I got to the gym and was super frustrated so I decided to take it out on the treadmill (and my body of course)! I did sprints for 45 minutes that day and followed it up with a pretty significant weight and ab routine courtesy of my sister. As I was walking out of the gym I decided to bite the bullet and go spend another $15 on a pregnancy test but this was the last time… until next month.

I got home, unwrapped the test all the while grumbling to myself, “I feel fine, I don’t feel pregnant. Don’t even have a hint of nausea and my boobs don’t hurt!”

I peed on the stick, put it on top of the toilet, and jumped in the shower, actually forgetting about it. I was a good shampoo in when I remember that stupid little stick. Wearily, I peaked my head out of the shower and BOOM, VERY POSITIVE! This time there was no denying it, I was pregnant! Darn it, I should have bought more than one test!!

My next move, after removing the shampoo and conditioner from my hair, in what was the quickest fashion EVER, was to go to Walgreen’s down the street and by one of those no-nonsense tests that flash either pregnant or non-pregnant. After all, the test I just bought was one of those super sensitive “will tell you 5 days before your missed period” test. You can’t trust those things…. I got home, peed on yet another stick, (I was relentlessly chugging water) and the directions said it could take 2-3 minutes for a result. Well, 30 seconds passed and it was flashing pregnant. At this point I started to run around like a mad woman. Brian was at the casino playing cards and I wanted to have a fun, quirky way of telling him we were expecting. So, I wrapped those little test sticks up, after wiping them down first of course, and put them in a little Christmas bag. When he got home I asked him how his luck was at the casino, tried to make small talk about the upcoming Badger Rose Bowl game and what was for dinner. I finally decided to go grab the bag and tell him that I had completely forgotten to give him this tiny little Christmas present I had bought quite a few weeks earlier, he had no idea. And the look on his face was the best! He was truly like a little kid on Christmas, so excited!

I went to bed that night thanking God for the miracle he had blessed us with and praying to him that he keep this little baby safe, warm, and healthy in my belly for the remainder of my pregnancy. He did listen but we also experienced a scare early on…

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